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Why can’t Zoro fight Tashigi?

why can't zoro fight tashigi

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Roronoa Zoro is one of the strongest swordsmen in One Piece as well as a very popular character in the series, Zoro has fought against a lot of opponents throughout the series and has defeated an equal amount of characters however there is one thing that stands out the most when we see Zoro fight, which is his stance against women especially when it comes to Tashigi.

Let us look at why Zoro does not wish to fight against Tashigi and what Zoro’s stance is on fighting against women.

I have been writing for over 3 years now and my journey with anime and manga started in my childhood. My journey with One Piece started a very long time ago. The reason I am writing on One Piece is so more and more people can discover this wonderful series and so it may help some people find the answers they are looking for


Zoro’s Stance toward women in battle


Throughout the series, Zoro has fought few female opponents in serious battles however when he does it is evident that Zoro does not take them seriously, which can be compared to Sanji’s stance of not hurting women however Zoro is fundamentally different from Sanji as in Zoro will fight a female character but will refuse to take them seriously whereas Sani just straight up refuses to hit a woman no matter the circumstances.

Zoro’s fights against Tashigi, Ain, and Monet were all one sided and won by Zoro quite easily however in all the fights Zoro did not finish his opponent off raising a very critical question in everyone’s minds, is there any particular reason why Zoro refuses to finish off his female opponents and show mercy on them? To answer this question we must first take a look at Zoro’s past and his relationship with Kuina.

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Zoro’s Background with Kuina


There was only one person that Zoro could not defeat in his childhood and it was his childhood friend Kuina, Kuina admired becoming the strongest in the world, to which Zoro argued with her that she is his goal and he trains hard just so he can beat her for he does not care about being the strongest in the world at all.

It was all going well until Zoro found out that Kuina died and discovering how she died just shattered all the ideals and reality of young Zoro as he came to know that she died because of some stairs and realized that she was right all along about women being weak naturally.

To spend all the time training to surpass your rival just to find out that she died because she fell down the stairs subconsciously embedded into the mind of Zoro that women are fragile beings and we think this is the reason why Zoro refuses to take any female opponent seriously or finish them off.

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