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How old is Jewelry Bonney?

How old is Jewelry Bonney

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Hello, One Piece fans!

Today, we’re diving into the mysteries surrounding the age of Jewelry Bonney, a key character in the Worst Generation. She’s a pirate as fascinating as she is enigmatic, and her age remains one of the series’ greatest mysteries. 

So let’s answer the question: how old is Jewelry Bonney? Get ready to discover surprising revelations and captivating facts about this glutton.

Jewelry Bonney: The Mysterious Pirate of the Worst Generation

Since her introduction in the Sabaody archipelago arc, Bonney has captivated fans with her unique character and intriguing powers. Her relationship with Kuma and her role in the Egghead Island arc have added layers of complexity to her character. But what is the true nature of this enigmatic pirate?

Bonney’s age According to Oda

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has always been a master of mystery. 

In SBS volume 68, he mentioned Bonney’s age as 24. However, he cleverly clarified that this age was only an estimate due to her Devil Fruit powers. 

This statement opens the door to endless speculation. How old is Jewerly Bonney really? Is she really the young woman she seems to be?

How old is Jewelry Bonney before Timeskip?

Before the ellipsis, during her introduction on the Sabaody archipelago, Bonney appeared to be a young woman in her twenties, more precisely 24.

Her interactions with the other characters and her bold behavior suggested a maturity that matched her appearance. 

However, with the unique power of her Devil Fruit, this estimate could be completely wrong. She could have manipulated her age to blend into the pirate world, or for other, as yet unknown reasons.

How old is Jewelry Bonney after Timeskip?

After the two-year Timeskip, Bonney’s presence in the Egghead Island arc raised more questions than answers. Oda maintained the same appearance for her, suggesting that she was two years older, so 26. But what’s fascinating is the persistent ambiguity surrounding her true age.

Her actions and in-depth knowledge of world events could indicate that she has far more experience and years behind her than her youthful, carefree appearance would suggest.

Surprising clues

The story of One Piece is littered with clues to Bonney’s true age. From Saturn of the Five Elders of Gorosei to Admiral Kizaru, several characters have made remarks suggesting that Bonney is hiding her true age. Are these statements clear indications or mere comparisons?

The Current Age of Bonney: An Enigma

Bonney’s current age is a complex puzzle. 

Her Devil Fruit allows her to manipulate her appearance, making it almost impossible to determine her real age. 

However, fans have some clues: her relationship with Kuma and recurring comments referring to her as a « little girl ». 

These elements suggest that she may be younger than she appears.

Contradictions and theories

Bonney’s past, including her presence on Egghead Island as a child, adds to the confusion. 

Flashbacks with Kuma indicate that she may be much younger than we think. 

And the details of her encounter with Vegapunk and the Pacifista project might suggest that she is in fact barely a teenager between 10 and 12 years old.

In conclusion

Jewelry Bonney remains a character full of mystery. 

Her true identity and age are gradually being revealed to us One Piece fans. 

One thing’s for sure, she’s younger than she looks, at 10-12, but Jewelry Bonney likes to use her 24-year-old appearance. 

Stay tuned for more exciting analysis of the One Piece universe. 

Tell us what you think about Bonney’s age in the comments below!

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