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When does Luffy use Gear 3?

when does Luffy use gear 3

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Every fan of manga and shonen anime knows that the main characters have special techniques that they use when necessary, Goku becomes Saiyan when he has to fight a powerful enemy, and Naruto used the powers of the kyubi more and more intensely as the story progressed. Although here we are to talk about our favorite protagonist: Luffy. Luffy has numerous power-ups as he continues to encounter powerful enemies at sea, however, among his powers one of the ones he has used the most is the Gear Third. We will answer the question : When does Luffy use Gear 3 ? In exploring the moments in which Luffy has found it necessary to use this ability to face his enemies and its context, ready to discover ? Let’s sail!

When does Luffy use Gear 3 in One Piece?

Gear 3 is an ability in which Luffy extends and inflates one of his limbs, usually his arms, to imitate the arms of a giant and give its attacks the destructive power of a giant. It delivers blows with more power that cover the enemy almost entirely, the latter can vary depending on the size of the opponent. Although this ability has several negative points that leave Luffy at a disadvantage on some occasions, before timeskip, Luffy used to have his small size for much longer and ended up more exhausted, after timeskip, this decreased but still must release the accumulated air and this tends to propel him backward, although no doubt this power has proved very useful to face massive enemies and with great strength, he has even mixed this ability with armament haki, demonstrating how much he has advanced in enhancing his techniques. Once this has been explained, let’s see how many times he has used this ability. By the way, If you want to know about the Luffy’s Gear, we are talking about Gear 4 : When does Luffy use Gear 4 ?

When does Luffy use the Gear 3 for the first time?

When does Luffy use the Gear 3 Luffy has always improved his gears over time, however, at the time no one expected a power-up to appear, especially because it seemed that the power of the opponents was increasingly surpassing that of the mugiwaras. Especially when their enemy on that occasion was one of the most prestigious and dangerous government institutions, Enies Lobby. In context, Robin was taken by the World Government to be executed and the Mugiwara come to her rescue. The first time Luffy uses this ability is during the Water Seven Saga in episode 288 (anime), although we don’t see it completely, as he is not shown when he breaks down a door and then appears in his small and tired form.

When does Luffy use Gear 3 for the second time?

When does Luffy use the Gear 3 The second time in which Luffy uses Gear 3 we see it completely because it is during his fight against Rob Lucci, in episode 304 (anime), although he doesn’t finish Lucci with this technique he leaves him weakened enough to defeat him later, although he ends up unable to move because of all the energy used.

When does Luffy use Gear 3 in a fight?

Before the timeskip, luffy uses his Gear 3 multiple times but the most notable ones are: Luffy vs Gecko Moria, episode 375 (anime). When does Luffy use the Gear 3 He used it to remove the shadows that Gecko Moria had accumulated, using this ability he managed to defeat him completely. Luffy vs Magellan, episode 547 (anime). When does Luffy use the Gear 3 Luffy gives a giant kick to Magellan with the help of Mr. 3, his attack was decisive to finish Magellan, after all, he is a fearsome enemy.

When does Luffy use Gear 3 in Fishman island?

When does Luffy use the Gear 3 There are multiple occasions in which he uses this technique during this saga, however, the most notable is the first time we see him use this ability after so long, and he uses it against the Kraken, as it is the first time we see him mix this technique with Haki. This event happens in episode 525 (anime).

When does Luffy use Gear 3 in Punk Hazard?

When does Luffy use the Gear 3 He uses this ability against Caesar Clown, he manages to defeat him although he ends up moderately affected by the poison, this time he calls his ability Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum and it happens in episode 617 (anime).

When does Luffy use Gear 3 in Dressrosa?

When does Luffy use Gear 3 During episode 649, Luffy is fighting a few opponents in the colloseum to get the Mera Mera no Mi! On his road, he crosses an old Garp’s enemy and Luffy will use his Gear 3 ability to defeat Don Chijao.

When does Luffy use Gear 3 in Whole Cake Island?

When does Luffy use the Gear 3 He used his Gear 3 against the Sweet Commander, Cracker, during episode 799 (anime), although he had to use more than this power to defeat him.

When does Luffy use Gear 3 in Wano?

When does Luffy use the Gear 3 One of his most important attacks using the Gear 3 was against his battle against Kaido, during episode 1063, this was called Gomu Gomu no Roc Gun and it was a huge arm hardened with haki, increasing the power running towards the enemy.


In summary, to answer the question : When does Luffy use Gear 3 ? I will say since Water seven saga, Luffy use it to face the main antagonist of each arc. He manages to overcome the negative side, above all he manages to mix it with other of his powers. This power of increasing the limbs in size is usually powerful enough to defeat enemies and end the battles, which shows his evolution over time, do you think there will be any other ability that he can mix with the Gear 3?
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