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How did Luffy use Red Hawk underwater?

how did luffy use red hawk underwater

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Despite how detailed One Piece’s story is, the mystery remains and sometimes exceeds our logic. Therefore, understanding those mysteries helps to get a deep comprehension of the series, and to fully enjoy Oda’s masterpiece. This time, we are dragging our attention on one of Luffy’s most speculative techniques: the Red Hawk.

We are going to answer the question : How did luffy use red hawk underwater ? In delving into the reasons why that flaming attack works underwater. The ice on the cake is that we’re going to adopt a quite different approach that will blow your mind.

It’s always a real pleasure to share points of view with fellow One Piece lovers. It’s been almost 15 years since this journey’s debut, and my enthusiasm for that manga is still burning bright. Better, it keeps growing in us. I hope you’ll have fun going through this article.

How did Luffy use Red Hawk underwater in One Piece?

I remember that the first time Luffy displayed his Red Hawk was an ecstatic and fulfilling moment to experiment.

But, right after this thrilling vibe, a couple of questions surely came to our minds. Can Luffy use fire now, and how come it burns underwater?

Many of us used to think of it as nonsense but finally found some plausible meaning to that part of the mystery. Intriguing, isn’t it?

How does Luffy activate Red Hawk ?

The “Red Hawk” or Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk, is a burning attack created by Luffy while having his Gear Second enabled.

The technique proceeds this manner: Luffy stretches his arm, the same way as with a casual “Gomu Gomu no Bullet”, then coats it with Armament Haki (We talk about it in our article : How can Luffy use fire ?) On its way back, the arm emanates a flow of flames and strikes in a blazing discharge.

Our beloved captain Luffy used it for the first time against Hody Jones, on Fishman Island, right after the Noah started falling.

The Red Hawk was surprisingly similar to the Fire Fist Gun, aka Hiken of his brother Ace. Also, it seems to be a significant reference to him, since he enabled it right after having a reminiscence of him.

Why does Red Hawk burn underwater ?

A bunch of theories was spread about Luffy inheriting from Ace’s Devil Fruit power. Theories that were cleared by the events of Corrida Colosseum ( check our article about luffy and the mera mera no mi )

With a thorough investigation, it turned out that all this mystery issue was established on the Gear Second and the Armament Haki.

Let’s keep in mind the incoming statements concerns natural rubber. Considering the synthetic rubber won’t fit with the properties of an ability providable by a Devil Fruit.

So, we are starting a particular scientific approach, but an indeed comprehensive and simple one.

First of all, Luffy extends his arm at a long range and hardens it. Rubber slightly heats up when stretched, and it is due to friction.

It works the same way as any rubbery material warming up if it is rubbed against any rough surface.

Hardening seems to increase the phenomenon. During the technique, Luffy’s forearm is hardened, providing that body part with a solid structure and losing some flexibility.

Each solid state has a “crystal” structure thanks to some forces, which tighten the bounds between molecules.

And as the arm shrinks back, most of those bounds break up, releasing energy as heat. But not enough for a campfire.

Here intervene the second element: the Gear Second.

The Gear Second allows Luffy to increase his body performance by bursting his metabolism. He accelerates the flow of red cells and nutrients, to “dope” himself.

And, since his body is made of rubber, the veins hold on without any damage.

Another feature of his Gear Second is his pinky tan and the steam flowing out of his body, due to his sweat being quickly vaporized, and his high blood pressure.

Among the elements composing sweat, we have magnesium, mostly known for its underwater combustion property. It’s due to this element that flares can keep burning, even underwater.

Little disclaimer, burning your sweat won’t give you a firework.

Although, we have to keep in mind that Luffy overruns his organism, thus producing abnormal amounts of magnesium. You get the point; his sweat’s steam is supposed to be nothing be flammable.

That’s for the scientifical side of the impetus.

Oda realizing all this while creating that technique would be mind-blowing.

Albeit, trying to seize Oda’s brilliant imagination into science’s lockout is a bootless errand. It’s quite sensible to have overextended abilities in anime universes, precisely One Piece’s wacky one.

Is the Red Hawk the only to burn underwater?

An identic question pops up when it comes to the “Diable Jambe  » of the Straw Hats’ cook, Sanji.

The technique generates fire by friction, as the Red Hawk, and was also shown not extinguished in the deep sea. How come that was possible again?

Oda didn’t yet put out our curiosity. No clear answer about the Devil Jambe.

Nevertheless, in SBS Tome 44, he only stated about the Diable Jambe, that his heart was burning hotter than the flames when he used it. And, that was the reason why it doesn’t hurt him.

Blurry, indeed. But it doesn’t make those special techniques less beautiful. Undoubtedly, the main feeling conveyed was more significant.

Luffy’s desire to protect his beloved ones empowered him with a new ability: the flame of his Red Hawk nourished by his devotion.

When did Luffy use Red Hawk?

Apart from his fight against Hody Jones, in Episode 565 and Chapters 643 – 644 – 645, Luffy employed the Red Hawk multiple times later in the series.

Back to Dressrosa Arc, he reiterated it when he was facing Doflamingo, along with Law.

The references are available if you feel like having a review session. It was in episode 698, and in chapter 759, for the manga readers.

As Luffy was trying to attack Doffy, the latter used Bellamy as a buckler. Then, Luffy had enough of it, jumping resolutely towards Doflamingo.

He engaged the Red Hawk, and to make sure it doesn’t miss, Law stepped in front of Luffy and switched places with Doffy. Leading to a quite satisfying scene with our cocky “Joker” getting beaten.

Even recently, at Onigashima, he used the Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk, to get rid of a horde of Beasts Pirates.

Whether against the “tactician” and vice-admiral Komei, of Venture of Nebulandia, or Holed’em, the lion-waist bearer and shinuchi of the Beasts Pirates, the Red Hawk never stopped being impressive.

Rather, I end up more baffled by its firepower increasing over sagas.

Even the animation of that attack has something special, as a reminder of Ace. Moreover, it’s still effective on Armament Haki users.

That same ability has been foreshadowed in the TV special 3D2Y, during a fight against Byrnndi World, a former prisoner of the sixth level of Impel Down.

We got that same afterimage referred to his relatives, especially Ace. It finally happened that the film has been attested not to belong to the main plotline. It is just a non-canon origin, thus non-liable.

Investigating One Piece layouts is a real momentum to deeply appreciate the universe.

Well beyond, it has to be taken as an invitation to enjoy playing with rationality’s limits. Eluding our wonderings to discover his masterpiece from some surreal angles.


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