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How powerful is Marcus Mars?

How powerful is Marcus Mars

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Upon the show of strength that we got from Saturn at Egghead, there’s no doubt: the 5 Elders are not to be taken lightly. 

We recently wrote about Ju Peter’s powers and After thorough investigation into Marcus Mars’ case, it is highly probable that he wields a powerful Fire Yokai Devil Fruit.

I’m already hearing the crew ponder: “How powerful is Marcus Mars ?”. 

Sneak peek: “This will blow your mind.”

Adventure awaits, so let’s set sail, mates!!! 

A mythical Zoan with an unexpected elemental power 

Just as we did for Topman Warcury —revealed as the one who devours dreams and wills—we are now drawing parallels between the silhouettes seen at the Levely and creatures from Japanese folklore, particularly Yokai.

Marcus Mars possesses a Mythical Zoan, granting him the ability to transform into a bird-like beast. 

Exploring Japanese mythology, specifically Yokai, a few creatures that closely match his appearance. 

Such as:

– The Kotengu;

– the Karasu Tengu;

– the Onmoraki;

– and the Furaribi.

Of these 4 creatures, the Furaribi most closely resembles the silhouette of Mars in Reverie.

Moreover, I have a hunch that Saturn being the first to appear might imply Oda has a pleasant surprise awaiting us next. 

Perhaps my « night owl gamer » instinct led me to see the “Number 5” in Saturn’s summoning pentagram at his arrival as some sort of power ranking.

I couldn’t shake the thought that Saturn might be considered the weakest among the Gorosei’s elders, positioning Mars at a higher level than him.

What power attributes would Mars have?

Getting back to the Yokai, from an ability perspective, fire is quite interesting. 

The Furaribi is recognized as the incarnation of souls that have not received a memorial and is the very embodiment of fire.

Funny fact, in Japanese, Mars is translated as Kasei, which represents the planet of fire.

Picture this, Mars being able to:

  •  summon a raging wave of scorching flames, consuming his foes in a devastating inferno or;
  • transforming into a fiery bird unleashing blazing tempests from above, immolating enemies with relentless firestorms.

You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? 

An ultimate opponent, potent enough to calm down Sabo’s passion; or eventually trigger Sabo’s Fruit awakening.

Did someone foresee some “Escanor vibes”? 

What if Mars’ Power isn’t tied to Devil Fruits

It’s also not out of the question that he happens to be an actual demon. 

The ominous aura emitted by the Elders, coupled with the Straw Hats’ reaction to Saturn’s formidable display on Egghead, might provide significant insight and explanation.

How powerful is Marcus Mars ? Verdict :

With the power that Saturn has shown us, it’s obvious that St Marcus Mars would have a whole new type of power; it’s sure to be a breathtaking spectacle.  

Remember to check back to learn more about the other Elders.

See you soon, and meanwhile, keep sailing!!!

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