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Is Jewelry Bonney a revolutionary?

Is Jewelry Bonney a revolutionary

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Hello, One Piece fans! Get ready for an explosive revelation: is Jewelry Bonney a revolutionary? I think the answer is yes, but she may not know it yet. In any case, there’s a lot of evidence pointing in that direction, and we’re going to find out!

The Legacy of Revolt

Ginny and Kuma: Figures of Wheels

Visualize this: Ginny, Bonney’s mother, the rebel slave behind the God Valley incident . Then Kuma, the mentor, a giant in the world of rebellion. 

Bonney grew up in the memory of her mother and the shadow of her adoptive father. Doesn’t that leave its mark?

Ginny’s past

Ginny wasn’t just a slave. Actions linked her to subversive acts against the World Government. Bonney, having inherited this fighting spirit, could well follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Kuma, The Adoptive Father

Kuma is a hard-line revolutionary and friend of Monkey D. Dragon. His influence on Bonney? Undeniable. Under his wing, she would have learned the stories about nika, God, that the world government seeks to forget.

Links with the Revolutionary Army

Is Jewelry Bonney a revolutionary

Sabo, the Brother in Arms

Chapter 1084, my friends, is heavy stuff. Sabo, Dragon’s right-hand man, demolishing guards at Mary Geoise. And who does he meet? Our Bonney, looking for Kuma. 

Their alliance? No coincidence. A sign of destiny.

A partnership of circumstance

Watch this scene: Sabo entrusts the keys to Kuma’s necklace to a raven. Bonney, determined, off to Egghead to meet Vegapunk. This partnership with Sabo is more than just cooperation. 

It’s an alignment of values, an undeniable sign of a shared revolutionary spirit.

Bonney and the Mugiwara: An Alliance in the Making?

Potential Allies?

Mugiwara and Bonney, imagine that combo. A match made in heaven. It’s an alliance in the making, a synergy of revolutionaries and freedom-seeking pirates.

Strategy and collaboration

Every interaction with the Mugiwara is a step towards mutual understanding. Bonney, weaving his web, could well prove to be a major asset for Luffy and his crew.

Luffy and Bonney: Intersecting paths

Luffy, the unpredictable captain, and Bonney, the veiled revolutionary. Their paths are intrinsically linked. Luffy, with his contempt for authority, could align himself with Bonney’s ideals. Will Jewelry Bonney become a mugiwara?

Is Jewelry Bonney a revolutionary? Verdict :

In short, One Piece fans, the mystery of Jewelry Bonney thickens. Revolutionary or simple pirate? Her link with Sabo in chapter 1084 and her growing closeness to the Mugiwara hint at a little-known revolutionary side. 

So, what do you think of this theory? Is Bonney a potential ally of the revolutionaries and the Mugiwara? Let’s share our theories, and stay tuned for further revelations in the fast-paced world of One Piece!

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