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Why can’t Zoro fight Monet?

why can't zoro fight monet

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Punk Hazard arc is a plot of One piece’s main story, and undeniably, the pedestal for the rest of the narrative. The Straw Hat Pirates debuted there, their adventure in the New World.                                                                                      

But, about these events, there something as a glitch, to the understanding of Zoro’s might. 

It seems like Zoro didn’t get serious or looked weaker during his altercation, with the snow Logia type user, said Monet. You can check too :  » Why can’t Zoro fight Tashigi?« 

So, we found some clues to elaborate the impetus of Zoro neglecting this fight. We also took into consideration all the pertinent points inspired by, either anime and manga, for greater proficiency. 

So, let’s enjoy, have fun and stay wired till the very end.

When happened the fight between Zoro and Monet?


The whole battle happened in the Punk Hazard Arc. Precisely, when Tashigi got involved in Zoro and Monet’s confrontation. The whole narrative is much more detailed further down.

Monet is a Pirate of Caesar’s crew, but also, an undercover agent sent by Doflamingo to spy on their researches.

She is a gorgeous lady. Monet looks like a harpy, when transformed. Deeply inspired by the mythological creature, she grows a pair of avian wings, sorted with two long legs. Her abilities were provided by the logia type: Yuki Yuki no Mi

Therefore, Monet can transform her entire body into snow, materialize snow in weapons as blades, induce hypothermia when biting enemies. This power is extremely useful in closed spaces, since after raising snow all over the area, she can hide and attack from everywhere.

As far as Tashigi is concerned, she is a strong marine officer, and Smoker’s subordinate. She has some interesting swordman skills, and is quite strong as well. She masters Armament Haki. Previously, in Loguetown, she fought against Zoro, but got defeated. 


Which episode does Zoro fight Monet?


The events take place in the episode 613, where Zoro confronted Monet. For more details, the specified episode is named: “Showing Off His Techniques! Zoro’s Formidable One-sword Style”. 


Which chapter does Zoro fight Monet?


The fight actually occurred in chapter 687. 

They are few changes you can notice between manga and anime; taking a closer look can help you to figure out differences, as Usopp popping up in a room of animals, or Zoro being in front of Monet after slicing her up, instead of behind;


What happened in the fight between Zoro and Monet?


When Mocha was fleeing away to prevent the other children from taking the intoxicated sweets, the Straw Hat Pirates Nami, Chopper and Robin also intend to follow her. Their onrush was halted by Monet, trying to stab Robin and kill Nami. 

But luckily, she got stopped by Zoro. Afterwards, Monet raised an icy wall at the issue of the room, and stroke again towards the three of them. Zoro sliced an outlet in the wall, covering his teammates’ back, while they were escaping.

While Caesar’s poisonous gas was progressing behind Sanji and the G-5 marine soldiers, they ended up in the Biscuits Room, that the children just left. They ran into Zoro and Monet fight.

Then, she started attacking the soldiers, biting, and decimating them one after another, until Tashigi interfered. Thus, the G-5 escaped to run after the wanted children, just as Nami, Chopper and Robin.

Tashigi proposed thus, to take care of Monet, since she also masters Armament Haki. It’s actually almost impossible to land hits on Logia type users without using Armament Haki.

But, as the fight was going on, Monet had the upper hand on her, almost biting off her shoulder. 

Hence, Zoro butted in, and thrown a slicing wave, especially imbued with Armament Haki toward Monet. She got cut under the eye. Unexpectedly to what Tashigi said, Zoro definitely cut the woman. 

It also seemed that Zoro confuse Monet, using kind of unconsciously, his Conqueror’s Haki, to seed fear in her psyche. However, Zoro sparred her, since he didn’t imbue his final strike with Armament Haki. Even though, Monet ends up split in two parts. 

Realizing how underestimated she was, Monet desperately tried to kill Zoro. However, she got stopped by the marine officer Tashigi, who finished her of. 


Why is Zoro unable to kill Monet?


Right before the fight starts, Tashigi was assuming Zoro wasn’t able to hurt a female.

Actually, Zoro is not like unable to utilize his blades against any woman, but his mindset is typically a samurai swordman’s one. Whether about Monet or Tashigi, earlier in Loguetown, Zoro find prideless to fight against someone he knows to be weaker than him. 

That’s exactly what happened in the Biscuits Room. While Monet thought she was going to slaughter Zoro, without him retaliating, she ignored that she was actually the prey, and Zoro the hunter. Even though Zoro was holding back all the fight long.

If it was Sanji, he would have died, keeping his promise of never hurting a lady.

What worsens the case and makes it more humiliating for her is that, Zoro didn’t even bother imbuing his blade, before splitting her in two. Of course, Zoro was already an Armament Haki master, but he sparred her…so much she was unsignificant. Showcasing how head and shoulders his level was above theirs.

Even though Zoro’s swordsmanship is enough evolved to beat several enemies, he doesn’t like to get into fights, which are won even before they start. However, when it’s needed, no matter the opponent, he can fully meddle to display his tremendous strength.

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