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How are giants related to nika ?

How are giants related to nika

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Hello One Piece fans!
After the publication of chapter 1106 and the surprising arrival of Dorry and Brogy, a question is stirring the nakama community: how are giants related to nika ?

This article will decipher the hidden links and reveal some truths by chronologically retracing facts from the world of One Piece.

Are you ready to plunge into the depths of this gigantic enigma? The answer promises to be as epic as it is surprising!

The Solar Cult of the Elbaf Giants:

How are giants related to nika

Chapter 866: This chapter features Big Mom’s flashback to her visit to Elbaf, offering a glimpse into the culture of the giants and their veneration for the sun.

We see the giants of Elbaf worshipping the sun, which is central to their culture.

This worship is manifested through various traditions and ceremonies, such as the solstice festival, which celebrates the death and resurrection of the sun.

This cult symbolizes hope, freedom and rebirth, themes closely linked to the figure of Nika, the Sun God.

Luffy, Nika’s Avatar?

And here’s our hero, Luffy, at the center of everyone’s attention. The giants see him as the messiah, the very incarnation of Nika.

But why? Not just because he’s the king of good humor.

His awakening of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, revealing his true essence, the Hito Hito no Mi, the Nika model, links him directly to this solar legend. Heavy stuff!

The photo taken by CP0 used to illustrate his new bounty helps spread the word: « Nika is back! »

Shanks and his Role :

How are giants related to nika

I’m getting wet by saying that Shanks plays a crucial role in Luffy’s recognition as Nika by the giants.

In chapter 1076, we see him on Elbaf in the presence of his crew and Dorry and Brogy.

With deep knowledge of the secrets of the One Piece world and Luffy’s potential, Shanks probably shared this information with the giants of Elbaf, facilitating their support for Luffy.

This shows the importance of connections and alliances in fulfilling prophecies and fighting for freedom.

The Appearance of Dory and Brogy on Egghead:

How are giants related to nika

Dory and Brogy’s arrival on Egghead to support Luffy is not an isolated act, but a testament to their belief in him as the Sun God.

Their action underlines the solidarity between peoples who share a common belief in the power of the sun and freedom, and their willingness to fight against the World Government.

They are clearly seen saying « Sun God » about Luffy.

Implications for the future:

The recognition of Luffy as Nika by the Elbaf giants and their direct intervention in support of his cause could signal the beginning of a broader alliance between ancient peoples and forces opposed to the World Government.

It could also indicate that other tribes and nations with similar beliefs could rally around Luffy, reinforcing his role as a central figure in the fight for freedom and justice.

How are giants related to nika? Final words:

It’s clear that the people of the giants believe in nika. Their worship is oriented towards the sun.

The appearance of Dorry and Broggy at this point in the egghead arc (we’re nearing the end) is not insignificant.

I see it as a transition to the future elbaf arc and Nika’s central role in helping this people.

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