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What episode will Gear 5 happen ?

what episode will gear 5 happen

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Hello, one piece fans.
As we know, the Wano arc is now over in the one piece manga, and the Strawhats have moved to Eggland Island. After a great war and many battles, Luffy finally beat Kaido of the beasts using his god-like gear 5, yet the anime sits so far behind, with Luffy still only recovering for the second time.

Those who read the manga got to see the majesty of gear 5 in action, but those who lack that resolve, are patiently waiting for the anime to catch up, and even manga readers want to see the epic gear 5 get animated. But as we know, it takes the anime a long time to catch up, owing to its passing and storyline issues. The question that now dominates the minds of all one piece fans is, what episode will gear 5 be animated in?

Allow me to be your guide as we find an answer.

What episode will Gear 5 happen ?Answer to our question !

If we look at the chapter and episode proportion in the series, we see that the anime has been almost fifteen months behind on average compared to the manga. 

Even with the anime closing the gap in terms of numbers, the story remains behind. If we look at a recent event in the anime, Momonosuke’s adult dragon form, which showed up in the manga around chapter 1028, is now coming close to appearing in the latest episode. 

The anime has slowed down and covers about half to one chapter in an episode. Using the gap in the previous gears and the pacing of the anime now, we can guess that gear 5 is still months away in the anime. 

It showed up in the manga in March of 2022, and the fourteen to fifteen-month gap should be put in from May to June this year in the anime. 

Depending on how many breaks the anime takes, we could see gear five as early as episode 1060 and as late as 1066. 

To come to an avenge between the two extremes, we can say that it is likely that we will get to see gear five around episodes 1064-5 of the One Piece anime. As to how it is that we have reached this conclusion, continue reading to find out.

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The other Gears, an analysis

In order to estimate when we might get to see gear five in the anime, we needed to look at the rate at which the other gears were animated. 

We compared what manga chapter and anime episode each gear first appeared in and then used that estimation to decide what episode we might get to see gear 5 in, which, as we know, first appeared on the pages of the manga back in chapter 1044.

Gear Second

As we know, the first of Luffy’s gears to be shown to us was gear two, exponentially increasing his strength and, mainly, his speed. 

The first time we saw Luffy use gear 2 was against Blueno in manga chapter 388, and that translated into the anime in episode 272

There was an over one-hundred-chapter gap between the two, but the anime gap has now closed, leading to more filler and flashbacks, so we kept that in mind. This told us how behind the anime was.

Gear Third

Though hinted at in the Bluno fight, gear three was first used
in chapter 403 to burst through a steel door, and we saw that in episode 288

That huge over a hundred number gap still remained, so understood that, and moved on.

Gear Fourth (Bounceman)

As we know, gear 4 has three variations, the earliest of which we saw back in Dressrosa when Luffy fought Doflamingo. So by looking at the manga, we saw that gear 4, Bounceman, was first used
in chapter 783

Comparing that to the anime, we got to see Bounceman animated in episode 725. Now you may have noticed that the gap between that chapter number and the episode has decreased significantly, with the anime catching up, so we moved along.

Gear four (Tankman)

Luffy used Tankman for the first time on Whole cake Island against Cracker. 

This event occurred in the manga in chapter 842, and the anime caught up to it in episode 806, closing the gap even more, yet staying well over a year behind in the plot.

Gear four (Snakeman)

Snakeman, perhaps the most popular variation of gear 4, was also used on Whole cake to beat Katakuri of the sweet generals. Luffy transformed into Snakeman
in chapter 916, and with only a gap of 16 episodes, the anime showed Snakeman in episode 900, though it was rushed.


With all that information, we were able to estimate where the appearance of gear 5 in the anime should fall. Do know however that this depends on filler and pacing of the anime.

We decided that gear 5 should fall around episode 1064-65 using this knowledge and the fact that the anime is over fourteen months behind in plot.

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