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Introducing Buggy the Clown, the “accidental legend” in the renowned One Piece universe. 

As the captain of the Buggy Pirates and co-leader of the Buggy and Alvida Alliance, Buggy’s journey is intertwined with intriguing twists. He began his career as an apprentice alongside Shanks in the Roger Pirates, making him no stranger to legendary pirates.

Notably, Buggy’s fortunes took a dramatic turn after the Summit War of Marineford when he ascended to the esteemed position of one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. 

His influence expanded from the head of the pirate dispatch organization « Buggy’s Delivery » to being one of the Four Emperors, confirming the unexpectance of his fate.

How tall is Buggy?

how tall is buggy one piece

Buggy’s childhood height remains unconfirmed. However, an estimate based on Rayleigh’s height suggests he was approximately 3 feet and 11 inches (116 cm) tall, given that he was roughly half as tall as his superior.

Following the time skip, Buggy, now the incumbent Warlord, had his height increased to 6 feet and 3 1⁄2 inches (192 cm).

How old is Buggy?

Buggy’s age undergoes a two-year increment in the One Piece narrative, evolving from 37 during his initial introduction to 39 after the significant time skip.

What is Buggy the Clown’s bounty?

After his recognition as one of the Four Emperors, Buggy’s bounty soared to an astonishing 3,189,000,000 berries

However, his initial bounty stood at a rather humble 15,000,000 berries, reflecting his status as a relatively low-level pirate during his early adventures.

Why is Buggy bounty so high?

Buggy’s bounty is high because he is considered a threat to the World Government and has a history of being involved with powerful individuals and events.

Buggy was once an apprentice of the legendary Roger Pirates, and was mistakenly identified as the mastermind behind the great Impel Down prison escape. 

Additionally, Buggy has capable men following him and a massive fleet at his back that can even fight against some of the most well-prepared nations. 

However, every time he reaches a new high, it’s mostly because his allies and his enemies misunderstand his value, ironically profiting him. 

The life story of Buggy

Why was Buggy in Roger’s crew?

The main reason why Buggy was in Roger’s crew is not yet known. 

However, one popular theory provides a plausible answer to this question. 

Buggy would have been a survivor of the God Valley incident, and would have been found in one of the treasure chests that Roger’s Pirates found there. 

This would secretly make Buggy a Celestial Dragon, much like his formidable rival Shanks.

How did Buggy get captured?

Buggy’s capture can be attributed to a comically unfortunate mishap. After the departure of Portgas D. Ace, Buggy found himself mistakenly infiltrating a Marine base, believing it to be Captain John‘s treasure vault. 

He then got sent to Impel Down.

How did Buggy become a warlord?

Buggy became one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea (aka Warlord) through a fortunate series of events and misunderstandings that elevated his status.

His involvement and false charisma at Impel Down actually made him a beacon of hope and a prominent figure among the prisoners on the treacherous 6th floor of Impel Down. 

In doing so, he expanded the ranks of his followers and thus the potential power of his fleet, in addition to his influence.

This reputation grew to the point where the World Government considered him powerful enough to earn the status of Warlord.

How did Buggy become a Yonko?

Buggy was incredibly lucky to become a Yonko. After encountering Sir Crocodile and Mihawk while fleeing the Navy and the World Government, Buggy was forced to join forces with two powerful pirates in order to survive. 

Apparently because Buggy owed Crocodile money, the former warlord came to collect just as the Marines were closing in on him and his crew. 

Sir Crocodile needed the capital to fund his new operation, and Buggy became the front man while the other two ran the show from the shadows. 

The World Government mistakenly believed that Crocodile was a subordinate, merely following orders, and Buggy was given credit for the Impel Down escape years ago. 

Thus, with the demise of Big Mom and Kaido, Buggy was declared a Yonko and cemented his status as the perceived leader.

Buggy’s relationships

Are Buggy and Luffy friends?

This is a tricky question. The relationship between Buggy and Luffy can be summed up as a mixed bag of rivalry, contempt, and forced alliances.

Actually, Buggy sees Luffy as a rival, especially regarding his link with Shanks.

But since most of Luffy’s heroic deeds benefit him, he is indirectly indebted to him. That is why they sometimes work together to get out of dead-end situations.

Also, his reputation forced him to be on good terms with the Straw Hats’ captain, like at the end of the Summit War, where he helped Luffy escape.

Are Buggy and Shanks brothers?

shanks and buggy one piece

Buggy and Shanks are not officially related by blood.

And if they were brothers, they would both have the same spherical nose. We know that Buggy was born with his special nose, which is probably a genetic trait in his family.

Even if they belonged to the same people, they could be distantly related.

What crew is Buggy in?

Buggy is the captain of the Buggy Pirates.

He previously belonged to the Roger Pirates, alongside Shanks.

After the crew disbanded, Buggy and Shanks went their separate ways, forming their own pirate crews years later.

After the Impel Down events, the Buggy Pirates’ ranks expanded drastically. The members are:

Main Staff Members:

  • Buggy the Clown
  • Alvida
  • Mohji
  • Richie
  • Cabaji
  • Galdino

Other Members:

  • Tightrope Walking Funan Bro 1
  • Tightrope Walking Funan Bro 2
  • Tightrope Walking Funan Bro 3
  • Superhuman Domingos
  • Acrobatic Fuwas

Why did Mihawk and Crocodile join Buggy?

Both of the former Warlords have a particular interest in working with Baggy, and a few theories tend to confirm it.

One of them suggests that Mihawk joined Buggy because he was one of the few Mihawk couldn’t defeat due to his Chop-Chop Devil Fruit abilities. Partnering with him was more worthwhile than the contrary. Plus, they share the same rivalry with Shanks.

As far as Crocodile is concerned, being highly ambitious, he may have aligned himself with Buggy to carry on his project with Baroque Works. Buggy’s alliance with strong former Impel Down prisoners and his reputation as a troublesome figure could serve Crocodile’s purposes.

It’s also speculated that in a future arc, all four Emperors could come together for a combined alliance, including Luffy, Shanks, Buggy, and potentially other powerful characters, to confront Blackbeard and the Blackbeard Pirates. This alliance could involve Mihawk and Crocodile as well, depending on the circumstances.

How strong is Buggy the Clown?

Despite the fact that Buggy the Clown has one of the greatest notoriety in the One Piece universe, he doesn’t live up to his fame. 

Buggy is one of the weakest pirates over the seas of the New World. He is the only Yonko who does not know any color of Haki.

Aside from his cowardly and lazy personality, Buggy has the potential to become a formidable fighter worthy of his Yonko status.

He has great stamina and durability, though, and his Devil Fruit could make him even better than a Logia user. Imagine how useful an awakening would be.

Still, Buggy has an unlikely amount of luck that helps him get through most of the game and grow toward his dream of becoming a pirate king.

Can Buggy use haki?

Buggy, a character known for his comedic and eccentric presence in the One Piece series, has not been shown using Haki at any point in the story. 

It is unlikely that he will develop Haki in the future of the series. Buggy’s character serves as one of the main sources of humor and sight gags within the series. 

Granting him Haki abilities would deviate from his established comedic role. 

Thus, while Haki is a significant power in the One Piece world, Buggy’s unique character will likely not include it in his skill set, as it would undermine his comedic essence within the narrative.

Can Buggy be cut with haki?

Buggy’s Devil Fruit power allows him to split parts of his body before impact, making it difficult to cut him. 

The advantage goes even further, as Mihawk himself was unable to cut him down using his Black Blade, Yoru. 

One might think that Mihawk didn’t cut Buggy with a black blade, but a Black Blade’s performances are comparable to a sword reinforced with Armament Haki. This tends to prove that Buggy can’t be cut with a sword.

However, a 100% sure cut is possible by weakening Buggy with seastone or cutting him with a seastone-coated sword.

What fruit does Buggy have?

Buggy the Clown has eaten the Bara Bara no Mi – Chop Chop Fruit that allows him to split parts of his body, and move them separately at will.

Questions about Buggy the clown

Does Buggy have the will of D.?

Is buggy a D.

The answer to that question still remains a mystery as the series hasn’t provided a clear insight into Baggy’s origins. 

However, there are a few proofs of him being a member of the D. family.

The first one is his ability to draw the masses to him.

Secondly, just like Gol D. Roger, who’s a proven member of the D.’s family, Buggy got sick while nearing Laugh Tale. 

This also gives credit to the D’s curse related to Laugh Tale.

Why does Buggy hate Shanks?

Buggy dislikes Shanks for three main reasons.

  • The first one is Laugh Tale.
    As the Roger Pirates approached Laugh Tale, Buggy suddenly came down with a severe fever. Despite his condition, he wanted to see the treasure with Roger and the others, but Shanks forced him to stay on board.
  • The second reason is that Shanks caused Buggy to lose a lucrative opportunity.
    Back in the day, Buggy found a treasure map and planned to sell it along with some devil fruit the crew had found earlier. However, Shanks accidentally made Buggy swallow the Bara Bara no Mi. 

Unfortunately, when the treasure map fell into the water, Baggy couldn’t swim to retrieve it due to his resulting inability to swim.

  • The third reason is Shanks’ reluctance to continue Gol D. Roger’s will of piracy, right after Roger’s
    Buggy saw Shanks as the natural successor to Roger, but he felt deeply betrayed when the red-haired man showed hesitation in carrying out their captain’s will.

Can Buggy fly?

Among the abilities provided by the Bara Bara no Mi, Buggy can levitate: he can maneuver parts of his body that are divided. 

While he doesn’t come close to traditional flying abilities, he can still perform some short-range aerial movements.

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