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Is Gear 3 Bad For Luffy ?

is gear 3 bad for luffy

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While it was hinted at in the fight against Brueno, we did not see gear 3rd until Luffy’s fight against Rob Lucci, which left us all startled and delighted to witness Luffy’s gear 2nd against Brueno.

Today, we will answer the question : is gear 3 bad for luffy ? You will learn more about how Gear 3 operated both before and after the time skip, as well as how it specifically affected Luffy, in this article.

Once again, I’ll be your guide through this article. I have a long history with anime, having started watching it and reading manga when I was a little child. I am writing about One Piece in the aim of educating readers about this beautiful series and one of my favorite protagonists in One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy.

How Does Gear 3rd Work?

After creating a small gap between his thumb and finger joints with a bite, Luffy breathes copious amounts of air into his bones, inflating his entire arm. Luffy can also transport air from his arms to legs by using his torso as an interlink. His limbs become as strong and as large as those of a giant thanks to this technique.

What are the drawbacks of gear 3 ?

  • Consumes a lot of stamina
  • Difficulty controlling the limbs due to them being the size of a giant
  • Being slow and bad against fast fighters
  • Reverting to dwarf form making Luffy defenseless and unable to fight back

Although Gear 3 is a potent technique, it has many flaws. Many people are unaware of the disadvantage that Luffy’s limb grows to be the size and weight of a giant, making movement incredibly difficult and slow for him.

Other significant drawbacks include gear 3 draining a lot of Luffy’s stamina, and the most notable one would be that after gear 3 is finished, Luffy’s body shrinks to dwarf size as a result of all the air leaving his body, and since he is made of rubber, this leaves him helpless and unable to fight for a while.

Drawbacks of gear 3 pre timeskip

Since his fight with Rob Lucci, Luffy tends to only activate Gear 3 against massive and frequently slow-moving targets that he likes to assuage.

Before the timeskip, it was quite difficult for Luffy to move while in Gear 3, making the Gear unadvisable to use against opponents capable of moving at high speeds (like Lucci) or in an enclosed space as he is leaving himself vulnerable to attack.

Luffy departs the shape by taking a deep breath, which can knock him backward and activate Gear 3.

Luffy experiences shrinkage as a result of the deactivation of Gear 3, which is a bad side effect given the extensive expansion he underwent before the release. The time spent in Gear 3 mode is roughly similar to the time spent by Luffy in his smaller form.

is gear 3 bad for luffy ? The Drawbacks post timeskip

Luffy appears to have improved his proficiency with Gear 3 post time-skip. Previously, Gear 3 would enlarge the majority of Luffy’s arm, slowing the strike down yet producing a devastating effect. But after two years, Luffy seems to be able to control where the air is stored in his limbs.

When his fist gets big, an equally big mass grows at his wrist instead of the air being evenly dispersed throughout his arm.Since much of Luffy’s arm can still be extended as a result, he is able to attack and retreat considerably more quickly than pre time-skip. 

When fighting Admiral Fujitora, Luffy demonstrated his ability to employ this form defensively. To better defend himself from the Admiral’s devastating strikes during this encounter, Luffy used Gear 3 to grow his arm and busoshoku haki it. He was able to stop Issho’s cutting assaults in this way

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