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Why does Robin leave the crew ?

why does robin leave the crew

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Eiichiro Oda thoroughly came up in One Piece, with the endearing characters we like. The deeper their story is, the more we feel attached to them. Today, we are diving in Robin’s story, along with the legendary Straw Hat crew.

Today, we will answer the question : why does Robin leave the crew ? We will explore together the events of Water 7 and Enies Lobby, and the reasons why Robin left the Straw Hats in the meantime.

This time, I will serve you as a guide, which I am honored to be. I’m always glad, when it comes to that universe, I’ve been in love with One Piece since 2008 until now. We hope you’ll enjoy it and stick till the very end.

What caused Robin to leave the crew?

Is it even needed to reintroduce the gorgeous lady Nico Robin. Nevertheless, we are going to proceed with a quick reminder about her.

Also known as Miss All Sunday, she happens to be the mother figure of the Straw Hats crew.

Escorting and supporting her teammates through battles on the road to Laugh Tale, she is a great asset to reach the One Piece.

Actually, since she comes from Ohara, she is the unique character known to be able to read the poneglyphs, so far.

And having such a relevant member in his crew, makes Monkey D. Luffy, one of the most likely to become the next Pirate King.

Coming back to our shawty Robin, she had a traumatizing past related to the World Government, beginning around eight years old.

The unique ability of her fruit, the Hana Hana no Mi (Flower Flower fruit) allows her to grow body parts, as she “seeds” them.

The World Government spread a fake reputation of threatening world’s peace. Thus, she was given the pseudonym of “Devil child”.

She spent all her life running away from the Marine and bewaring people for 20 years, until she joined the Baroque Works. After Alabasta’s arc, she voluntarily joined Luffy’s crew, finding her new and trustable family.

However, Robin left the Straw Hat pirates, later in Water 7’s arc, for some specific reasons.

While Robin was at Water 7 along with Chopper, a masked man sneakily whispered “CP9” to her. And thus, brought up the whole trauma of her past.

She later announced her departure from the crew.

Actually, she has been given two choices:

  • whether handing the assassination of Water 7’s mayor to the Straw Hats. To allow CP9 to steal the Ancient Weapons Pluton’s blueprints;
  • or handing herself over to the Government, without any questions. She would be turn to them by Enies Lobby;

Robin was afraid that a Buster Call would get triggered towards the Straw Hat Pirates, in case she didn’t collaborate.

A Buster Call is actually a whole military force of 5 vice-Admirals, and 10 battleships aimed at the same place.

A full destruction bombardment. Due to Aokiji, Cipher Pol 9 was authorized to launch one to Luffy’s crew.

Since she once witnessed the catastrophe, sparing her crew was a priority.

Her intentions were quite blurry in the first step. Although, what she did was indeed to save her family, to spare the ones she can call “home”.

What episode does Robin leave the crew?

Even though it sounds curious, Robin somehow turned her back to the crew twice in a row.

When did Robin leave the crew?

The first one was when she owned up to Sanji and Chopper, that they were parting from there on.

I went to check the episode and chapter numbers for those who are interested in a rewatching session.

It was episode 240, and for manga readers, the equivalent part is chapter 339 (p.10-19) to chapter 340 (p. 2-15).

The second time was in the Sea Train, while God Usopp, as SniperKing, Franky and Sanji attempted to rescue Nico Robin.

Her teammates were knocked down, except an injured Sanji desperately trying to prevent his mate from joining CP9. Sanji and Sogeking were going to get killed by Blueno, so she willingly followed the CP9 agent in his “Dr. Strange glass-like” portals.

That way, Miss All-Sunday reiterated her retiral, and trade her liberty for the sake of her affectionate comrades. This was in episode 263, and as for the manga, chapter 374 (p.14-19) to chapter 375.

Nonetheless, I really appreciated the heartwarming way this arc ends.

When did the Straw Hats discover why Robin left?

Afterwards, Iceburg revealed to Nami why Robin ran away, the crew’s fighters went to Enies Lobby to catch her up. That was shown in episode 251, equivalent of chapters 358 – 359.

And the guts Luffy had, to make Usopp burn the World Government’s flag, was the “icing on the cake”. Such affront was to prove that the entire crew will be on her side, whatever it takes.

Also, that moment she shouted out her “will to live”, was so unique, and touching. All the crew continued the battle, and they managed to run away from the Buster Call.

And, I don’t think it would have been a better end than, Robin shutting Luffy’s mouth and thanking the crew, from the deepest part of her heart.

Even though, Miss All-Sunday parted ways with the Straw Hats in Water 7 saga, going through such moments put them back together. The same way a family bounds closer, when hardships are overcome.

Why does Robin leave the crew ? Final words : 

To resume, Robin leaves the crew chapter 339 and episode 240.
I remember, it was a shock for me.

Do you think an other strawhat will leave the crew soon ?

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