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Brogy, nicknamed the Red Ogre » (ブロギー – Burogï), stands as an iconic figure among One Piece’s legendary giants.

Alongside Dorry, this colossus battles on Little Garden, a mysterious island on grandline.

With a bounty of 100 million Berries to his name, their mythical rivalry unfolds to the rhythm of volcanic eruptions, where every confrontation is a duel for supremacy.

Two years on, their struggle continues, evolving from a gunfight to a duel of pure brute force, their legendary weapons having yielded under the weight of years of combat.

What does Brogy look like?

Picture a giant with a huge mouth, a piggy nose and a Viking look straight out of an epic saga.

His steel helmet isn’t just an accessory, it’s a declaration of war, a sign of his indomitable nature.

And that beard, my friends, we’re not talking about a simple tuft of hair. It’s a forest that adorns his face, adding to his raw charisma.

His one-of-a-kind head isn’t just atypical, it’s legendary.

21.30 meters of pure living myth, Brogy stands as a monument to strength and tenacity.

And to top it all off, at 158, he’s just halfway through his life as a giant, which means he still has centuries of battles and legends ahead of him.

What’s Brogy’s personality like?

Brogy, this epicurean giant, lives his life with a rare intensity, but it’s his pride that guides him above all else.

A giant with a heart as vast as the seas, endowed with honor and courage bordering on legend. He will stop at nothing, willing to risk his life to honor the traditions of his people.

A Laughter that Resounds in Legends

And let’s talk about his laughter! Like many colorful One Piece characters, Brogy has a laugh that sticks in your head: « Gabababababa ».

It’s not just a laugh, it’s an echo of his outsized personality, a sound that sums up all the grandeur and joie de vivre of this legendary giant.

How are Dorry and Brogy linked?

Brogy and Dorry are friendship incarnate, even after a hundred years of mortal combat.

Two brothers-in-arms, bound by respect and rivalry, fighting according to the ancestral traditions of their people.

These two are more than adversaries; they are inseparable allies, especially when they stand united.

Their competition? It’s Zoro-Sanji level, intense and marked by unwavering camaraderie.

How powerful is Brogy?

Brogy, with a bounty of 100 million Berries, isn’t just dangerous, he’s a true force of nature.

Superhuman power and stamina – even among giants, Brogy stands out.

As co-captain of the Giant warrior pirates, his strength dwarfs that of his peers, commanding one of the most formidable crews in the world.

His century-long duel with Dorry is a demonstration of his raw power, taking down creatures that even their giant companions wouldn’t dare face.

How physically powerful is Brogy?

Brogy is Little Garden’s ultimate hunter, eliminating dinosaurs with ease and remaining unflappable in the face of their attacks.

Together with Dorry, they even pierced the Island’s giant goldfish, a feat that left Luffy speechless, describing their power as monstrous.

His strength is such that he has freed himself from Galdino’s steel-hard wax.

Weapons and techniques

In combat, Brogy wields a shield and a battle-axe. His old axe, the Bruiser Axe, became blunt after a century of battles.

Hakoku, or « Warrior Nation », is their ultimate technique. He and Dorry invoke Elbaf’s warrior code, creating beams of compressed air that slice through everything in their path. But this intense attack has taken its toll on their aging weapons.

When does Brogy first appear?

Borgy first appeared in episode 71 and in chapter 116.

Brogy’s introduction to the story:

Brogy crossed paths with Usopp and Nami on the Vogue Merry while on the hunt.

In search of hooch, he was attacked by a dinosaur, which he took down with a single blow. What power!

Back to Elbaf

Back in their homeland, Elbaf, Brogy and Dorry find Oimo and Kashii, as well as Shanks, whom they consider a brother.

United, they pledge to help Shanks against the newly arrived Eustass Kid and his crew.

Confrontation with the New Generation

The captains under Shanks’ command, ready to defend their emperor against Kid, are ordered to retreat.

Shanks, confident but cautious, warns them not to underestimate the New Generation.

Yassop confirms Kid’s rapid recovery, ready for battle. Meanwhile, crucial information about Kid is shared, and an imminent confrontation looms.

The Clash

Shanks, anticipating a confrontation, orders strategic maneuvers.

Brogy and Dorry position themselves for the assault.

Shanks strikes first, neutralizing Kid’s subordinates and destroying his cannon, causing a massive explosion.

Kid and his men are overwhelmed, forced to surrender their copies of the Road Poneglyphs to save their captain.

In the final act, Brogy and Dorry combine to destroy the Victoria Punk, sending Kid’s crew overboard and cementing their victory.

An epic battle, testifying to the unshakeable power of the giants and their brotherhood with Shanks.

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