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What episode does Jimbei throw Luffy ?

What episode does Jimbei throw Luffy

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Throughout the series, we’ve seen Monkey D. Luffy grow and develop as a character. After the war of Marineford, Jinbei played a particularly pivotal role in this growth. He wanted to help Luffy come to terms with his grief over Ace’s death, even through a fight, and came to throw Luffy to the ground. While it took a heavy toll on Luffy’s mental state, his allies were there to support him and help him pull through.

In this article, we’ll explore the context and events leading up to the confrontation between Jinbei and Luffy, as well as its impact on the series.

As a dedicated One Piece fan, I’ve been following the series since nearly 2008, and this moment has always stayed with me. So, here we go!

When did Jinbei throw Luffy?

The events happened on Amazon Lily after the war of Marineford. The confrontation took place in episode 505 and chapter 590 (p.2-19).

As you may remember, Luffy was initially consumed by grief and anger at the loss of Ace. Jinbei confronted him and helped him to pull himself together and focus on the future.

But before we delve into the emotional heart of the episode, let’s set the stage by taking a closer look at the context and events leading up to this fateful confrontation.

Why did Jinbei fight against Luffy?

Right after Luffy and his allies successfully escaped from the war field of Marineford, they headed to Amazon Lily. There, Luffy received proper care.

However, his awakening was followed by an unexpected reaction. He went berserk, destroying almost everything surrounding him. This explosive attitude was an outlet for the torment and confusion in his mind.

I remember how impressive his power was throughout Marineford. He exceeded the limits of both his body and mind.

But this didn’t prevent the tragic loss of Ace, who was taken from Luffy in a way that shattered the adventure dream of his childhood.

The prospect of being alone to carry that dream was the most inconceivable fate.

Despite his severe injuries, Luffy began destroying several giant trees in the forest. Jinbei joined him, worried about his well-being like his other allies. In a quick confrontation, Jinbei threw Luffy to the ground and immobilized him, telling him that he still had his crew.

It’s at this point that Jinbei reminded Luffy that beyond his grief, there was still something worth holding on to : his crewmates.

Despite his sadness, Jinbei helped Luffy see that he couldn’t give up on them.

As the episode continued, we saw a touching scene where Luffy began to calm down and come to terms with Ace’s death.

I remember it brought a tear to my eye the first time I experienced this moment.

How did Luffy move forward?

This incident marked a turning point for Luffy’s progression throughout the time skip.

He may have lost a brother, but Ace would be relieved to know that Luffy was well-surrounded. He became even more determined to become stronger in order to protect his allies.

No matter what happened, Luffy would never forget the reason why he fights: his crew, the Straw Hats.

This momentum led him to openly go back to Marineford’s war field and say “farewell” to his brother.

In addition, his tattoo during that appearance was a message to the Straw Hats, telling them to become stronger and meet up in two years instead of the previously planned three days.

There is a special episode covering the time skip, entitled « 3D2Y: Overcome Ace’s Death! Luffy’s Vow to his Friends. » While it is not part of the official canon, it is full of relevant antagonists and foreshadows the symbolic Ace-like technique, the Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.

However, it is not the first time that Luffy uses the Red Hawk in the official storyline. You can learn more about that technique here !

Later on at Dressrosa, we see the pure hope and relief that animate Luffy when he unexpectedly reunites with Sabo at the Corrida Colosseum. This moment is similar to the scene of Luffy and Ace’s reunion at Alabasta.

The confrontation with Jinbei is a poignant and memorable moment in the One Piece series, and it has a lasting impact on Luffy’s character development. It serves as a reminder of the importance of his crewmates and the strength that can be found in their support.

It also marks the beginning of Luffy’s journey toward becoming stronger and more determined as he continues on his quest to become the Pirate King.

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