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Who stopped Garp from killing Akainu?

Who stopped Garp from killing Akainu

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Hey « One Piece » fans, remember that explosive moment in Marineford? When Garp, our legendary vice-admiral, was about to demolish Akainu? It was Sengoku, the ultimate boss, who changed everything. A moment of pure tension!

Who stopped Garp from killing Akainu?

As Garp, overwhelmed by anger and grief at Ace’s death at the hands of Akainu, prepares to confront the latter, an unexpected intervention occurs. 

Sengoku, then Chief Admiral of the Navy, intervenes to prevent Garp from killing Akainu

This intervention is crucial for several reasons.

Firstly, it demonstrates Sengoku’s wisdom and foresight.

By preventing Garp from attacking Akainu, he avoids an internal conflict that could have had disastrous consequences for the Navy. Moreover, it underlines Sengoku’s respect and authority, capable of holding back a man as powerful and respected as Garp.

The Context of the Confrontation

The Battle of Marineford is a high point in the history of One Piece, pitting the Navy against the pirates in a fierce battle. At the heart of the battle is the execution of Portgas D. Ace, Garp’s adopted son. 

Garp, a respected Navy vice-admiral, is torn between his duty and his family ties

On the other hand, Akainu, known for his ruthless justice, will do anything to maintain order and eliminate pirates.

The Implications of Intervention

Who stopped Garp from killing Akainu

Sengoku’s intervention is not just an act of control, but also a gesture of compassion towards Garp. 

Sengoku understands Garp’s pain and seeks to protect him from himself and the possible consequences of his actions.

This reveals the complexity of relationships within the Navy, where personal ties, duties and ideals often come into conflict.

Who stopped Garp from killing Akainu ? Verdict :

The scene in which Sengoku prevents Garp from confronting Akainu is a key moment in One Piece, illustrating the complexity of the characters and the moral dilemmas they face.

This event highlights not only the Navy’s internal tensions, but also the depth of the relationships between these iconic characters. Ultimately, this Sengoku intervention is a perfect example of how « One Piece » blends action, emotion and character development to create a captivating, multi-dimensional story.

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