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What if Luffy had a Logia-like fruit ?

what if luffy had a logia

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Coming to think of it, it’s way so incredible that the little “rubber” boy of Fuschsia’s village, Monkey D. Luffy, managed to rise till the amazing status of Emperor. But, wonder what would have happened if things were quite different as to Luffy’s devil fruit type; that’s what this article will be about.

We are going to dig into how the whole story would have changed, if Luffy, instead of the Paramecia-type fruit he ate, it happened to be a Logia type, or precisely a logia-like-type. 

Anew, I will escort through this article. I’m actually deeply into the anime, since I’ve started watching it from 2008, back to when I was kid. So, it’s always pleasure to lead you and I really hope you will enjoy exploring incidences of a Logia-type Luffy.

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How strong would Luffy be with a Logia-like?

As for a quick reminder, among the devil fruits, a Logia is a type of devil fruit which allows those who ate one, to earn abilities to transmute their body into a natural element, literally becoming it itself. 

Logia users are actually capable of modifying the inner constitution of their anatomy into snow, sand, fire, etc. and control it, as a living thing. Therefore, they are basically intangible, unless against Armament Haki and Seastone.

Also, if a Logia user, in his transformed state, get in contact with a mass of the element related to his fruit, he might possess it all, and extend his control over it.

The first Logia we saw before the time skip was Smoker, a Marine officer, who ate the Moku Moku no Mi, a devil fruit with smoke properties.

About interactions between Logia users, it is kind of the same as if it was the elements themselves. Like thunder having upper hand on water type, as an example. 

As far as they’re concerned, Logia-like share same abilities with Logia, but so far, all Logia is related to nature element, and disassembling skill seems to be reflexive only for them.

Just as Katakuri Charlotte, who first seemed to be Logia, but actually was a special Paramecia

Moving along to our main concern, it would have been so impressive, if the Gomu Gomu no Mi was a Logia-like, instead of a Paramecia-like. 

But a logia-like based theory is much convenient, as far as rubber in its usual state is synthetic.

Monkey D. Luffy, as a logia-like user, will be really strong, maybe even busted. We all know how generally advantaged are Logia users. 

Just generating unlimited amounts of rubber is a great buff. Specially to cover surfaces with their element, as Logia/logia-like users do.

From there on, Luffy’s leeway would extend to things as:

  • riffling rubber balls or bullets to enemies;
  • creating rubber traps to restrict their moves. Just like you get stuck, when you step on it;
  • coating floor or wall with bouncy rubber and hinder enemies’ moves.

You get the point, it can make way so funnier the way Luffy fight, and even greater, fights that last long. 

And, of course, Rubber couldn’t turn intangible, but may cave in, like popping holes to dodge strikes. Even though, normal attack remains harmless, and he can regenerate from any damage.

As you’re already wondering, all this would just work with the basic fighters of the debut, said Don Krieg, Arlong, Kuro, … However, he could mix fighting styles in intertwine. 

More relevantly, he is still able to learn Gear second, since he can still have normal blood when in human form. As well as the third and the fourth. 

Maybe Luffy would create combined attacks with his fellow crewmates, but not as a main asset, since he mostly fights in one vs one.

Would Luffy be weaker somehow?

I guess this could raise someone’s eyebrow, but it’s well-founded, you’ll see.       

Actually, most of Logia-type users used to fight quite recklessly, excepted Katakuri. They majorly rely on intangibility, for those who had an element type which disassemble itself. Nonetheless, leftovers Logia can be unharmed by common attacks. 

Although, Seastone and Armament Haki are their sole weak point as we mentioned earlier, even if they’re somehow like four-leaf clovers. 

Seastone, as a matter of fact, is mainly restricted to Marine and World Government, despite few pirate crews, who has some. 

And for Armament Haki, it’s most likely to find users in New World. 

But, it’s not hard to imagine Luffy being too cocky and careless, since somehow immune to damages.

And you guess what would happen, if he run into an enemy wielding Hardening, without being aware of such power existence. I infer Sentomaru, to showcase.

Indeed, Luffy will proficiently find ways to learn Haki, the same way as he did with the Paramecia-type fruit. But, as for every Logia fruit wielder, counting on their asset can quickly become a pain in the neck, in some circumstances. 

Would Luffy have a different adventure?

Eiichiro Oda, while creating the characters of his manga, took in account the way the basis will affect the story progression. 

It’s not impossible that he gave Logia abilities to Luffy, but changed his mind. 

As he mentioned it in the interview of SBS volume 65, Oda chose Luffy’s rubber powers, to create funny battles. He wanted to “fool around” with this hilarious skill, while drawing it. And I assume it’s the impetus, behind the ecstatic and insane power of Luffy’s awakening. 

He may have thought about it, since the origins, like the genius he is.

Nevertheless, let’s keep following the alternative logic of the “Special Paramecia-type Luffy”.

First of all, even as a kid, he would be unfairly strong, and his godfather Garp, would keep all eyes on him, way better that he did. 

Maybe Luffy would be enrolled by force in Marine, and later escape to join piracy. Thus, Marine might give him a heavier bounty, even before leaving East Blue.

Besides, Don Krieg would be easily beaten; the same for the most antagonists appearing in the pre-time skip. Unless they were made stronger with Haki. Or maybe, he would die, assaulted by an Admiral, but indeed Oda won’t let him die.

It’s also plausible that he gets a totally different crew. Thus, causing among dramatic events:

  • Zoro to die fastened;
  • Usopp getting killed by Kuro’s pirates;
  • Vivi to die too;
  • Sanji not to achieving his dream staying at Baratie, 
  • Nami to remain under Arlong’s influence, and even worst things.

Therefore, it wasn’t a random fact, that Oda gave the Paramecia-like skills to Luffy, but a genuine masterstroke, subliming the masterpiece that One Piece deserves to be.

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