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How powerful is Ju Peter?

How powerful is Ju Peter

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As the One Piece series is reaching its climax, Oda skilfully hints at the phenomenal power of one of the Gorosei’s members.

These old-looking fogies are real war machines – Saturn is the living proof -, more potent than Admirals.

We put the spotlight on the great Saint Shepherd Ju Peter to guess his possible abilities. How powerful is Ju Peter ? What would his devil fruit be?

Fasten your seatbelts, we’ve got a captivating way to go!

A far more impressive mythical Zoan

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter might extend beyond being solely a political figure within the world government. His abilities seemingly surpass what Saturn demonstrated in Chapter 1094.

Likewise, Marcus Mars possibly wields a fruit intertwined with shadows and flames, sparking intriguing inquiries.

The silhouette hints at Levely

We have all heard of this famous image during the Levely in Chapter 1085.

As Sabo stood next to King Nefertari Cobra, the silhouettes of the 5 Elders appeared, with monster-like appearances. Now, at that time, there was no way to know for sure what kind of Devil Fruit they were related to.

However, the appearance of Saturn on Egghead, with a more defined morphology than on Levely, removes that doubt.

This silhouette of Ju Peter we had seen would be his animal form, he would have a Zoan-type, specifically a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit. 

Why? A simple Zoan holder would be absurd, considering the fame surrounding the hegemony that the Gorosei represents – not just the scams of the World Nobles. so a mythical Zoan is more plausible.

The question remains, which entity is related to his mythical Zoan?

A Zoan affiliated with Echoes?

Have you ever heard of the Hitokoesakebi?

Despite having the spelling of a harsh tongue twister, the Hitokoesakebi is known as a forest-dwelling monster that imitates the cries of people lost in the forest.

Based on the silhouette match, it is the most likely entity to hide behind Ju Peter’s shadowy abilities.

He’d be able to kill people, maybe just by calling out their names. Who is he? Overwhelming, overwhelming? Definitely!

Some kind of illusionary dimension is more reliable.

What do you think of Ju Peter as a demon?

The theory that members of the Gorosei are demons is not to be overlooked.

We’re getting close to the end of the work and this would be the perfect time to talk about the demon race. We know that Imu has supreme authority over the world government, so he’s hiding a demented power, plus he’s known as an immortal being.

I think he’s a demon, and so do most of the elders. We’ve mentioned it about his buddy Saturn – demonic aura, summoning circle, everything is there.

How powerful is Ju Peter ? Verdict :

Saturn’s show of strength is enough to conclude that the other members of the Gorosei are pretty tough.

Ju Peter will no doubt give us an even more interesting demonstration. Now we have to wonder whether the other three deans also have yokai connections.

Hope you enjoyed this juicy theory, and stay on the lookout for the next one.

In the meantime, keep sailing!!!


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