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When Does Luffy learn Haki?

When Does Luffy learn Haki

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The time skip in One Piece universe, is the essential timeframe during which all the Pirates of the Straw Hat crew, scattered to get stronger enough to venture in the New World. In this whole time, Luffy, the captain of the crew, acquired new Haki abilities, a requirement for those who intend to join this infamous place.

From there on, Luffy enhanced his Haki mastership through fights, until he became a fierce Haki user. 

Today, we will go through these epic moments where Luffy improved his Haki skills, stepping each time to another level.
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All the contents you will discover down below, are based on both anime and manga, and some additional sources related to One Piece.

So, let’s jump in the whole matter without further delay.

When does Luffy learn Conqueror’s Haki?

The Conqueror’s Haki, also known as “the Color of the Supreme King” is the rarest type of Haki. Only few people fated to achieve prominent goals, and rule over hordes, bear it. They possess the “qualities of a king”. 

It basically allows its users to intimidate enemies or animals, and to strike unconscious nearest enemies.

Earlier before the time skip, Luffy used the Conqueror’s Haki, several times unconsciously, before mastering it.

We remember that whole moment in Marineford story arc, when Luffy knocked over Galdino, and some other marine soldiers surrounding him.

Luffy actually started learning the Conqueror’s Haki, in episode 516, when he was working out with Rayleigh. He has been introduced to the basics of the Haki learning, and learnt it for one and half year, until he got the hang of it.

Also, during the training, Rayleigh used the Conqueror’s Haki to collapse the mammoth-like animal, to explain the use of this type of Haki.

There is another application of the “the Color of the Supreme King”, a high-cap skill mainly used by the Emperor of the Beast’s Pirates, Kaido.

That ability is based on reinforcing the parts of the body imbued with Armament Haki, with the Conqueror’s Haki. It gives its users tremendous strength, and improves offense.

Luffy learnt it instinctively during the Wano arc while struggling with Kaido.

What episode does Luffy use Conqueror’s Haki?

The first time Luffy used intentionally the Conqueror’s haki is in episode 517, in which he appeared after finally mastering the skill. He displayed it while using Conqueror’s Haki to knock down Demalo Black and the Fake Straw Hat pirates, amid the crowd surrounding him.

Besides, Luffy reached another level of advanced Conqueror’s Haki application, while fighting against the Emperor Kaido, in the episode 1028.

As the fight was going on, Luffy came up with the idea of imbuing the Conqueror’s Haki with his Armament Haki. Doing so, he drastically increased his attacks’ proficiency, and the damageability of every single one of his strikes.

The enhanced part of his body was emitting black lightning, typically proof of advanced application of the Color of the Supreme King.

Even if it was for a few moments, he kept up with Kaido, but didn’t manage to make it last long.

Since he had just discovered that application and didn’t have a lot of experience about it, Kaido quite easily handled him and managed to knock him down. 

Earlier in the Wano arc, Luffy even used the Conqueror’s Haki to make Kaido’s soldiers collapse, while being unconscious.

Another intriguing fact was that every single clash of both Luffy and Kaido attacks were causing the clouds to split apart, certifying the outstanding progress of the Straw hat Luffy.

When does Luffy learn Armament Haki?

Also known as Ryuo in Wano country, the Armament Haki is one of the skills Luffy newly acquired after the time skip.

During the time skip, Luffy learnt the basics of Armament Haki, which allowed him to harden his body, increasing both offense and defense. Hardening can also be used against Logia Devil Fruit type users, who hardly receive physical damages.

Above the basic uses of Armament Haki, exists an “advanced type of Armament Haki”.

He actually started learning it, after getting beaten by Kaido, and being jailed in Queen’s prison.

Remembering the lessons Rayleigh taught him, and helped by Hyogoro, Luffy progressed in his training to become more stronger to face Kaido.

Under the old man’s tutoring, he properly developed the ability to emit Haki from his body, directly through inanimate objects or enemies, whether with contact or not. Doing so, he can deal outstanding internal damages.

What episode does Luffy use Armament Haki?

The first time we have seen Luffy using the armament Haki was in episode 525.
He displayed it against a “kraken”, which was attacking them underwater. He threw a powerful punch towards the sea monster, and it was enough to put an end to the fight.

We beheld several times Luffy using the Armament Haki, against antagonists as Doflamingo, or Cracker. Making of it, an extremely useful asset during battles.

As far as the advanced Ryuo is concerned, Luffy successfully performed an application for the first time, in episode 945, to save Hyogoro and himself from exploding.

While the two of them were trying to escape, their death collars started to countdown; they were out of time, and both him and the old man were about to die. Thus, in a desperate trial, Luffy succeeded to enable the “advanced Armament Haki” on the collar, and barely broke it before it exploded. 

Later, he continued to work out on his Armament Haki abilities. Luffy is shown training with a tree, aiming to induce a blast on the opposite side.

Further in the story, it’s thanks to this advanced ability, that he was able to significantly hurt Kaido, while only being in his Gear 3 form. Just as we can see it in episode 1015.

When does Luffy learn Observation Haki?

The third type of Haki Luffy managed to acquire, is the Observation Haki, or the “Color of Observation Haki”. 

Observation Haki users can basically feel enemies, location and strength, and even their emotions. Another application allows to analyze opponents’ intentions to guess their next move, more like if it was suggested by emotions.

Luffy improved his proficiency about Observation Haki while training with Rayleigh, blindfolded, in the meantime of the time skip.

High-skilled users, such as Katakuri, are likely able to see some seconds into the future, even what their enemies will say out of their mouth. 

As far as he is concerned, Katakuri actually spent multiple years of training, to reach such a level of accuracy using Observation Haki.

However, we have been given to behold stunning evolution from the Straw Hat Luffy, as the fight against Katakuri was going on.

Luffy actually learnt the Advanced Observation abilities during his epic fight against Katakuri.

Progressively adapting himself to the rhythm, he reached another level of concentration and remembered what Rayleigh taught him. He successfully managed to foresee Katakuri’s attacks, who was more than astonished that he learnt it impressively fast.

What episode does Luffy use Observation Haki?

We saw Luffy using a basic Observation Haki several times since his fight with the Gorgon sisters, in episode 413.

But he fully mastered it during the time skip. Between

Further in the story, Luffy’s abilities quickly grew while fighting Katakuri, and he even started foreseeing the future, just as his enemy does. We can watch it in episode 865.

Recently in the Wano arc, Luffy used his precognition abilities, to dodge bullets shot at him and to indicate to Hyogoro the next moves to dodge Alpacaman attacks in episode 935. He repeated it multiple times when rescuing Tama in Wano Country.

He certified doing so, that he got the hang of the “Color of Observation Haki”.

Mastering all the different types of Haki, Luffy has proven to be a skilled Haki user. Due to this skill, he became stronger, getting much closer to his great purpose of being the King Pirate.


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