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Was whitebeard a buccaneer ?

Was whitebeard a buccaneer

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Hello nakama! 

In the recent Egghead arc, we finally got the lowdown on the Buccaneer‘s jaw-dropping powers. Now, fans are in a frenzy, throwing around wild theories. 

Ever since the revelation about the Buccaneers, the question “Was Whitebeard a Buccaneer?” has been exciting fans around the world and I think yes, Whitebeard was a buccaneer. In this article, we’re going to explain why that just might be true.

Similar Child Form

Was whitebeard a buccaneer

In the Egghead arc, we got to see the child form of Kuma, the only buccaneer that we currently know of. 

But we have seen a lot of similarities between Kuma’s child form and Whitebeard’s. 

There’s no one else who looks so much like Kuma when he was a child. Put the pictures side by side and you’d think that they’re the very same person. 

But how is this? Is this just something Oda let slip by, or is it an intentional similarity? Maybe Oda was trying to hint at the possibility of Whitebeard also hailing from the buccaneers.

Similar Builds

Whitebeard was an absolute tank of a pirate. 

He was one of the tallest characters in the series. One Piece characters are known to be massive, but Whitebeard took even that to the next level. 

Standing at an impressive 22 feet, Whitebeard was one of the most massive people in the whole series. The only other person who’s similar in height to Whitebeard is Bartholomew Kuma, the tanky Warlord of the sea, who is also a buccaneer. 

Again, it seems like Oda has been dropping hints about Whitebeard’s lineage for a while now. With both having the same height as well as adult faces. How can two characters look so similar without belonging to the same race? I doubt that’s possible.

Superhuman Strength

Whitebeard has been known all over the world for his monstrous strength and was one of the most feared pirates in the world. 

It’s no surprise that the world government was so terrified of him all along. But how was Whitebeard so strong?

 Even his willpower was extraordinary, being able to stand strong even after half of his head was blown off. Only one other character has shown that much strength in the series and that is Kuma. 

The buccaneer single-handedly laid siege to a kingdom and has been known for being an absolute unit and stood strong to protect his daughter even after the self-destruct by Saturn had been initiated. 

This level of strength and willpower has only been shared by these two, hinting at them having the same origins.

Was whitebeard a buccaneer ? Alvida confirms it :

Was whitebeard a buccaneer

When Alvida sees Kuma for the first time, she is immediately reminded of Whitebeard in his prime. 

Once again, could this be Oda hinting at the fact that Whitebeard is a buccaneer? Why would Alvida draw this comparison? Oda isn’t known for just putting random interactions like these in. 

It must mean something, right? I for one believe that this all but confirms that Whitebeard was a buccaneer. The hints were already in front of us. With their similar builds, monstrous strength, and indomitable willpower. 

With all these hints/proofs and with Alvida confirming it, I think we can say for sure that Whitebeard was, in fact, a Buccaneer.

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