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Dorry, nicknamed « The Blue Demon » (青鬼のドリー, Ao Oni no Dorī), stands out as a former co-captain of the  Giant Warrior Pirates, having marked the seas with his impressive bounty of 100 million Berry, identical to that of his brother-in-arms, Brogy.

Their tradition is to duel each other endlessly every time a volcano erupts, a fight initiated by a disagreement following an innocent question from Yuki.

Years later, their struggle continues, leaving weapons aside for hand-to-hand combat.

What does Dorry look like?

Dorry, less massive than Brogy but just as imposing, proudly sports a beard that speaks volumes about his life of fighting.

His helmet, a real mystery, hides more than it reveals, especially around the eyes. In full Viking mode, he rises to 22.60 meters of pure power.

At 158, believe it or not, he’s just in the middle of his life – a young adult in the world of giants, where touching 300 is the norm.

Nakama, just imagine the wisdom and battles in those years ahead!

What’s Dorry’s personality like?

Dorry, this giant with a heart of gold, sometimes lets his pride get the better of him, which can cloud his judgment. Attached to his country’s traditions, he honors them with fervor, even when seriously wounded.

Driven by his pride, he was quick to accuse Luffy of being behind the explosion in his beverage, thinking that he and Vivi were the only ones present (or so he thought).

Like many characters in One Piece, Dorry has his own distinctive laugh, beginning with a distinctive « Gegya » (like « Gegyagyagyagya! »).

What are Dorry’s connections?


Dorry considers Brogy his best friend. However, following a 100-year-old dispute, they fought to the death, respecting the customs of their country.

Despite their battle, their friendship remains indestructible, marked by a deep mutual respect.

Their rivalry is reminiscent of Zoro and Sanji, combining competition and camaraderie.

Monkey D. Luffy

Dorry became fast friends with Luffy, after the latter was swallowed by a dinosaur and rescued by Dorry.

Their complicity evokes that of old comrades.

Luffy was fascinated by Dorry’s daily duels with Brogy and the unwavering mutual respect between the two giants.

However, their relationship was temporarily affected when Dorry suffered an internal explosion after consuming alcohol. Convinced that Brogy would never cheat and seeing no other culprit, Dorry suspects the Straw Hats.

A confrontation breaks out with Luffy, who realizes he must appease the giant warrior.

After seeing Luffy’s commitment to preventing an unfair duel, Dorry understands that the Straw Hats are innocent and reconciles with the young captain.

Nevertheless, he decides to continue the fight against Brogy, despite Luffy’s protests.

When their duel is sabotaged by Mr. 3, Luffy vows to severely punish the Baroque Works agent for compromising the honor of the giants’ duel.


Dorry and Brogy also have a close friendship with Shanks, whom they call « brother ». They agreed to help Shanks against Kid’s Pirates, showing their solidarity with the Emperor.

How powerful is Dorry?

Dorry, with a bounty of 100 million Beli, is renowned for his dangerousness. A member of the giant species, he has superhuman strength and resistance.

As former co-captain of the Giant Warrior Pirates, his power surpasses even that of his peers, commanding one of the world’s most feared teams.

His dazzling strength is proven by his century-old duel with Brogy, during which they defeated creatures other giants could never have imagined facing.

Galdino, from Baroque Works, even confessed that he couldn’t beat them without resorting to deception, despite the help of his accomplices.

How physically powerful is Dorry?

Dorry hunts and kills the Little Garden dinosaurs with ease. He and Brogy even managed to spear the Island’s giant goldfish, despite the distance. Luffy, who witnessed their feat, called them monsters of power.

Surviving the explosion of a barrel of liquor in his stomach, Dorry continued to fight, including Luffy. The latter, faced with Dorry’s determination and Vivi fleeing, recognized the futility of running away from such an adversary.

Dorry’s defeat by Luffy was attributed to his precarious conditions and his underestimation of his opponent.

Despite his injuries, Dorry managed to immobilize Luffy and fight Brogy, his defeat ultimately being caused by Galdino’s intervention on Brogy’s behalf.

What is Dorry’s weapon?

Dorry wields a shield and a longsword. His old sword, the Terry Sword, became dull and finally broke after a hundred years of battle. He has since replaced it.

With his sword, he can launch a Flying Slashing Attack, capable of killing the Island’s giant goldfish.

What’s Dorry’s technique?

Hakoku: Dorry and Brogy draw on Elbaf’s warrior code to launch beams of compressed air (blue for Dorry, red for Brogy) that slice through everything in their path, including the ocean.

However, the attack requires so much power that their rusty weapons shatter.

When did Dorry first appear?

Dorry first appears in chapter 116 and episode 71.

Dorry’s introduction to the story:

Dorry, once co-captain with Brogy in the Giant Warrior Pirates, has found himself embroiled in an endless duel on Little Garden because of a century-old feud initiated by Yuki.

This dispute, centered on the hunt for the biggest prey, made the two giants forget the origin of their conflict.

Their hasty departure left their crew at the mercy of the Navy, saved in extremis by Mother Caramel.

On Little Garden

Dorry’s adventure with Vivi and Luffy begins after a diplodocus rescue. Inviting his new friends to dinner, the eruption of a volcano calls him into battle against Brogy, resulting in a spectacular draw. Questioned about the reasons for these duels, Dorry admits to having lost his way, but insists that honor is the driving force behind these confrontations.

A sudden explosion, caused by a booze bomb, leads him to falsely accuse the pirates, resulting in a confrontation with Luffy. Despite the tensions, a reconciliation takes place, with Dorry acknowledging his mistake and going back to confront Brogy, despite his injuries and the protests of Luffy and Vivi.

Back to the fight

Despite his condition, Dorry confronts Brogy, who notes his fatigue. A misstep, orchestrated by Mr. 3, gives Brogy the advantage.

Later, Dorry discovers the deception behind their duel and, with Brogy, saves the Straw Hat ship from a giant fish, at the cost of their ancestral weapons.

Reflecting on what they might have forgotten, they conclude that this detail is insignificant in the face of another imminent battle, this time with their bare hands.

Two Years Later

The duo continue to fight on Little Garden. Back on Elbaf, they reunite with Oimo, Kashii and Shanks, whom they consider a brother, and pledge to help him against Eustass Kid.

During the Egg Head arc

Shanks’ captains, ready to defend their emperor against Kid, are ordered to withdraw, with Shanks taking on the confrontation himself.

Despite warnings not to underestimate the new generation, Shanks and his allies, including Dorry and Brogy, prepare a decisive attack, neutralizing Kid and his crew and seizing their copies of the Road Poneglyphs, demonstrating once again the indomitable strength of the giants and their allies.

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