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When will galaxy impact be animated?

When will galaxy impact be animated

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The year 2024 brought us the beginning of the Egghead arc in anime.

The first highlights of this brand-new arc have already been animated, such as Blackbeard vs Law recently.

In this post, we’ll answer the following question: when will galaxy impact be animated ? We’ll explore clues that might give us an idea of when this fight will begin in the anime.

I’ve been passionately following One Piece since 2008, and I’ll be your guide today!

So take a seat and let’s navigate!

When will galaxy impact be animated ? Summary:

Analyzing One Piece fandom data, I think galaxy impact will be animated in august 2024 and episode 1110. If you’re curious, check out our process:

Which episode does Garp use galaxy impact in One Piece?

Let’s check this :

Which chapter did Garp use galaxy impact?

I won’t waste time answering this question, Garp used galaxy impact in chapter 1080 and was released on april 10 2023.

When will Galaxy impact be animated in One Piece?

Now, let’s look at the gap between the first appearance of Egghead’s moments in the manga and on TV:


Egghead’s moments chapter épisode  gap
lilith’s appearance 1061 1090 29
Barbe Noire vs Law 1063 1093 30

The gap is positive (+30).

And I think the trend is upward.

Based on the current pace of the anime, which covers about half a chapter per episode (maybe less now), it looks like galaxy impact is still a few months away from release.

We estimate that the episode will be released around episode 1110.

Our prediction is based on an analysis of previous anime episodes and the current pace of One Piece anime.

Which date will galaxy impact be animated in One Piece?

Let’s take a look at every first appearance of Egghead’s moments in the manga and on TV:


Egghead’s moments manga tv  time
Lilith’s appearance september 26 2022 january 14 2024 16 months
Barbe Noire vs Law october 17 2022 february 11 2024 16 months

There’s a 16-month gap between the chapter’s release in the manga and its TV release now.

Chapter 1080 was released on April 10 2023. If we add this up, April 2023 + 16 months = Aout 2024.

To give the production team some leeway, I’d say late aout 2024/early september 2024 is quite possible too.

I therefore think that the episode with galaxy impact’s animation will be released at the end of August 2024.

When will galaxy impact be animated ? Final word:

One Piece fans are burning with anticipation to see the biggest battles to come in the Egghead arc animated.

Based on our analysis of the first highlights of the Egghead arc, the current pace of One Piece anime and to answer the question: When will galaxy impact be animated ?

I estimate that galaxy impact will be released in episode 1110, at the end of August/beginning of September 2024.

It’s still a prediction, but I think we’ll be close to reality.

Until then, we’ll continue to follow the exciting adventures of Mugiwara as they navigate the road to Laugh Tale.

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