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What is the power of Jaygarcia Saturn?

What is the power of Jaygarcia Saturn

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At long last, the manga reveals the abilities of one of the Gorosei’s members. Jaygarcia Saturn, in a resplendent debut within Chapter 1094 of One Piece, offers a formidable glimpse of his abilities. 

No such power has been seen, since the emergence of mythical Zoans. We are witnessing a new Devil Fruit era: the one of evil Yokai entities!

What is the power of Jaygarcia Saturn?

Hold on to your hats, you’ll understand why he’s certainly a worthy final boss material.

The series’ first Evil Yokai

Everything points to Saint Jaygarcia Saturn having the Devil Fruit being inspired by a yokai, the Ushi-Oni

This awkward-looking yokai half-spider and half-bull is renowned in Japanese folklore as a ferocious beast attacking people by the sea.

An even stranger thing about this yokai is its attribute to absorb a person’s vital energy in a single look. One might think of it as a sort of venom linked to his spider side or an advanced application of Conqueror’s Haki.

Considering that, I’m even afraid of guessing right about the Gorosei‘s Elders abilities, particularly Ju Peter’s ones which are truly terrifying.

Coming back to the track, the Marines infantry present at Egghead paid the price for this bewildering showcase of nefarious power. However, it remains a mystery as to why Sanji didn’t get killed but sent waltz off. 

We’re keen to enjoy the scene’s anime adaptation; in the meantime, check out Chapter 1085 as an appetizer, and Chapters 1094 and 1095 for further insights.

I’m looking forward to hearing your mind-blowing theories.

Knowing Oda for his character inspiration, it seems obvious that Saturn’s Devil Fruit was inspired by this yokai. 

A mythical Zoan fruit

Saturn’s transformation after arriving on Egghead Island proves that he possesses a Zoan-like fruit. 

Not just any Zoan, but a mythical one. He arrives with a godawful, frightening form – a creature half-bull, half-spider, an awakened Zoan, with a cloud-like scarf around the neck.

The same clouds as:

  • Luffy in the legendary Gear 5th ;
  • Lucci in his awakened form ;
  • Yamato’s hybrid form – Ōkuchi no Makami, etc.

In addition, every mythical Zoan has an additional ability specific to logias or paramecias. Saturn’s one would be his venom, mentioned a while back. 

What if Saturn’s powers had nothing to do with the Devil Fruit?

Would Saturn be a real demon, instead of a Devil Fruit holder?

Well…, I know that real devils in the One Piece universe sound absurd –we’re not making a crossover with the Conjuring series. 

Still, it’s a tiny little thing to keep an eye on – and, here’s why.  

First thing first, we’re talking about Devil Fruits without knowing where they come from. 

Saturn made his appearance with his terrifying appearance, that famous circle and pentagram, proof of summoning a creature from some sort of “another world”, a demonic creature.   

Speaking of summoning circles, in Chapter 524, Brook found himself on a Grand Line island called Namakura Island; precisely in a Satan summoning circle performed by the island’s inhabitants. 

Even if Brook’s presence in this circle was purely coincidental and, in the end, there was no demon, this ritual is proof of the existence of demonic beliefs. 


Saturn’s abilities are quite impressive. His Devil Fruit is far too powerful, and the idea that he himself is a demon may seem far-fetched, but it stays within the realms of possibility.

What about the other 4 deans? Are they demons too?

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