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Why is Luffy so Durable?

why is luffy so durable

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Monkey D.Luffy, captain of the strawhat pirates, has always been one of the best fighters in the group. He has engaged in numerous fierce fights against extremely powerful foes and has triumphed over the majority of them, all because of his tenacity and courage, which we shall discuss in this article.

We will be going over a few criteria points on which we will discuss the reasoning behind Luffy’s durability

Once again, I’ll be your guide through this article. I have a long history with anime, having started watching it and reading manga when I was a little child.

I am writing about One Piece in the aim of educating readers about this wonderful and one of the longest running anime series, One Piece.  The topic of focus for this time is on our main character, Monkey D. Luffy.

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How is Luffy so durable?

Luffy has incredible stamina thanks to his durability and willpower.

When he was younger, his grandfather put him through harsh training methods, which helped him acquire endurance.

His ability to survive exposure to a lethal dose of poison after defeating Magellan in Impel Down is by far his most impressive achievement.

Despite receiving fatal wounds in the days leading up to the Marineford War in Impel Down, Luffy was still able to fight in Marineford.

In addition, Luffy battled Katakuri for nine days nonstop while also getting pierced by Katakuri’s trident. Based on a few key factors, Luffy has consistently displayed an astounding degree of endurance and toughness.

We will be judging why Luffy is so durable based on the following criteria.

The criteria on which we will be judging Luffy’s durability are


  • Devil Fruit
  • Dream/Determination
  • Haki

Luffy’s Devil Fruit

When Luffy was seven years old, he unknowingly consumed a paramecia Devil Fruit called the Gomu Gomu no mi, which gave him rubber-like abilities that he was initially unable to control.

However, after ten years of training on Dawn Island, he was able to master the Gomu Gomu no mi. Any portion of his body can be stretched.

For example, he can stretch his arms to increase the range of his punches, his legs to increase the range of his kicks.

Using his reach to take hold of something nearby and pull himself there, he can also reach far locations. He can increase the force of his attacks by spinning and twirling certain body parts.

Luffy can only be hurt by piercing, slicing, or stabbing attacks from a sword or other sharp weapon because he is composed of rubber and is therefore impervious to all blunt attacks as well as lightning strikes.

In order to help him defeat foes that are far stronger than him, Luffy has also developed a number of abilities over the course of the series that he refers to as gears; so far, we are aware of gears 2, 3, 4, and finally 5.

Recently, it was revealed that his Gear 5th is actually the devil fruit awakening, proving that the fruit is a mythological zoan-type devil fruit.

Gear 5 enables Luffy to more freely control his body and now has the ability to make his surroundings rubbery by giving him the abilities of both Zoan type and Paramecia type Devil Fruits.

Luffy’s Dream/Determination

When he was growing up among the mountain bandits that Garp left him with, Luffy did not really have a dream.

It wasn’t until he met Shanks that he was motivated by him and made the decision to become a pirate—but not just any pirate—the king of pirates!

In the anime, Luffy has often been made fun of for his ambitions and tenacity, but he doesn’t seem to mind because he’ll go to any lengths to show that he has what it takes to become the Pirate King. Being the pirate king is one of the key things that drives Luffy to work hard and stay determined.

This has helped him in a number of circumstances to get out of tough situations against more powerful foes.

Luffy’s Haki 

Luffy trained for two years under Silvers Rayleigh’s first mate to hone his Haki, making him one of the few persons in One Piece who can utilize all three of the Haki.

Rayleigh claimed that Luffy has a special talent in Haki. In under two years, Luffy mastered all three varieties of Haki.

The Conqueror’s Haki is a weapon that Luffy uses exceptionally well.

In the beginning, Luffy was unable to control his Conqueror’s Haki and only utilized it depending on his emotions, but after two years of training under Rayleigh, Luffy has fully mastered this kind of Haki.

Luffy first used it against Duval’s Bull Motobaro and Sandersonia in Amazon Lily. When fighting Kaidou , Luffy discovered he could infuse himself with Haoshoku Haki, greatly boosting his attack power.

He joined the « handful » of Haoshoku Haki practitioners known to have achieved this advanced use.

Observation and Armament Haki are two areas in which Luffy excels, enabling him to face off against Katakuri, who was able to see into the future thanks to his Haki.

Luffy has arguably better Observation Haki than Katakuri and better Armament than Kaido, as evidenced by his victories over both Kaido and Katakuri.


As you may have read, I think his devil fruit + his determination and his haki allow luffy to be so durable. If you feel another point has not been covered, feel free to add it in the comments.


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