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Does Luffy get the Flame-Flame fruit from Doflamingo ?

Does Luffy get the Flame-Flame fruit from Doflamingo

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We have experienced many touching moments throughout One Piece’s story; one of the most painful being Ace’s death. In Dressrosa, the source of his power, his devil fruit was reintroduced, held by Doflamingo. And Luffy surely didn’t remain pale about this symbolic legacy of his brother, doing everything to get it back.

Today, we will answer the question : Does Luffy get the Flame-Flame fruit from Doflamingo ? We will rewind the events of Corrida Colosseum, and the meaning behind the Flame-Flame fruit’s relaying in this arc. And if you’re curious about Luffy having the Flame-Flame fruit’s power, check here !

It’s a pleasure to put my 14 years of experience with One Piece’s universe at your disposal through this article. I expect you will feel immersed in the same first-vibes of Dressrosa and have a lot of fun.

How does Doflamingo lose the Flame-Flame fruit?


As the Straw Hats’ crew landed on Dressrosa, Donquixote Doflamingo organized a tournament in Corrida Colosseum. With a winning award being nothing but the Mera Mera no Mi, the perfect bait for Luffy.

Who ended up with the Flame Flame Fruit?


Luffy didn’t want his brother’s last keepsake to fall into any malicious hands. Therefore, he decided to take part in the Colosseum’s competition, to win, and keep it in security, maybe in a chest, as Shanks did.

The first round was a battle royale with 556 participants, split into 4 groups, with Luffy registered as Lucy. He gets qualified for the next round, successively sending his contenders into the fighting fish’s water, the latter being Don Chinjao. By the end of the fight, the ring was cleaved in two.

All the losers were secretly conducted to the underneath industry to get transformed into toys, by Sugar.

Luffy later joined an injured Bellamy, and Bartholomeo, looking for an issue to leave the Colosseum without minding about the Flame-Flame fruit. At this right moment, he met his sworn brother, Sabo who was meant to be dead for a long time. It happened in episode 663, of the anime.

Hence, he went to save Law, after entrusting the Mera Mera no Mi to Sabo who continued the tournament, under the guise of Lucy. By the way, they broke the rules.

Since the other officers have been called back by Doffy, only Diamante participated in the final round. Burgess gave in vain his maximum to beat Sabo up, who ended up breaking the platform into pieces.

This fight was an illustration of their respective Armament Haki mastership, mainly Sabo’s dragon-inspired fighting style.

Sabo finally grabbed the Mera Mera no Mi (Click here if you want to know more) And that dope instant of Sabo first using his flames was not only heartwarming and significant. The light was lit again, the torch has been successfully relayed.

Who else was a potential user of Flame Flame Fruit?


Right after Lackey told Luffy why the fruit still exists, and how Doflamingo found back the Mera Mera no Mi, he first proposed to Franky to eat it, once it will be acquired. A proposition to which Franky declined, preferring to save his swimming capacities.

The fact that Sabo made an appearance at the same place was a huge coincidence. Luffy, or Lucy, for instance, would have won the competition, and kept the fruit, or otherwise given it to one of his comrades.

Actually, there are 5 of his crewmates, and potential users not having any devil fruit. Those such as Nami and Usopp would get greater having such ability up their sleeves, and wouldn’t be anymore named the Weakling Trio, along with Chopper.

Other possibilities in the Monster Trio could be Zoro and Sanji.

Not Luffy, since he already ate a Devil Fruit, and trying to gain a second devil fruit induces inevasible death.

Though there is an exception, Blackbeard, who took the Gura Gura no Mi’s power from Whitebeard’s dead body, in addition to his Yami Yami no Mi.

So, Zoro is already strong with his casual ability, swords, and Haki, so adding some flaming skill will be busted.

On the other hand, Sanji is the perfect match for this devil fruit. His Diable Jambe is already fire-related, and flames are the main part of his fighting style.
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Did Oda give this logia devil fruit, it would be even more ingenious for Sanji. But knowing how Eiichiro’s genius is accurate, he combles that gap further at Wano Kuni.

The twist around Dressrosa Arc was exquisitely made. Amid all those events, it was the actual moment when Luffy fulfilled the healing of his brother’s departure. Through Sabo, Ace will keep living; through his flame, his will would keep burning.

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