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Was Nika a Giant?

Was Nika a Giant

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So far in the One Piece narrative, no tangible knowledge of the mythic Sun God Nika was shed through the enigmatic cloud of the series.

However, as Egghead’s gripping narrative unfolds the Bucanner’s folklore, Chapter 1107 helps us make sense of fragments of the past and understand more about Nika.

There’s so much to talk about, but a single question wraps it all: Was Nika a Giant?

The Real Mystery About Nika

In the timeline of One Piece, the events that happened 800 years ago have been erased and rewritten by the world government for their own sake. This forgotten era is called the Void Century.

However, a few people whose culture remained untouched kept fragments of the hero of that era. These are :

  • The Buccaneers (whose Kuma was the last survivor): The sun symbol appeared several times at the church in Kuma’s backstory;
  • the Kozuki bloodline: the same sun symbol appears on their family symbol;
  • the Nefertari Family and ;
  • the Giants: several mentions of the Sun God in Elbaf, in Linlin’s flashback, are consistent evidence.

We realize that even these people didn’t know everything about Nika. Neither the Buccaneers, who have forgotten their so-called « sin » against the World Government, nor the Kozuki, who are mere humans without centuries of memory. Nor the Giants? 

So how did Dorry and Broggy recognize Luffy as Nika at first sight in Chapter 1107?

The Whole Truth about Nika

We know that the average lifespan of a Giant is 300 years – so basically three generations from the Void Century to the current events. 

The tale of Nika could have been passed down to Dorry and Broggy, making them more likely to recognize Nika.

Plus, they linked Luffy and Nika only after seeing the former in his Gear Fifth state in the newspaper.

Considering this clue, if Nika happened to be a giant, both of the giant pirates wouldn’t catch on that Luffy was Nika; the size difference is just monumental.

Therefore, it’s quite sensible that Nika wasn’t a giant.

Nevertheless, one could have noticed that Luffy, in Gear Fifth tends to adopt a giant size. This detail hints that Nika, even not from the giant bloodline, used to take a giant size to hang around with them

Surely, Nika used to wander around Elbaf alternating size from tiny to gigantic.

Another proof is the gigantic hat that remains at Pangaea – Mary Geoise. This accessory could’ve been a gift from the Giants’ forefathers, just as the hat gifted by Ace to Little Oars.

As for now, all this attests to our theory.

How important was Nika for the Giants

Recently, we took a look on the link between nika and the giants.

Aside from the friendly figure of Nika, we had an additional insight into Nika’s godliness in Linlin’s flashback.

Does anyone remember the tragic incident she caused at Elbaf?

As the “lovely” Mother Carmel – a lame joke – disguised the massacre Linlin made as the deed of the sun-looking homie, all the giants were in awe, almost believing all she said. This connection attests to how they see Nika, the Sun God, as potential god.

Was Nika a Giant? My thought :

I think Nika was not a giant but used this form very often !

But whether Nika walked amongst giants or embodied a godly figure, his legacy continues to captivate us, urging us to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of the One Piece universe.

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