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How long until gear 5 in anime ?

How long until gear 5

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Hello Nakama.
With the introduction of Gear 5 in 2022 in the manga, fans are really impatient to discover it in the anime.

That’s why today ,we will answer the question : How long until gear 5 in anime ?

In checking and count how long it took to animate each gear from the manga version to the anime and then calculate how long it would take for gear 5 to make an anime appearance!

I am a very ardent supporter of One Piece my journey with this amazing series started when I was a child and it has been with me ever since, The reason why I write on such topics is to get more people to get to know about this wonderful series and to get a lot of people to know about it. 

Has Gear 5 been animated ?

I can answer yes at this question. It is possible to see Gear 5 animated in the One Piece movie : Red. After we can talk about the canon’s status to make it official or not.
Something sure, officially, Gear 5 is not animated yet in the anime and the goal of this article, it’s to estimate it for you.

So take a seat and let’s sail !

When do the gears appear in manga vs tv ?

As you can guess, we will take a deep look on the data about the manga’s release and tv appearance on : 

  • gear 2nd
  • gear 3rd
  • gear 4th

The goal is to find a pattern to estimate the release for gear 5.

Gear 2nd :

Gear 2nd in the manga was first seen in chapter 387 which was released in shonen jump on
October 31, 2005. 

While its Anime appearance was first seen in episode 272 which was released on July 23, 2006

The time it took for the manga to get adapted to anime is exactly 9 months.

Gear 3rd :

Gear 3rd’s first appearance in the manga was in chapter 403 which was released on
March 13, 2006

And its anime counterpart was shown in episode 288 which was released on December 3, 2006

It took 9 months for the adaptation to take place in the anime.

Gear 4th :

The Gear 4th was first seen in chapter 784 of the manga about Luffy’s fight against Doflamingo and it was released on
April 27, 2015

Its animated episode in the anime series was seen in episode 726 which was released on January 17, 2016.

This time the adaptation also took 9 months to animate from the manga to anime.

Gear 5 release date estimation :

Gear 5 was first shown to us in chapter 1044 of the manga which was released on
March 28, 2022. 

Now there are some ways for us to calculate and estimate the time it would take for it to get animated in the anime, we, however, would like to point out that going from the previous coincidences, it might just get released in December of 2022 which would be 9 months of time in total.

That is however wishful thinking because the rate at which the manga is getting adapted has been slowed significantly down recently and right now on average it is 4-5 anime episodes per 3 chapters. And according to this calculation Gear 5 would be shown to us somewhere around July/August of 2023 if we take a look at the chapters and episodes and then calculate.

Gear 5 release episode estimation :

First of all, we know Gear 5 appeared in chapter 1044 and the gap between chapter/episode is now around 26/27.

With a simple calcul, 1044 +27, we get episode 1071 as the key episode for Gear 5 releases.

If you want to know more on  which episode Gear 5 will be release, check the article  » When will Gear 5 be animated ?« 

Gear 5 release : Final words !

I will be fast to answer the question : How long until gear 5 in anime ?

The answer is few episode, less 5. With my calcul, Gear 5 release will be at the end of July or start of August 2023 during episode 1070/1071.

We will know really soon if my prediction was good ! Let’s meet again on the road to laugh tale.

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