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Does gear 5 drain Luffy’s life?

Does gear 5 drain Luffy's life

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Today we will discuss Monkey D. Luffy and his ability in Gear 5. Luffy is the main protagonist of One Piece and the captain of the Strawhat pirates. We will talk about how gear 5 affects Luffy. The reason for discussing this is quite simple, as we have seen all of Luffy’s Previous gears affected him in one way or another.

We will look at his previous gears and their side effects to see how and why gear 5 might hurt Luffy and be draining his Life.

My journey with One Piece started when I was a child, and ever since then I have been reading and watching it almost every week, The reason why I write on One Piece is to let more and more people know about this wonderful series and to help people out there in search of answers and theories.

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Why do we think Gear 5 drains Luffy’s life?


  • Now we do know for a fact that Gear 2nd speeds up his metabolism as well as the blood pressure in his veins which allows him to demonstrate explosive speed and power out of nowhere, and Luffy survives this because his body is made from rubber however it does not mean that this does not put a big strain on his body
  • Gear 3 also has a negative effect on Luffy after its use as it shrinks his body down to a child’s size and makes him unconscious for a while which can also make him unable to continue battles one of the most important side effects for gear 3 is the paralyzed effect it has on its user after its usage.
  • Gear 4 works in quite a similar fashion as gear 3 however this time instead of shrinking or paralyzing, Luffy instead gets prone to sleeping and becomes extremely tired and exhausted, and he also exhausts all his haki in this mode as well. It’s quite evident that the gear techniques are putting a big strain on Luffy’s Body.

Now we don’t know exactly to what extent Gear 5 affects Luffy but judging from how his previous gears and how affected him, we can assume that using Gear 5 places a huge burden on Luffy’s heart as not only does it pump blood faster to his heart but it also stretches his body beyond normal means.

A Parallel with Gol D. Roger (Theory)


While it may be just a theory but since Gol D. Roger had this ‘’ unknown, incurable ‘’ disease which was SHORTENING his Life which led him to surrender to marines, and since we know Luffy’s dream is all about being the Pirate King, it is very likely that there are some factors that are shortening Luffy’s Life span.

Just but looking at the past arcs we can already see Luffy’s Life span being shortened once by Ivankov’s healing technique by 10 years in the Impel Down Prison arc where Luffy was badly injured and beaten down by the warden Magellan and then once again by Ivankov healed Luffy in the marineford arc when Luffy could not continue fighting anymore and he had to beg Ivankov to heal him again to save his brother.

Luffy’s Life span has already been shortened by 20 years and that’s even without looking at the effects his gear 2nd and gear 4 have on his body. Gear 2nd’s high metabolism and blood pressure put an immense burden on Luffy’s heart and that’s why we can see him having the side effects after the gear 2nd’s duration ends.

It is highly possible that Luffy might also not Live long after finding One Piece just like the previous Pirate King Gol D. Roger did. However, we still do not fully know what Gear 5’s abilities truly are and to which extent they affect or heal Luffy.

God D. Steees

God D. Steees

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