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Is sanji immune to fire ?

is sanji immune to fire ?

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Sanji is one of the most popular characters in One Piece and one of the monster trio of straw hat pirates. One question that comes to everyone’s mind when they see Sanji fight over the course of the series is, Is Sanji immune to fire? How is nothing happening to him when he uses Diable Jambe? Is it the result of some genetic modifications? Is it because Sanji is a Vinsmoke?

We will be discussing how Diable Jambe works in detail as well as Sanji’s genetic modifications today to determine whether it affects his ability to withstand heat and fire.

I have been watching anime and reading manga ever since I was a child, my experience with One Piece started back in 2008 when I started reading its manga and then I was introduced to its anime as well. I write on Onepiece in hopes to let more people know about this wonderful series and give it more exposure to anyone who might discover it and gain an incredible adventure.

How do Diable Jambe works?


Before the time-skip Sanji used to spin his body and legs to create enough momentum to create the fire on his legs which can cause serious burns and damage to his opponent because of the flames and high temperature behind the attacks. Sanji used to have trouble maintaining this technique before the time skip and was seen struggling if he used this for too long however after the time-skip Sanji’s mastery over Diable Jambe increased drastically and he no longer need to spin his body and legs to create the momentum for Diable Jambe to work.
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As Sanji’s mastery increased after the time skip so did the power behind his attacks as well as his utilization of this technique, he can now use Diable Jambe simultaneously in both legs and he can now use Armament Haki to clad his legs in Armament Haki before using Diable Jambe to increase his attacks intensity and power.

How does Sanji Tolerate the Fire from Diable Jambe?


While it was only given the explanation as ‘’ hot passion burning inside Sanji ‘’ we do not know how serious this explanation is behind explaining how Sanji can tolerate the fire but we have some theories of ourselves that we will mention below.

  • One of the main theories most fans are familiar with is the Genetic Modification of Sanji which may allow him to withstand the hot temperature of the fire from Diable Jambe, just like his siblings Sanji might have a superhuman body with steel-like properties which would explain why he is capable of resisting heat or using it as an attack.
  • Another Theory that is used by some people is that Sanji is able to use Diable Jambe because he clads Armament Haki in his legs before using the technique itself so his Haki saves his legs from burning and protects him from the high temperature, however, this Theory holds no weight at all because Sanji did not know Haki before the time skip yet he was still seen using Diable Jambe.
  • Another theory about Sanji not being able to get hurt by his Diable Jambe is his natural resistance to fire. It has been a long-running gag ever since the thriller bark that Sanji is able to emit fire from his body, however, has no explanation other than the ‘’ hot burning passion inside Sanji ‘’ but it can explain why he does not get hurt from the fire of his techniques because he is resistance to the hotness and temperature of fire that his body emits, This would make him resistant to certain temperatures and fire but not totally immune to them.
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