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Is Jewelry Bonney immortal?

Is Jewelry Bonney immortal

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Hello nakamas!

Have you ever asked yourself this question : Is Jewelry Bonney immortal? Spoiler alert: For me, the answer is no, Bonney is not immortal. But before you cry foul, let me explain why.

Her unique power to control age launches a fascinating debate on the nature of immortality. Let’s delve into the subtleties of her abilities and compare them to other supposed forms of immortality in the One Piece universe.

Bonney and the Control of Age: Eternal Youth, No More

The Power of Bonney’s Devil Fruit

Bonney can manipulate her age at will, allowing her to remain eternally young. However, this does not make her immune to death by any other means.

The limit of her power

Having « eternal youth » is different from being immortal. Bonney can avoid aging, even modulate it, but remains vulnerable to mortal dangers, unlike true immortality.

Comparison with other forms of immortality

Brook and me immortality

Brook, thanks to his Demon Fruit, survives even after the death of his physical body. His immortal soul is a more concrete form of immortality than Bonney’s eternal youth.

Ope Ope no Mi and True Immortality

The Ope Ope no Mi offers a form of absolute immortality through his « Operation of Eternal Youth ». This ability is the closest to true immortality in One Piece, surpassing even Bonney’s abilities.
This power transcends mere resistance to aging, and would place its beneficiary beyond the reach of the natural ways of death.

Implications for Bonney in One Piece

A key character in spite of everything

Although Bonney is not immortal, her ability to stay young can be a valuable asset. She could become the « memory » of the One Piece universe (assuming Luffy’s adventure is Year 0).

Her role in the future plot

I’ve already mentioned the future role I see for her in the plot. I can see her :

Is Jewelry Bonney immortal? Verdict :

Ultimately, Jewelry Bonney is not immortal, but her ability to control her age makes her unique in the world of One Piece. Her power, though limited, opens up intriguing possibilities for her character and for the story.
What do you think, One Piece fans? How do you see Bonney influencing future events with her power? Share your thoughts and let’s keep an eye on this fascinating pirate with uncommon abilities.

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