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Will Luffy fight Akainu?

Will Luffy fight Akainu

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Many of us have waited for an encounter in which Luffy can fight against Akainu, Ace’s murderer, so he can avenge his brother, but many chapters have passed and Akainu seems really tied to his position as Admiral of the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, besides, more and more enemies have appeared for Luffy, so a fight between the two seems far from happening.

This time we will explore the probabilities of a fight between the two. SO we will answer the question :  Will Luffy fight Akainu?

I have been following One Piece for fifteen years, so it will be exciting to explore various theories and analyze the probabilities of this happening.

So take a seat and let’s sail!

The relationship between Akainu and Luffy

Luffy is our charismatic protagonist, a pirate true to his beliefs, with a crew who support each other’s dreams, and who are willing to go to great lengths to make Luffy the King of Pirates.

Sakazuki or ‘Akainu’, is Sengoku’s successor as Fleet Admiral of the Marines, being an extremist in his view of pirates, as if there are no grays in good and evil, he ends up believing that the World Government are right in all decisions while pirates are just an inconvenience that must be eradicated, as well as the people who intervene in their way.

If Luffy hates someone in One Piece, i think it will be him. I still have in my mind the Ace’s Death and i guess Luffy too.

Clearly, both characters are opposites, not only because they are pirates and marines, but also because their worldview is different, the only thing they might have in common is the conviction to fight for what they believe in, although clearly, Akainu’s extremist view may end up blinding him to the real problems of the world.

Will Luffy fight Akainu?

With Sakazuki being the most important marine today and Luffy being a threat to the world order, Akainu becomes one of the most important antagonists for the story, so a battle between the two could be expected in the future.

Theories and speculations

After the Marineford War, many believe that the final fight of One Piece will be between Luffy and Akainu, but after the last few chapters this theory is falling apart, so let’s explore some of them.


Akainu is one of the characters with one of the strongest fruits, he surely has great skills with haki, and is a main piece of the navy, however, he has no special reason to fight Luffy, beyond being pirate vs marine, so there is nothing that implies a fight.

Between the two there is quite bad blood since Ace’s death, one could even believe that Luffy developed traumas from Akainu killing his brother in front of him, although it is believed that a more relevant fight would be Akainu vs Sabo, Garp, or even Koby, they all share a more realistic view of justice.

Oda may narrate the best fights, however, it’s more the message of what some characters mean or represents, than the impact on the reader, so a fight with any of those three characters is likely.

Sabo would have a more important reason to fight Akainu, especially if we count the lineage factor, as it could be counted as a rematch of Ace -or his legacy- against Akainu.


Since Akainu ascended to the position of Fleet Admiral he hasn’t been seen leaving the barracks, so if a fight between the two occurs, there would have to be an event big enough for him to have to attend to it personally.

Luffy won’t go after him willingly, and he hasn’t shown a desire for revenge against him -although he probably does.

Currently, we are in the Egghead Saga, and it is an event of the magnitude of Ohara, so if everyone gets out of there alive, Akainu will most likely be forced to fight back in the face of his subordinates’ ineffectiveness.

Our favorite scenario

That Akainu has moved the HQ to the New World is no coincidence, he knows that one of the strongest wars of recent times between piracy and marines is coming, so once this war is underway the fight between the two is most likely to happen.We already think about a « rematch » between them (is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu ?)

Supporting evidence

The title of Pirate King is given to those who manage to defeat the emperors and admirals, so there is a high probability of a battle for Luffy to fulfill his dream.

Arguments against the possibility of a fight

I doubt that Oda wants to give us a vengeful version of Luffy, much less now that he became -or is the successor- of the God Nika that made everyone laugh and enjoy, although it is most likely that there will be a tense moment between the two. 

What would a fight between Luffy and Akainu mean for the story ?

It would not only represent a fight between one of the strongest pirates, Luffy, and the most important marine of the World Government, Akainu but also a fight between extremism and freedom.

Impact on the characters

Luffy may evidently feel relieved of a burden, after being exposed to Ace’s death, while Akainu will surely feel an obligation to ‘finish the job he started’, and will try to kill Luffy with all his might.

Implications for the overall plot

Within the One Piece world, the battle would surely be talked about as one of the greatest in history, especially now that Luffy is an emperor, the news will reach the most remote islands and everyone would be aware of the results.

If Luffy loses – which is unlikely – the navy would brag about their fighting power and they would give more value to Sakazuki’s opinions, so there would probably be a more powerful fight on the part of the navy.

If Akainu loses, he would be embarrassed and might even resign his post, forcing the navy to try to regain its place as the force of order, Luffy would be at great risk and the rest of the pirates, however, many would feel free to play the sea.

Will Luffy fight Akainu? Verdict :

Akainu will not stay in his position as Fleet Admiral forever, at some point he will get tired and will want to take the reins and will want to get rid of the piracy by his own means, Oda himself commented that a bigger war than Marineford would happen, so Akainu is likely to be part of it.

Still, Sabo seems to be the best opponent against Akainu, because of what his fruit and being Ace’s brother imply.

What do you think a fight between Luffy and Akainu would be like?

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