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What are Luffy’s gear 5 powers ?

What are Luffy's gear 5 powers

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While luffy was already powerful enough, it was nowhere near enough for him to go up against a lot of opponents like the admirals and the conquerors. So his new awakening also known as gear 5 is a very strong boost in his fighting abilities and today will be writing on just that!

Today, we will answer the question : What are Luffy’s gear 5 powers ? We will talk about quite a few things regarding gear5, from what it is, to what Luffy demonstrated in his fight against Kaido, as well as what it can do.

Once again it is a pleasure to write on topics related to One Piece as I am an ardent fan and content creator of this wonderful series. I am a very big anime and manga fan as well. The reason why I talk on such topics and discuss One Piece is because I want more and more people to know about this amazing series and I hope that my work can help anybody out there with any questions that they might have.

What is gear 5?

Many people may think of gear 5 as just another one of the gear techniques of Luffy however this is not the case here at all because gear 5 is mainly more of an awakening than a gear technique. A lot of people found out that the Gomu Gomu no mi is actually a Mythical zoan type devil fruit known as Model: Nika. Based on the legends and myth of a warrior named Joy Boy who was revered as the ‘’Warrior of Liberation, Sun God Nika ‘’.
If you want to know more about the design, check what color is luffy’s gear 5 ?!

What are the abilities of gear 5?

One of the most notable abilities of Gear 5 or the Model: Nika is that it can turn anything and anyone to have rubber like properties just as the eater of the fruit which in this case is Luffy so essentially Luffy can attach a rubber like property to anything or anyone, we saw this being used mainly against his fight against Kaido.

Gear 5 techniques are one of the most hilarious techniques Luffy has used in this series so far as well as the most entertaining, lets took a look at them.

  • Gomu Gomu no Escape Rocket is a technique Luffy used to escape after being swallowed by Kaido from inside his stomach. He literally grabbed Kaido’s eyes and nose to escape from his stomach by launching himself like a rocket from the inside.
  • Gomu Gomu no Skipping Rope This is the most silly technique so far and its basically Luffy using the dragon form of Kaido as a skipping rope.
  • Gomu Gomu no Rubber Lightning was used when Kaido hurled Lightning towards Luffy however Luffy used the abilities of his new awakening to change that lightning to have rubber like properties and then he hurled it towards Kaido.

The Potential of Gear 5 : 

Its gonna take a long time for us to look at the potential and the extent of which the gear 5 can lead Luffy to, however we can make some assumptions that this is going to be the gateway for Luffy to be able to stand up against the powerful forces in the new world.

Like the admirals, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki as well as the rest of the Conquerors and their commanders, although it is still too early for us to say whether on not Luffy can defeat the admirals but it is safe to assume that Gear 5 or the awakening of the gomu gomu no mi will give Luffy enough abilities as well as potential to defeat the admirals.

If we take a look in the past, each time a new gear appeared, it brings to luffy some problems to manage. Will it be different this time ? (we answered this question here, does gear 5 drain Luffy’s life ?)

Another noteworthy thing to notice here is the potential of Gear 5 getting stronger against the world government as the original owner ‘’ Joy Boy ‘’ was known and revered as the Warrior of Liberation, and it is kind of ironic or fate even that Luffy is the one inherited this fruit because Luffy is also the son of the Revolutionary Dragon.


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