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Is Gear 4 bad for luffy?

is gear 4 bad for luffy

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While it’s exhilarating and entertaining to watch Luffy utilize Gear 4, Gear 3, and Gear 2, we’re all left thinking about the consequences after using this form each time Gear 4 is used. Does Gear 4 really harm luffy?

This article will go over how each gear gives Luffy power-ups and what happens when each gear is used.

Once again, I’ll be your guide through this article once more. I have a long history with anime, having started watching it and reading manga when I was a little child. I am writing about One Piece in the aim of educating readers about this beautiful series and one of my favorite protagonists in One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy.

What does Gear 2nd do?

Luffy invented the Gear 2nd method to substantially boost the power and velocity of his attacks. Gear 2nd, which Luffy first employed against Brueno, operates by increasing blood flow to Luffy’s body, which in turn results in the body parts receiving more red blood cells and raising Luffy’s metabolism.

Since his body is constructed of rubber, it shields Luffy’s veins and body from being torn apart, even though this would normally kill everyone but him.

The drawbacks of using this equipment are that Luffy feels exceedingly weak after using it for a long time, and if he uses it repeatedly, his body becomes temporarily paralysed, as is seen from watching him battle Rob Lucci.

How does Gear 3rd affect Luffy?

In order to inflate not just his limbs but also his bones, Luffy blasts enormous amounts of air into his limbs or body parts. This gives him the appearance of having a massive limb that he uses for raw physical force.

This, however, is negative for Luffy because it makes controlling it challenging due to the sheer size of the limb in addition to being slow, therefore this can be a disadvantage against speedy opponents.

For three to five minutes after utilizing gear third, Luffy shrinks. After the length of Gear 3, Luffy is also unable to employ any of his fruit’s rubber characteristics, making him essentially defenseless.

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What is gear 4?

When training with Dark King Silvers Rayleigh in Rusukaina, Luffy developed the technique known as Gear 4. Since his body is covered in Armament Haki for the most part, Gear 4 essentially grants Luffy an astounding degree of resilience.

It also combines the second and third gears. Providing him with strength as well as speed.

How is gear 4 different from the other gears?


Similar to Gear 3rd, Luffy bites into his arm and blows a tremendous quantity of air into his body before inflating his muscles, with a focus on his upper torso and covering his upper body in armament haki.

This time, however, he inflates his muscles before inflating his body with air. Like Gear 2nd, he produces smoke from his body, which grants him exceptional combat and defensive capabilities.

In contrast to his previous forms, Luffy in this one concentrates more on compressing his attacks and altering their directions mid-flight, which allows him to unleash a lot of brute force and speed in his assaults. Which is shown in his battles with Charlotte Katakuri and Don Quixote Doflamingo.

Although he has armor haki covering his body, Luffy’s body still bounces like rubber in this state, making it impossible for him to stand still as he keeps bouncing off the ground.

How does gear 4 affect Luffy?

Even though Luffy’s gear 4 is an excellent strategy that has helped him fight many foes, it still has a number of limitations, including the following:

  • Lack of Stamina
  • Sleep induced coma after multiple uses
  • Depletion of Haki
  • Increase in metabolism makes him hungry and tired
  • Time Limit

Although this is a fantastic technique that improves Luffy’s capabilities, there are a few drawbacks for Luffy as well.

First of all, there is a time restriction on how long Luffy can keep this form before reverting to his base form, leaving him drained and worn out in addition to using up all of his haki.

Additionally, we can see that gear 4 drains a lot of Luffy’s stamina to the point where he can hardly stand or communicate after wearing it.

Similar to Gear 2, Gear 4 stimulates blood flow throughout Luffy’s body, making him hungry and exhausted. Using gear 4th repeatedly has also been shown to cause Luffy to have prolonged periods of sleep that mimic a coma.

As a result, it ought to only be employed as a last option.

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