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What episode does Robin join the crew?

What episode does Robin join the crew

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One of the key characters in the One Piece series is Nico Robin, the mysterious archaeologist and mother figure of the Straw Hats. Robin’s journey to join the Straw Hat Pirates, the main crew of the series, was a particularly puzzling moment for both fans and crew members. This leads us to the question of this blog post: « In what episode does Robin join the crew? »

In this article, we will examine the episodes and chapters in which Robin joins the crew, the motivations behind her decision, and her departures and subsequent returns. As your guide on this odyssey, I am deeply honored to be your companion. My passion for the One Piece universe is unwavering, a journey that began in 2008 and continues to thrive with an insane dose of excitement.

So let’s set sail, shipmates!

In what episode does Robin join the crew in One Piece?

Through Alabasta’s series of events, Robin realizes the sincerity and strength of Luffy’s crew, leading her to make a life-changing decision to join them on their adventures.

In what episode does Robin join the crew for the first time?

Nico Robin joins the Straw Hat Pirates in Episode 130 of the One Piece anime.

This momentous episode is titled « Beware Her Scent! The Seventh One is Nico Robin!« , and it marked the closing point in the Alabasta Arc.

Actually, the way Robin joined the crew was surprisingly controversial.

Instead of formally asking Luffy out or being asked by him, she told him that since he had saved her, he was now in charge of her life. And what better way to entrust him with your life than to become a member of his crew?

Though the chemistry between the former members of the Straw Hats didn’t immediately work out, as all of them – except Luffy – felt the threat she represented. Really, would you feel comfortable with a multinational wanted criminal – despite her beauty – worth 79,000,000 Berries and a former member of a dangerous evil organization around you?

That sounds like a lot to take, right?

Despite this “emotional” moment, Robin ended up earning the heart of her crewmates, and the place of the sixth member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

In what chapter does Robin join the crew?

For those following the manga, Robin’s entry into the crew happens in Chapters 217 and 218th of the One Piece manga.

The manga chapters closely follow the anime episodes, so these chapters correspond to the events depicted in Episode 130 of the anime adaptation. Especially, with Robin asking to join the crew in Chapter 217 (p. 2-19), and Luffy accepting her request in Chapter 218 (p. 2-13).

Why does Robin join the crew in the first place?

Robin’s decision to join the Straw Hat Pirates is motivated by several factors. 

She has faced hardship, betrayal, and isolation her entire life since learning the secret of the Void Century. Witnessing the destruction of Ohara was problematic, and the World Government didn’t want the slightest mistake – even a child – to upset their established order.

Thus, Robin was:

  • Looking for a safe place, as her former shelter, the Baroque Works was dismantled;
  • bearing the desire to explore the world and find the Poneglyphs. In this case, someone unwaveringly determined to become the next Pirate King, like Luffy was the perfect ally to have;
  • seeing in Luffy a leader who values his friends above all else and a captain who will protect them no matter the cost;
  • looking for people to rely on and with whom, she could share some real connection: a family… Actually, upon encountering the Straw Hat Pirates, Robin witnesses the camaraderie and genuine bond shared between its members.

Such a bond was the one her first friend Jaguar D. Saul wished her.

As the Straw Hats crew stood in stark contrast to the betrayal and deceit she had experienced before, she knew she could find acceptance, trust, and friendship.

This realization leads Robin to embrace Luffy’s dream as her own, and she wishes to be a part of the crew that will make that dream a reality.

Why does Robin rejoin the crew afterward?

Robin’s temporary departure from the crew during the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs is the result of a dilemma.

She believed that by leaving the crew, she could protect them from further harm the CP9 could cause to them.

Oh, you forgot that part! We always have you covered…

Here is a dedicated blog post on the subject. A straightforward and worthwhile analysis, as you like them.

In what episode does Robin join the crew the second time?

Nico Robin leaves the Straw Hat Pirates temporarily during the Water 7 Arcs, barely before the trouble with Franky’s family began. 

However, her bond with the crew remains strong, and she eventually rejoins them in the 311th episode of the One Piece anime. This episode is titled « Everyone Escapes! The Path to Victory is for the Pirates » The reunion between Robin and the crew is an emotional moment, and it reaffirms her place among the Straw Hat Pirates.

In what chapter does Robin join the crew the second time?

In the manga, Robin’s second entry into the crew is depicted in Chapter 429, titled « Utter Defeat« . This chapter corresponds to the events portrayed in Episode 311 of the anime.

In what episode does Robin join the crew? Final words :

The moment when Nico Robin officially joins the Straw Hat Pirates in Episode 130 of One Piece is an iconic, but unsettling scene in the series.

Her journey from a fugitive outlaw to a beloved nakama is a testament to the power of friendship, trust, and acceptance. The second time she joined after parting ways with the Straw Hats at Water 7 was in Episode 311.

Robin’s character development throughout the series is both profound and inspiring, making her an integral part of the Straw Hat crew. And it’ll be a heartwarming feeling to see her leading the Straw Hats to the Laughtale. Accomplishing the dream of several generations of fans…

In the meantime, keep sailing Otakus!

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