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when will luffy meet dragon ?

When will luffy meet dragon

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Since the start of the series, One Piece fans have been eagerly waiting for the moment when Monkey D. Luffy will finally meet his father, Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

In this blog post, we will answer the question : when will luffy meet dragon ? In exploring the evidence and theories behind Luffy’s eventual encounter with Dragon and try to predict when it will happen.

I’ve been following One Piece since 2008 and will be your guide.

So take a seat, and let’s sail out!

Theories about Luffy and Dragon’s Meeting

Fans have been speculating about Luffy’s reunion with his father for decades at this point, and as such, there have been many estimates as to when the two of them may come face to face. 

Over the years, fans had guessed they might meet after Marineford or Dressrosa, and many theorized that they might reunite after Wano, but none of that ended up happening. 

Oda seems to be saving their meeting for something special. But now that Luffy has met Vegapunk, who we know from the manga, has a connection with Dragon, the two are closer than ever to meeting each other

The latest theories claim that Luffy will ally with his father after the Eggland Island arc. 

What gives this idea some validation is the fact that Vegapunk seems to have a strong link with the revolutionary army, as he saved Kuma’s memories, as well as the new Clover from Ohara, who, too, was linked to Dragon. If Luffy allies with Vegapunk, he may very well be on the path to meeting his father after leaving Eggland Island.

Theories about Dragon

But there are certain theories that fans make regarding this meeting as well. 

Some fans theorize that Dragon will come to save Luffy when he is in trouble or that Dragon may, in fact, even have some ulterior motives of his own. 

We know practically nothing about Dragon’s powers or back story, with theories claiming he has the powers of the Mythical Thunderbird, to him being a former Admiral. 

But the one thing that all theories agree on is that when Luffy finally meets Dragon, these two incredibly strong characters will shake the balance of the One Piece world.

Implications of Luffy and Dragon’s Meeting

There are also many varying opinions as to how the meeting between these two would go and what kind of effects that will have on the world of One Piece, as well as on the overall plot of the series. 

Fans have made many potential scenarios of how a meeting between the two may play out. As mentioned before, Dragon may come to Luffy’s rescue and introduce himself, or Sabo, whose status we do not currently know, may introduce Luffy to his father. 

Luffy may even form an alliance with Dragon and the revolutionary army against Blackbeard or the Marines. In this case, the structure of the One Piece world will be completely changed. 

Luffy has the Strawhat Grand Fleet, and Dragon has his Revolutionary army. Suppose these two organizations rally together after the father and son reunite. 

In that case, they will become the greatest threat to the world government and may even have a cool name like the Revolutionary Strawhat Alliance. 

If that happens, it may even speed up the plot of the story because if Luffy, who we now know is the « Liberator » of the people, « Joyboy, » meets Dragon, who wishes to end the reign of the celestial dragons, the final war that Oda has promised fans, will not be far.

Of course, there are theories that claim Dragon or Shanks may, in fact, turn out to be the final secret villain of One Piece, as such a twist would be very fitting to One Piece’s storyline and seems very possible after we saw Kanjuro’s betrayal at Wano. 

In that case, the story may take a new turn, where Shanks may aid Luffy in defeating Dragon, or perhaps the other way around.

when will luffy meet dragon ? The verdict

In light of the fact that Luffy is now on Eggland Island with Vegapunk, he is likely to learn more about the revolutionaries and their cause, now is the prime time for Luffy to find out about and eventually meet his father.

In light of Vegapunk’s connection to Dragon, Kuma, Clover, and the Revolutionary Army, it is highly likely that Luffy will meet Dragon after the end of Eggland.

I, as someone who cannot wait for the meeting of these two to arrive, want to know more about Dragon’s past and powers, I personally think that Dragon may die soon after meeting his son, but he will leave Luffy with many allies and the support of the Revolutionary Army and that Luffy will attack the government to avenge his father, leading to the final war. 

Either way, the meeting of these two wanted criminals is sure to shake the entire world government, as the meeting of Shanks and Whitebeard once did.

So, we believe Luffy will meet Dragon very soon, but what about you?

When do you think Luffy will meet his father, and how will that meeting play out?

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