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What color is Luffy’s gear 5 ?

what colour is luffy's gear 5

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In today’s topic, we will discuss the color schemes for Monkey D. Luffy’s gear 5, after the awakening of the Gomu Gomu no mi, it has been revealed that it is actually a mythical zoan type model: Nika.

One thing many people get confused about when it comes to gear 5 is its color scheme . Many people seem to think the color of gear 5 is actually red because it is based on the mythical sun god Nika, but at the same time, some people believe its color to be White.

We will be analyzing the color scheme of the gear 5 and see what colors they were and then hold a discussion to conclude which color gear 5 will have.

I started my journey with One Piece when I was a child, and the reason why I write on this series is so that more and more people can know about its wonderful world and I hope my writing can help other people enjoy this series or help them in their questions.


The color scheme of gear 5 :


We know that gear 5 or the awakening is based on the mythical ancient sun God: Nika, for that reason it would be fair to assume that the appearance as well as the smoke-like substance that surrounds Luffy in this gear would be of Red or Orange color since that’s the color scheme that would fit best for someone called the Sun God.

However, we have reasons to believe that, that is not the case. According to the official merchandise that has been circulating the internet nowadays, Monkey D. Luffy’s gear 5 model is shown in a smoky white or grey color scheme with his shirt, as well as the smoke surrounding him, is shown to be in white color.

So, the question is What color is Luffy’s gear 5 ?

Let us take a look on Luffy’s : 

  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Clothes

Gear 5 Luffy’s Hair color :

I decided to start with the hair.

I saw a lot of fanart shared on social media with red flame-hair. Sun-Fire-Red hawk-Ace-Luffy. Everything looked logical .

What was my surprise when in gear 5, we can see Luffy with a very different color of hair which is white.

In his gear 2, 3 and 4 Luffy maintains a very dark black color of hair which occasionally changes in size but never in color.

Gear 5 Luffy’s Eyes color :


Here too. We got an innovation.

In his previous gears, Luffy was more with black eyes.

In gear 5, in fact, he has Red or Dark Orange eyes, making it a unique color of eyes that we have not seen Luffy in.

Directly, in my mind, two characters appear ! Im and Mihawk !
Let’s see in the futur if characters wit red eyes have a connection between them.

Gear 5 Luffy’s Clothes color :


Lets now talk about the clothing of Luffy while in gear 5, now as weird as it may seem but we have never seen Luffy wear white clothes in the anime ever so it may sound strange at first but it is the truth! Luffy appears to wear a white open shirt with white shorts as well. He also has a unique purple cloth belt around his waist, and lastly the flip flops are still the same old regular ones with a black band on them.

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