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How does Blackbeard have 2 devil fruits?

How does Blackbeard have 2 devil fruits

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Many people despise Blackbeard, while others find him fascinating. We have all pondered how Teach could have both White Beard’s fruit and his own Darkness fruit. 

We shall discuss how it is possible for him to consume two devil fruits in this article.

We will answer the question : How does Blackbeard have 2 devil fruits ? In delving further into the hypotheses of how and why Blackbeard can have two fruits, using some material from the series and the majority from theories.

I have a long history with anime, having started watching it and reading manga when I was a little child. I am writing about One Piece in the aim of educating readers about this beautiful series. And in this article, I’m hoping to clear up some of the mystery surrounding Blackbeard’s consumption of more than two fruits.

How Can Blackbeard Have 2 Devil Fruits?

According to Blueno the Navy actually conducted experiments to determine whether or not someone can use more than one devil fruit at a time, but all experiments resulted in the body of the person eating two or more devil fruits being crushed and snapped. This further confirms what we already know—that anyone who tries to eat more than two devil fruits gets their body snapped or exploded.

Marco once said that Teach’s body is unique compared to others in a way that enables such a feat. Additionally, Luffy and Zoro refer to Teach as not ‘’him’’ but ‘’they’’ suggesting that perhaps there are two personas inhabiting the same body, However, it is also possible to observe Luffy and Zoro referencing Teach’s gang at the same moment.

One theory regarding the Darkness fruit is that since it counteracts the effects of other devil fruits, it might be able to counteract the consequences of eating two devil fruits which are being crushed and snapped. Allowing Teach to get more than one devil fruit.

Why Can Blackbeard Have 2 Devil Fruits?

3 in 1 theory

Since Oda the author has already based many characters in One Piece on real people, there is a good probability that blackbeard’s character is based on the Barbarossa brothers in real life. 

Having said that, there were three Barbarosa brothers, as evidenced by the fact that the Jolly Roger has three skulls instead of one and that Teach is carrying three pistols rather than one. 

Indicating that he has numerous personalities inside of him, and since he already possesses the Quake fruit and the Darkness fruit, both of which are devil fruits of the paramecia and logia types.

One can only speculate that Teach is seeking a zoan-type devil fruit to complete his trinity and give him his third personality, which would make him one of the most terrifying characters in the entire One Piece.

The Darkness nullifying theory

Teach has a good chance of obtaining more devil fruits than just two because his devil fruit has the power to negate the effects of other devil fruits. Which also explains how and why, after eating the Quake devil fruit, his body did not explode or get crushed.

Additionally, he covered Whitebeard’s body when Teach stole his devil fruit, which can be explained by the fact that a devil fruit will automatically transfer into the nearest fruit once its owner dies. 

By doing this, he effectively prevented the devil fruit from going anywhere other than into the fruit Teach was already carrying, and he later consumed the devil fruit to acquire the Quake fruit’s abilities.

Dr Vegapunk Theory

Another theory is that Teach’s body was subjected to experiments by the notorious Dr. Vegapunk, resulting in his capacity to consume several devil fruits. 

This argument is further bolstered by Marco’s previous statement that Teach’s body is unique. Teach’s past is still mostly unknown, but we do know that he joined the Whitebeard pirates at an early age and that his primary ambition was to find and consume the Darkness fruit, a devil fruit. 

Since Dr. Vegapunk has already conducted extensive human experiments in the OnePiece universe; this gap in his backstory can be utilized to support this notion.


In the world of One Piece, consuming two Devil Fruit is said to be fatal. So, the fact that Blackbeard has two Devil Fruit powers has always been a topic of great interest for fans. I tried, through this blog post, to show you the most popular theories surrounding Blackbeard’s dual Devil Fruit powers.

But for me, it’s something linked to souls !! We will see in the future!

And you, what do you think it is ?

God D. Steees

God D. Steees

I'm a One Piece fan. My passion for adventures on the high seas is as solid as a ship's anchor and I love writing about my favorite manga more than anything. So hoist the Jolly Roger and sail away with me!

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