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Where does Blackbeard come from?

Where does Blackbeard come from

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Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard, is one of the most despicable yet powerful villains in One Piece. Despite being Luffy’s potential final rival, little is known about his background. 

Such a mystery from Oda probably hints at some fishy abilities related to his origin. Where does Blackbeard come from? And what secrets does his ancestry hold? 

Welcome to this exploratory expedition!

What island does Blackbeard come from?

I have a pious thought for those who don’t appreciate Blackbeard’s current position as Emperor. Unfortunately, Oda seems to be enjoying his rise. 

At least that’s what you’d think, since little is known about Blackbeard. And the answer probably lies in his origin, which was confirmed by Saturn and Katarina Devon to be something special.

In Volume 19 Chapter 134, Luffy tells Sanji about people living in snowy areas who never sleep. If they do, they freeze to death.

This fact conveniently mirrors Blackbeard’s own ability to go without sleep and implies a foreshadowing Oda already planned out.

Thus, Blackbeard would come from a snowy, isolated island populated by the descendants of a special race. An icy land further north, probably  Lodestar Island.

Fun fact: Lodestar stands for a star that guides a ship, referring to the North Star.

What Lineage does Blackbeard belong to?

Speaking of his particular lineage, some evidence suggests that Blackbeard had one.

Blackbeard’s body is “abnormal”, as noted by Marco the Phoenix. 

His ability to wield two Devil Fruits, defying the conventional limit of one per user, hints at a unique lineage or even multiple souls residing within him. 

This theory could explain his sleeplessness, as each soul could take turns resting while maintaining consciousness.

Alternatively, he might belong to a previously unseen race possessing inherent resilience and enhanced stamina, granting him advantages beyond the grasp of ordinary humans.

Red-Haired Shanks holds vital clues to Blackbeard’s past. His past dialogue with the Gorosei, mentioning a « certain pirate » believed to be Blackbeard, suggests Shanks possesses valuable knowledge about the villain’s origins.

Why would Blackbeard belong to an unknown race?

The introduction of the Buccaneers in recent chapters reinforces the vast unknown within the One Piece universe, making the possibility of a new, unique race all the more plausible.

Considering Blackbeard’s extensive knowledge of secret facts of the One Piece world, it’s likely that these people were knowledge bearers like Ohara

It would explain why Teach knows so much. On the other hand, not needing to sleep means more time accumulating vast knowledge. 

Where does Blackbeard come from: Final Words

Blackbeard probably comes from an icy island, likely to be Lodestar Island. This condition would explain his peculiar abilities, enlarging the realms of new races in the One Piece universe. When Blackbeard’s origins are fully revealed, they promise to recontextualize the entire One Piece saga.

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