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Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard


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Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, is a name that resonates in the One Piece universe with intimidating power. This captain of Blackbeard’s crew, now one of the Four Emperors, commands respect and awe. This is a man who has boldly forged his own path.

Formerly of the second division under Whitebeard, led by Ace, Teach distinguished himself in an act of pure treachery. By assassinating Thatch, he seized the Yami Yami no Mi, showing boundless ambition. 

His tactics? Defeat Ace, hand him over to the Navy, and play a key role in the downfall of Whitebeard at Marine Ford. A treacherous course, but devilishly effective.

Blackbeard is the embodiment of evil in One Piece, the only one to master two Devil Fruits.

He’s not just a villain, he’s THE villain, eclipsing even Doflamingo, Magellan and Akainu. Teach’s every appearance in the story is a moment when danger and criminal genius reach their peak. A true master of chaos.

His power: 

Blackbeard, the titan of One Piece, isn’t just a simple Devil Fruit user. Even before he unleashed his demonic powers, the man was a brute force.

Remember that moment when he branded Shanks, one of the Four Emperors, with three memorable scars on his face? No minor feat, my friends!

Resilience? Out of the ordinary. Even in the face of Ace and his dazzling attacks, Blackbeard remains on his feet, unperturbed. A rock in the storm. And then, the moment when he seizes the Gura Gura no Mi, self-proclaimed « The Most Powerful Man on Earth ».

Frankly, who would dare contradict him? A true living legend in the ruthless universe of One Piece.

His haki : 

Ah, Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, a name that resonates with power in the world of One Piece. 

Let’s talk about his Haki: the man masters both Armement Haki and Observation Haki. 

Not bad, eh? He even blocked a « Seraphim »-type Pacifista with his Weapon Haki. You don’t see that every day!

If in the near future, he demonstrates a conqueror’s haki, I wouldn’t be surprised.

His weapon: 

What about weapons? Teach has a pistol, but don’t expect him to use it in every fight. However, when he did use it, it made a lasting impression: he killed Whitebeard with the help of his crew.

A key moment that shook the world of One Piece ». This guy knows when and how to use his assets for maximum impact.

His devil fruit: 

The Yami Yami no mi: 

Blackbeard, aka the master of darkness from « One Piece », holds the Yami Yami no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit like no other. 

Imagine a power that allows you not only to become and control darkness, but also to absorb absolutely anything you want.

A monstrous asset, wouldn’t you say? This fruit can even cancel out the powers of other Devil Fruits, a bit like Sea Granite. With its vortex, it attracts Devil Fruit users like flies, making them vulnerable even if they’re Logia-type. No wonder Shanks, one of the Four Emperors, warned Whitebeard against tracking down Ace in Blackbeard.

But Yami Yami no Mi has a twist. Unlike other Logia Fruits, it does not protect Blackbeard from physical attacks. Yes, the darkness eventually absorbs the attack, canceling out the damage, but the pain is real and intense, amplified by the fruit’s power. As Blackbeard himself says, it’s the most powerful Devil Fruit in existence. A terrifying power, for an equally impressive character.

The Gura Gura no mi : 

Shock at Marine Ford! Post-Impel Down, cunning pirate Blackbeard shows up to finalize the fate of the already dying Whitebeard. As a long-time fan, I was speechless. 

Under a sheet, he disappears with Whitebeard’s body, only to reappear with a twist: the power of trembling in his possession! 

Two powers of Devil Fruit? Unthinkable, but Blackbeard did it. 

But how? It’s a complete mystery. And Teach, how does he survive with this double charge? Marco thinks of a unique, uncommon anatomy. Frankly, it’s food for thought.

His look : 

Blackbeard, what a character! 

In his forties, he imposes with his rugged good looks.

We’re talking about a guy with a hairy torso, a big chest and a distinctive nose.

His teeth? Let’s just say they’ve seen better days – sometimes he looks like he’s got all his teeth, sometimes not. 

And his strength? He can break neck bones like a maniac.

His height? The guy’s a giant, standing 3.44 m tall. That’s no mean feat, even for the One Piece universe.


Blackbeard is the very definition of unbridled ambition.

He’s got no limits: he liquidated Thatch, then Edward Newgate, just for their powers, the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi. 

His will? Harder than steel. He even takes on a Pirate Emperor to achieve his goals. 

And his sense of contradiction? Enormous. In Jaya, he criticizes a drink and loves cherry pie, exactly the opposite of Luffy. And his belief in destiny? He thinks our path is already mapped out.

When it comes to self-confidence, Blackbeard is at the top of his game. He never gives up. 

His relationship with women? He seems to have a soft spot for those who stand out from the crowd. Take Jewelry Bonney: he rejects her for her weakness, but offers her the chance to become his wife. She slaps him, he slaps her back. 

And his cunning? The guy always has a plan B, or even C. But he knows how to be careful, refusing to mess with Shanks and his crew or Akainu. Like Luffy and Roger, he believes that dreams have no limits. 

And his laugh? One of a kind: « Zehahahaha ».

Blackbeard’s relationships : 

His crew: 

Blackbeard’s crew includes some out-of-the-ordinary guys. 

First, Van Auger, nicknamed « Supersonic »

A marksman? No, a legend. He shoots birds in mid-air from land, even when the coast is out of sight. 

Then there’s Jesus Burgess, the « Champion », a wrestling beast and commander of the First Fleet.

Doc Q, aka « The Grim Reaper », is another case in point. This sickly guy often falls off his equally sickly horse. If he tries to give you an apple, beware, they’re often booby-trapped. Luffy was lucky to come across one without explosives. Like Blackbeard, Doc Q is a big fan of fate.

And Laffitte? The guy shows up at Navy HQ to sell Blackbeard as a Grand Corsair. With a Devil Fruit that gives him wings and the power of hypnosis, he’s no joke.

During the Impel Down arc, the team expands: Shiliew, ex-prison chief, Catarina Devon, Vasco Shot, Sanjuan Wolf, and Avalo Pizarro join the gang.

One last point: according to Belo Betty, Blackbeard isn’t the type to care about his boys. 

His enemies: 

  • Luffy

The captain of the mugiwaras has had a grudge against Blackbeard since Impel Down. 

What’s his beef? Simple: Blackbeard betrayed Ace, Luffy’s brother-in-arms, turning him over to the Navy. That, my friend, is the ultimate betrayal.

  • Let’s talk about Sabo, Luffy’s brother-in-arms. 

This guy ruined Burgess’ plan to grab Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi. And, yeah, Sabo will do anything to protect Luffy. He’ll never forgive Blackbeard for what he did to Ace.

  • Whitebeard’s crew and allies? 

They’re furious. Blackbeard killed Satch, one of their own, and caused Ace’s death. Not to mention the loss of their captain. Jinbe, one of the loyalists, is also out to settle the score with Blackbeard. Teach, however, once had mad respect for Edward Newgate.

  • The World Government and the Navy have Blackbeard in their sights. 

They hope the other Emperors will take care of it. Why this hatred? He abused his title of Grand Corsair to recruit criminals for Impel Down. And let’s not forget the mess he created by starting the Marineford War and trying to demolish this island, after stealing Whitebeard’s power.

  • Emperors? 

Let’s talk about Red Shanks. He can’t stand Blackbeard. He’s the one who branded Shanks in the left eye. An affront that can’t be forgotten.

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