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Will Blackbeard Get an Ancient Weapon?

Will Blackbeard Get an Ancient Weapon

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One Piece’s enigmatic villain, Blackbeard, casts a menacing shadow over the world. His soaring rise to power, fueled by avid ambition doesn’t seem to meet an end anytime soon, specifically with Caribou reaching out to him in Chapter 1107

We all know what it means: Will Blackbeard Get an Ancient Weapon?

Let’s delve into this “explanatory” article.

Why is Blackbeard likely to wield an ancient Weapon?

Whether you love him or loathe him, Blackbeard’s been unstoppable lately. He now : 

  • possesses the crucial Road Poneglyphs he stole from Trafalgar Law;
  • wields the power of two incredibly powerful Devil Fruits: the Gura Gura no Mi and the Yami Yami no Mi;

His crew boasts formidable individuals, but claiming them as the absolute strongest in all aspects is debatable. Although, it’s just baffling to realize that Blackbeard earned the status of an Emperor, by sailing to the New World on wooden logs. 

Its quite glamorous name – the Saber of Xebec – doesn’t change that fact: it’s a “huge pack of freaking wooden logs”.

And this shouldn’t last long!

Recently in the Wano Country arc –Chapter 1056–, the prisoner Caribou learned about the Ancient Weapon Pluton being housed somewhere in the closed borders of Wano. And he has expressed interest in using this valuable information to please a certain person: Blackbeard.

What a pleasant fanboy for Teach, just like Bartholomeo to Luffy!

With Katarina Devon’s and Van Agur’s infiltration at Egghead in Chapter 1107, Caribou got the opportunity to make a deal with Blackbeard’s crew. And he’s got something valuable on the plate.

If Caribou ever shares the intel about Pluton with Blackbeard, the latter can potentially seize Pluton for himself. Destroying Wano’s impenetrable borders would be a piece of cake thanks to the Gura Gura no Mi.

As if his villainous status wasn’t overpowered!

Are the power scales going to be ruined?

it’s a legitimate question, we’ve reached a time when the balance of power has never been so precarious !

Will the balance of power dangerously tip towards evil?

Considering those as mentioned earlier, a crucial question comes to mind: how are our heroes going to beat Blackbeard?

Despite the plethora of speculations around the “final boss” of the series, it’s undeniable that the Straw Hats’ fleet will have a grueling time beating Teach’s ass, especially if he has a weapon of mass destruction.

This is where Franky, the Straw Hats’ shipwright, enters the picture. 

Though he burned Pluton’s blueprints years ago, some theorize he might have memorized them

If Blackbeard steals the original, Franky may be able to create a counter-Pluton to protect Wano – who is out of powerful defenses – and uphold the legacy of his mentor Tom, who believed in the neutrality of ships.

What are the incidences of Blackbeard earning an ancient weapon?

If Blackbeard does manage to take one of the Ancient Weapons for his crew, he would gain even more infamy and power. 

Very few forces could oppose him with such a devastating battleship in his arsenal. 

He would be one step closer to ruling over the seas by force. 

The World Government –perhaps even the Gorosei– would struggle to stand against an Ancient Weapon, in addition to two surreal Devil Fruits in Blackbeard and his freaky crew’s hands.

I hope Oda saves a major asset to balance the situation: there’s no doubt about it.

Will Blackbeard Get an Ancient Weapon: Final Words

Blackbeard is now closer than ever to obtaining the power of one of the Ancient Weapons, Pluton. But there’s a silver lining in Franky, who could undermine his plans by building an anti-Pluton to protect the world from further chaos and destruction.


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