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Can Sanji use Haki ?

Can sanji use haki

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Hello One Piece lover,
As a member of the monster trio of the Straw Hat pirates, Sanji is literally one of the strongest fighters of the crew. As his rival, he managed to tap into new abilities, such as Haki, getting better through fights.

We are going to talk about Sanji and his Haki-related abilities.
You can find interesting informations about Zoro’s haki here, « Does Zoro have conqueror’s haki ?« 

All the following contents are based on anime and manga. But as a bonus, we also added the information attested by the author of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, in the SBS interviews.

Thus, let’s jump in without any further delay.

Can sanji use Conqueror’s Haki?

The Conqueror’s Haki is the manifestation of the willpower of the user. It’s also named the “Color of the Supreme King”.

Every single user of this Haki type is known to be aiming for a great and prominent purpose. It seems to be a must to deserve the Conqueror’s Haki. They should have a strong personality, and huge determination to realize their dream. They are born to lead people; they literally stand out from masses.

Just as we can see it from Big Mom, Kaido, Shanks, Luffy, those who have been endowed with the Conqueror’s Haki can easily gather valuable allies and mates on the way to their goal.

As far as the abilities of the Color of the Supreme King are concerned, it’s basically possible to make enemies feel fear or intimidation. Users can knock down weaker opponents by emitting an aura wave. There is an advanced application which allows users to coat their body with it and strengthen their offense.

While Zoro and Luffy possess it, Sanji doesn’t seem to have the « Conqueror’s Haki ». 

Regarding the Cook of Straw Hat, it’s unsecure to say that he wields the “Conqueror’s Haki”. 

Sanji didn’t really show ambition to reach a great purpose, as a fighter. Of course, he does have a goal, which is to become the Greatest Cook all over the world. But it doesn’t infer that he has to fight for it, not as Zoro and Luffy.

As an example, the former’s purpose is to become the best swordsman all over the world, which implies to fight against the other swordsmen. The latter’s main goal is to be the next King Pirate, and obviously, it infers to clash with all those pirates sharing the same goal. 

Besides, Sanji doesn’t want to fight against women. Certifying that he would surrender, if he were to face female enemies. 

In addition, it will be too predictable if Oda gives Sanji Conqueror’s Haki further.
Sanji being the only one of the Monster Trio not to be able to wield this Haki type, can make the story too unique, if he can find another ability to keep them up.

So, it’s not likely to see Sanji using the Conqueror’s Haki later in the story. Nonetheless, Sanji displayed multiple times that he can seriously involve himself in a fight.

Can Sanji use Armament Haki?

The Armament haki, also known as “Color of the Arms Haki” is a materialization of a fighter’s spirit, which provides enhancement to offense and defense. It was shown in the post-time skip of the anime, as a black layer coating skin while activated. 

Those who use the Armament Haki can injure people with strong physical defense, and even overtake the Logia devil fruit type intangibility. 

Users who have experienced level can infuse their Haki into a target through contact, and cause internal destruction.

As we can see it several times in One Piece’s story, Sanji wields the “Armament Haki”.

He learned it on his own, on Momoiro Island during the time skip. While constantly running from Caroline and the Okama, he developed this ability to boost his speed. He also managed to acquire another skill: the “Sky Walk” to jump in mid-air to higher heights.

Aside, he generates fire on his feet, by spinning fast his leg until it set fire, to enhance damage dealing. Sanji can combine Armament Haki with his Black Leg style, to ignite more scorching flames. 

Since he is particularly resistant and possesses a great endurance in fights, he can bear hotter heats emitted by his Devil Jambe. 

Funny fact, he can ignite his leg underwater to move at a similar speed of a fish-man.

Lately, he has awakened his genetic abilities, and with his Raid Suit, he can increase the heat of his strike, creating thus, the Ifrit Jambe technique. 

What episode does Sanji use Armament Haki?

We have been given to behold Sanji using the Armament Haki many times after the time skip.

He used it to enhance his Devil Jambe while fighting against his father Judge, in episode 794, in the Whole Cake Island arc.

When the Straw Hat pirates were pursued by Big Mom’s children, Sanji fought against Charlotte Daifuku in an aerial confrontation, in episode 874. He countered him with a strike of his hardened black leg attack.

Lately, in the Wano country arc, while protecting Toko with Zoro, he used the hardening to scatter the bullets shot at him and the little girl.

Even if Sanji can imbue his Devil Jambe attack with Armament Haki, he doesn’t do it every time. And since the burning flames emitted hide Sanji’s leg, it’s not clear to identify it most of the time. But, when he uses his blue flames Ifrit Jambe attack, it’s obviously due to Armament Haki hardening.

Can Sanji use Observation Haki?

As far as the “Color of Observation Haki” is concerned, it’s a faculty allowing its users, first, to locate people and living beings. Secondly, they can guess people’s emotions, and for skilled users, it is possible to read people’s intentions and sense inanimate objects.

An advanced application of the Observation Haki makes users see directly through time and behold what will happen a few seconds in the future. That tremendous skill has been displayed a lot by Katakuri during his fights. 

He certified that he got the hang of it, and it was this whole fight long, that Luffy improved his Observation Haki mastery.

Earlier in the anime, Sanji has shown a predisposition to Observation Haki wielding.

He actually excels in this specialty, just as Oda said it in SBS Volume 71.

Sanji was able to read people’s mind, as with Viola. However, he didn’t guess Pudding’s intentions since she was pretty good at faking.

The important reason why Sanji has proven to be a fierce wielder of Observation Haki is that scene during the wedding in Whole Cake Island. 

He was able to dodge the jelly bean Katakuri thrown towards him. It was quite surprising, since the latter possesses advanced Observation skill, and can see in the future.

Actually, it doesn’t mean that Sanji is also able to see in the future though. It has never been certified.

What episode does Sanji use Observation Haki?

As we said it earlier, Sanji surprisingly used Observation Haki, to avoid Katakuri’s shot, in Episode 832. He also easily avoided all the bullets Pudding shot at him, in episode 834

Previously, when he was inside Nami’s body, he plunged deep into the lake, and located Kin’emon’s torso, using the Observation Haki. Unless using it, it wouldn’t have been possible, since the water was quite dark, and there were some poison clouds around.

Whereas he is yet, the only one of the Straw Hat pirates not to possess the three types of Haki, Sanji is nonetheless, a prominent fighter of the crew, and surely, he is still having impressive things to show us.


For me, Sanji can use haki. Namely, Armament Haki and Observation Haki.

Regarding the kings haki, there is nothing to suggest that he would have it. Only time will tell (or Oda).

And you, do you think that Sanji can use observation haki in advanced mode to see the future like katakuri?

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