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How tall is Blackbeard?

How tall is Blackbeard

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Marshall D. Teach is one of the most ambitious pirates of One Piece, being one of the four emperors, with one of the most powerful fruits, and is surely one of the antagonists that will have more prominence as the anime progresses.

He has appeared multiple times on screen, however, when he is in Impel Down with our favorite captain, Luffy, is when we can really see the enormous size he possesses, which leads us to ask: How tall is Blackbeard?

This time we’ll explore the versions we’ve had of the character, from child to his version after the timeskip, to see how he’s grown.

Since 2008 I’ve been a big fan of One Piece, following him closely in anime and manga, so I’m always ready to set sail with new theories and opinions with you. Let’s sail!

Before we set sail here’s a quick look at Marshall’s height changes:

How tall is Blackbeard in One Piece?

How tall is Blackbeard

Blackbeard is a rather tall character even compared to other antagonists, although despite being so powerful he doesn’t reach the size of Whitebeard, for example.

Before we set sail here’s a quick look at Marshall’s height changes:

/ Blackbeard’s height (in cm) Blackbeard’s height (in feet)
Child version 150 cm  (5’1″)
Before timeskip 344 cm  (11’3½ »)
After timeskip 344 cm  (11’3½ »)

How tall is Blackbeard as a child?

How tall is Blackbeard

Not much is known about Marshall’s past life, so there is no record of his canon height as a child.

Yet Oda showed in his SBS drawings the shichibukai as children, in which a young Marshall D. Teach is seen crying under the moonlight, for a child he actually looks quite tall and big, even compared to a young Kuma or Jinbe, though probably not that tall since we know that Kuma is special for many reasons, including height, and Jinbe is a gyojin so he is naturally taller than any human.

If we follow Kuma’s line of parentage, Bonney is a fairly tall female pirate compared to female characters, being 174 cm tall as an adult, and being just a little less than half as tall as Kuma.

As adults Blackbeard is about half as tall as Kuma, so it can be estimated that Blackbeard was probably half as tall as Kuma was as a child, both in their youth were already tall enough and Kuma was probably taller than Bonney now as an adult, at least two meters tall.

So we would approximate that Blackbeard was 150 as a child -approximately-.

How tall is Blackbeard before timeskip?

How tall is Blackbeard

In Blackbeard’s first appearance, when Luffy and the strawhats were figuring out how to go to the sky island, we can see a carefree Blackbeard eating and drinking in a bar.

There we can quite notice the difference in heights between Luffy and Blackbeard.

And clearly, this difference is noticeable, after all, he is a 38-year-old man who is 344 cm -or 11’3½« – tall, being even taller than Doflamingo -though not as tall as Kuma-.

How tall is Blackbeard after timeskip?

How tall is Blackbeard

Being a 38-year-old adult male there is not much more for Marshall to grow, so he will most likely stay at 344 cm even until the end of the series unless he manages to absorb some devil fruit that alters his physical shape.

People also ask about Blackbeard’s height

I have mentioned several comparisons to estimate how high Blackbeard is with other pirates, but this time we will focus on others, using their versions of the timeskip.

If you want to know Whitebeard’s height, check How tall is Whitebeard ?

Is Blackbeard taller than Luffy?

The two may not look alike and may even have a different way of leading, but they both share the same goal: to become the King of Pirates.

Although height has no bearing on the ambitions of both, certainly Blackbeard is taller than Luffy, our beloved strawhat is just 5’9″ -or 174 cm-, while Marshall surpasses him by 5′ 70 » (174 cm).

Is Blackbeard taller than Akainu?

One of the most dangerous -or treacherous- junkies, vs. one of the biggest amirals in the navy, Akainu is very imposing just with his attitude and height, yet he measures 306 cm (10’0½ »), being Blackbeard taller by 38 cm (1′ 24 »).

Is Blackbeard taller than Shanks?

Now it’s time to compare two great archenemies, Shanks vs Blackbeard, the red-haired one is known to be very tall compared to other characters measuring 6’6.5″ (199 cm), even with his almost two meters Blackbeard is way ahead of Shanks.

Blackbeard is much taller than Shanks.

Blackbeard’s height and characterization

Height differences are of great relevance in One Piece, mostly for being a symbol of strength and power, usually when some antagonist faces the strawhats you can see a big difference in heights.

Despite Blackbeard’s height, he won’t necessarily be the tallest character that Luffy will face, after all, he faced Kaido and he averaged 710 cm, even so, he can be considered a pretty tall antagonist.

Blackbeard’s height is a symbol of his strength

Marshall won’t be as tall as other characters, still, he is known to be very powerful, and not only because of his fruit, after all not just anyone could hurt Shanks in the face, so being taller than the red-haired man certainly implies that Blackbeard’s height influences his power and other abilities.

Blackbeard’s height as a form of intimidation

We know that Blackbeard wants to be the King of Pirates, being a direct opponent of Luffy, however, his way of achieving his dream is not as peaceful as strawhats.

Blackbeard is a pirate with all that implies, he loves to be feared, to run away when they see him, probably to avoid being exhausted in a battle, but surely also to enjoy the power that intimidating others generates for him.


After all, I don’t think Marshall can grow more than what he has already grown because he is already an adult and, surely, many other characters grew after the timeskip because they were minors or in the growing stage, however, he could grow more in power and ambitions.

Although he will never reach Kaido’s height, he will certainly be an opponent to be feared. Do you want to know the height of any other character? Let us know and we’ll explore it together.

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