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When Does Sabo Eat the Flame Flame Fruit?

When Does Sabo Eat the Flame Flame Fruit

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Among the side characters of the masterpiece One Piece, one, in particular, stands out as a plot legacy of Ace’s will: Sabo. Portraying a connection with his late brother Portgas D. Ace, Sabo also harnessed the badass abilities of the flame flame fruit. But when does Sabo eat the Flame Flame fruit?

As you guess, in this article, we’ll answer the question : When does Sabo eat the flame flame fruit ? In explaining everything you need to know about Sabo’s acquisition of the Flame Flame fruit, the episode and manga chapters related, and why it is such a significant event in the story of One Piece.

As a long-time fan of One Piece for about 15 years, I have been captivated by the depth and complexity of the characters and their stories. Whether you’re simply curious or a passionate fan, embark on our captivating journey to find out the meaningful moment of Sabo acquiring his Devil Fruit power.

When does Sabo eat the flame flame fruit ? The takeaway

When Does Sabo Eat the Flame Flame Fruit

  • Sabo eats the Flame Flame fruit after winning the Corrida Colosseum contest, under “Lucy’s” disguise at Dressrosa.
  • Sabo eats the Flame Flame Fruit in Episode 678 / Chapter 744.

When does Sabo eat the Flame Flame fruit in One Piece?

When Does Sabo Eat the Flame Flame Fruit

The return of Sabo to the series in the Dressrosa arc was met with great excitement by fans, eager to see how he had changed and what role he would play in Luffy’s journey. Especially with the grant of the Mera Mera no fruit.

In which chapter does Sabo eat the Flame Flame fruit?

One of Sabo’s most significant moments in One Piece comes when he eats the Flame Flame Fruit on Dressrosa Island.

These events took place in Chapter 744 (p. 2-11) of the original manga adaptation.

Such a moment was the symbolism of Ace’s will relayed to his sworn brother by Luffy. A brother carrying out his sibling’s dream…

I think that many fans in the One Piece community were deeply touched by this unique moment, as Oda knows how to create them.

In which episode does Sabo eat the Flame Flame fruit?

In the anime adaptation, Sabo ate the Flame Flame fruit in the 678th Episode of the anime.

So, whenever you feel like having a reviewing session, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Now, let’s move on to a detailed overview of Sabo’s story plotline, to refresh our memory.

Sabo’s growth with the Revolutionary Army

After the unfortunate incident with the Celestial Dragon Jalmack, Sabo was presumed dead by everyone who knew him.

He owed his survival to the fortunate intervention of the leader of the Revolutionary Army and Luffy’s dad, Monkey D. Dragon.

But, due to the violence of the explosion, Sabo lost all of his memories, including his beloved brothers Ace and Luffy.

In the meantime, he got quickly got stronger, training directly under Dragon. Early, he started operating strategic missions with Hack and Koala. And, obviously became the uncontested n°2 of the Revolutionary Army.

Literally, Sabo’s power was the expression of innate potential.

Since bonds are even stronger than memory, his past soon caught him up.

When he learned about Ace’s death, Sabo’s memory started puzzling back.

It was so heartbreaking and grieving that he didn’t come to his brothers’ rescue due to memory loss.

Such sorrow put him down until he heard about Luffy’s survival in the dreadful and grueling war of Marineford. 

Then, he began his redemptive journey, to apologize to Ace for his absence, and to carry out his dream of Piracy.

And, what’s better than earning his late brother’s power, the fire of the Flame Flame fruit, to pursue his duty as a brother — and repent for his absence —?

And, the icing on the cake was the reunion of the two left brothers at Dressrosa, on the way to get the Mera Mera no Mi.

How did Sabo get the flame flame fruit?

When Does Sabo Eat the Flame Flame Fruit

Sabo’s introduction in the story arc of Dressrosa was just as meaningful as Luffy’s farewell at Ace’s grave. And here is how all these events happened.

Earlier, Luffy discovered the prize of the Corrida Colosseum tournament was the Flame Flame fruit, and took part in the competition under the disguise of Lucy.

Who knew he would have met his affectionate sworn brother, who also seeking the same Devil Fruit? A perfect plot twist from Oda-sensei, isn’t it?

After their touching reunion, Luffy decided to entrust the sake of his brother’s former Devil Fruit to Sabo, who assumes Lucy’s disguise and continues the tournament. 

For sure, some of us shed indiscreet tears; not tears of sorrow and grief, but tears of the joy of reunion and hope in the future.

Whenever you want to know more about the Mera Mera no Mi, take a look at this concise post

In the final round of the competition, Sabo faces off against the latest contenders, including Burgess of Blackbeard’s Pirates and Rebecca. 

Eventually, Sabo emerges victorious, shattering the platform beneath them and grabbing the Flame Flame Fruit. 

And, he didn’t wait ages to grab a bite of this coveted fruit.

How Strong Did Sabo Become with the Flame Flame fruit?

Sabo’s strength has undoubtedly increased immensely since gaining mastery over the Flame Flame Fruit. 

With the ability to manipulate flames at will, Sabo’s firepower and damage-dealing scale have been greatly enhanced. We got the perfect proof through his altercation with Admiral Fujitora.

Keep in mind that the Mera Mera no Mi is nothing but a Logia-type Devil Fruit — which means intangibility to non-Haki-enhanced attacks.

Even though he was still used to dodging attacks back to Dressrosa, we know how far his newfound abilities can lead him.

How does Sabo’s newfound level compare to the pre-Dressrosa events

As a member of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo has already honed his fighting skills and has become a formidable force to be reckoned with.

While the extent of his strength is unknown, it is likely to say that Sabo is capable of rivaling higher grades Marines, and why not Admirals.

Plus, Sabo’s innate potential might lead him to the awakened state of the Mera Mera no Mi, thus overtaking the mastery of his late owner, Ace.

This triumphant moment not only represents the successful passing of the torch from Ace to Sabo, but also marks the beginning of a new era, as Sabo’s use of his flames signals a new hope for the future.

Miscellaneous Facts about Sabo

  • Sabo’s food appetite equals Luffy’s. He was seen eating a lot of food and even tried to eat Luffy’s meats;
  • Sabo’s character is first implied in chapter 558, in which a third cup of sake is easily seen in a flash-back of the boys’ initiation into the Brotherhood;
  • Sabo is taller than his other brothers;
  • Sabo is the doppelganger-ish character of Ace in the plotline, just as mentioned here.


With the discovery and consumption of the Flame Flame Fruit, Sabo’s abilities changed forever. His newfound power was the ultimate tool in his quest for justice and freedom. 

He has now become an even more powerful asset to the Revolutionary Army, and will continue to use his abilities to fight against those who seek oppression and injustice. No matter what obstacles come his way, there is no doubt that Sabo will always strive for ultimate freedom. 

The Flame Fruit has made his journey all the more exciting, and everyone can’t wait to see how it will further shape his destiny in the world of One Piece.

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