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Will Blackbeard Infiltrate the Gorosei?

Will Blackbeard Infiltrate the Gorosei

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Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard, has made it abundantly clear he intends to upend the current world order. As one of the Four Emperors, the New World is just not enough to satiate the one who intends to rule over the world.

Thus, where would a King of the World establish his throne? Mary Geoise! Will Blackbeard Infiltrate the Gorosei? Let’s find out!

Why is Mary Geoise Blackbeard’s next target?

Blackbeard’s philosophy is led by one clear goal, as stated when proposing an alliance to Portgas D. Ace back in the Jaya arc: he wants to become the Pirate King and more importantly “rule over the world”

Unlike Monkey D. Luffy’s altruistic and naive ambitions, Blackbeard seeks control and domination. He possesses an intimate knowledge of the world’s secrets, intricate plans, and devious means to achieve this goal.

Infiltrating the Gorosei, the mysterious council that rules the world government of Mary Geoise, would place Blackbeard at the pinnacle of world power. If he could influence or control the Gorosei, Blackbeard would essentially dictate global policy.

Let’s keep in mind that Teach did not mention targeting Mary Geoise. However, it fits perfectly with his motive. Guess what, the last few chapters suggest that he’s already taken that into account.

Is Mary Geoise already in Blackbeard’s sights?

Blackbeard already demonstrated his interest, no sooner than at Egghead.

His strategy knuckles down on his crewmate Catarina Devon and her Devil Fruit: the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune.

In Chapter 1107, she and Van Augur made their way to Egghead in search of Saturn. Confused, we learn that her mission was to make contact with him.

We know what that means, since her fruit allows her to shape-shift upon physical contact.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Mythical Devil Fruits have advanced usage compared to any other types. 

Thus, it’s somehow underestimating to expect her skills to barely do as much as Bentham’s Mane Mane no Mi.

Maybe instead of sneaking in Mary Geoise’s corridors, she would make her captain Teach impersonate Saturn, for a perfect infiltration.

With access to Mary Geoise, Blackbeard could manipulate policy or access to implement his goals. This subterfuge would topple the organization ruling the world from within. Whether the shapeshifting is enough to fool the other Gorosei’s members remains to be seen.

Will Blackbeard Infiltrate the Gorosei ? Final Words

Blackbeard has overtly declared his intentions to rule the world’s criminal underbelly. However, we realize that seating himself or an agent among the Gorosei means seizing lawful control as well.

If previous empires like the Twenty Kingdoms fell to insurgence from below, the World Government risks collapsing from subversion within. Those uneasy wearing the crown must watch their backs, for the throne itself hides the dagger that may one day slay them.


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