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Why is sanji so durable ?

why is sanji so durable

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Sanji, Roronoa Zoro, and Monkey D. Luffy have consistently been the top three strawhat fighters since the beginning of the series. While Sanji’s strength and assault power are frequently highlighted on the programme, we’ll be talking about how and why Sanji is able to survive so long in this article.

We will be going over a few criteria points on which we will discuss the reasoning behind Sanji’s durability

Once more, I’ll be your guide through this article. I have a long history with anime, having started watching it and reading manga when I was a little child. I am writing about One Piece in the aim of educating readers about this beautiful series and one of the most amazing Side Characters in One Piece, Sanji.

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How is Sanji so durable?

Sanji has incredible stamina and durability. Which was evident from when he was a child where he regularly kept getting bullied by his supernatural brothers everyday.

Sanji’s body has become incredibly tough because of years of extremely rigorous physical training under Zeff into his adulthood.

Enel also struck him with a lightning bolt, an assault that could have rendered a regular person dead, but Sanji resisted it at close range and even made fun of Enel after nearly being burned to death.

We will be judging why Sanji is so durable based on the following criteria.

The criteria on which we will be judging Sanji’s durability are

  • Haki
  • Dream/Determination
  • Physicality/Modifications

Sanji’s Haki

Sanji demonstrated his mastery of observation haki when he used it to find Caribou in Ryugou Palace during the Fishman Island arc and when he sensed someone inside Capone Gang Bege.

Sanji is a master at using Armament Haki. He hardened his right leg to block his father’s spear. Despite Luffy’s rubbery body, Sanji managed to injure him during their fight on Whole Cake Island.

Sanji used his strong exoskeleton with Armament Haki to strengthen his legs, enabling them to withstand even hotter flames after reawakening his dormant genetic improvements.

Sanji’s Dream/Determination

While Sanji was trained alongside his siblings in the ways of Germa 66, it was all useless however because , While their mother was still carrying them, their father altered them to give them superhuman abilities.

However, Sanji’s genetic changes were suppressed and he was born a typical human as a result of Sora’s own attempt to ensure that her sons would maintain their emotions.

Sanji’s mentor Zeff, who gave up his leg to save Sanji and shared all of his food with Sanji for a month when they were trapped, had a big impact on his desire to discover all blue.

Sanji learnt to cook from Zeff and holds a lot of respect for him.

Sanji Physicality/Modifications

Sanji was more often than not bullied and beaten by his siblings just on the premises that he was different and weaker than them.

To judge’s surprise Sanji unlike his siblings was born without any supernatural abilities or inhumane strengths like his siblings, and the reason for this anomaly was Sanji’s mother who took countermeasures to ensure that her son would not end up like another one of those emotionless machines.

Sanji, however, observed that after three times wearing the Raid Suit, his body started to feel different and, in some situations,better, which confused him at first during his battle with Queen.

Sanji however decided it was okay to accept his bloodline and the Germa Suite, because he realized the effects were only activated when he donned the suit.

Once he had mastered some of his new abilities, he realized that his strength had increased to a level far beyond what he had anticipated and that his speed had increased to the point where it seemed as though he could disappear without the suit.

Sanji has demonstrated an astounding level of resilience and combat prowess as a result of the changes the gemra suit has made on his body. He still has human feelings and is the beloved closet pervert that everyone loves, so having his genetic tweaks thus late rather than at birth is another plus.

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Sanji mixs in the same time haki’s control, a strong will and physical modifications. All these points explain, for me, his abilities to be so durable.
Do you think, there is other points to explore ?


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