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Is Sanji a lunarian?

Is Sanji a lunarian?

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Welcome back Nakama! In the initial chapters of One Piece, Oda used to explain to us the original history of the mugiwaras, but with time he made us understand that there are still many things about their past that we don’t know and that he is willing to tell them or at least give us clues so we can find out for ourselves, so this time we will answer the question : Is Sanji a lunarian? With the years I’ve been watching One Piece I have learned to believe in many theories, as they have become true, although for that you have to have a long memory and eye for detail because even the smallest thing can be relevant. So take a seat and let’s sail!

Overview on Lunarian 

Something very common in One Piece is the diversity of races but every time we think we know them all, a new one appears that leaves us with more questions than answers, in this case, the Lunarian race was not known until the saga of Wano, and even during all its episodes did not emerge as much data as has happened with others, i.e. the fishmen race. This race has given much to talk about since its appearance, mainly because only one survivor of this race is known, King and many characters refer to them as Gods for having been the first to live in Mary Geoise and for their high physical capabilities, yet there is not much information about them, only rumors in the manga and relevant data offered by King, such as their powers and physical appearance. It’s known that the Lunarians have a great ability to produce fire in any part of their body, they can fly, they have great resistance to damage, they are strong and fast, and a distinctive feature of the race is a fire behind their back, also Queen mentions that this race is able to live in any ecosystem. Physically they have dark skin, red eyes, long black wings, and particularly long silver hair, it is also believed that they have cultural aspects – besides the wings – similar to the skypieans, as King has a tattoo on his face very similar to Wiper.

Evidence supporting the theory of Sanji being a Lunarian 

Sanji’s father is called ‘the Garuda’, referring to a Buddhist and Hindu demigod, able to cover the sun with his wings, and is considered the God of the sun and fire, so it can be considered a way of foreshadowing, also the Vinsmoke reigned the North Blue probably as they once reigned in Marie Geoise. This theory takes strength knowing that in his battle against Queen, he was talking to her a lot about that race, and he didn’t seem to praise King but rather as if he was comparing the abilities and powers of both if all Sanji’s siblings possess tough skin and healing factor, plus some special power, wouldn’t this imply that Sanji has more lunarian race peculiarities than his siblings? It could also be the reason why Big Mom wanted to marry Sanji to Pudding really, being the Lunarian race one of the few he doesn’t have on his island. In One Piece, generally, abilities are obtained by race or by consuming a devil’s fruit, so when a character shows powers they most likely have to do with one of the two, this is why it is believed that Luffy may also possess lunar ancestry(check our article : Is luffy a lunarian ?) Knowing this, the only known character that should be able to control fire is Sabo, by the Mera mera no mi, and any character that has some lunar ancestry. When Sanji appeared we knew he was a normal human and his only ability was to fight with his legs, so the first time he performed the Diable Jambe was a surprise, as to perform it he would have to possess a high resistance to fire, would he have any connection to the Lunarian?


We meet Sanji’s parents and neither of them seems to have Lunarian characteristics, in fact, his mother was very sickly and his father looks like a normal human who got his powers from science, however, that may be the key to Sanji’s abilities. During his research with Vegapunk, Judge Vinsmoke, discovered the lineage factor and refer to it as ‘blueprints to life itself’, so it is the equivalent of DNA in real life, and it is believed that by modifying it the living being changes its nature and is born with mutations that could give it abilities. Judge took this discovery and exploited it to the fullest, experimenting on his own children and giving them various powers, so it is likely that he added lunarian factors to his children, including Sanji, who would not be directly a lunarian but would have the abilities of one.

Physical characteristics:

The most striking characteristic is his ability to perform the Diable Jambe, as his leg is covered with a powerful fire, surprising even his opponent Queen, who angrily screams and asks him how he can be able to create fire without being a lunarian. Not only that, during the Wano saga several powers seem to emerge in Sanji, being able to survive a direct sword attack from Queen without taking any damage and without having used armament haki, there is still no full explanation for this, but it could be the lineage factor of the lunarians activating. Also, if the Lunarians are as similar to the Skypieans as is believed, it is most likely that there are some who do not possess wings and others who do not fully awaken their powers.

Counterarguments against the theory

Being the Lunarians an extinct race, of which only King is known, getting the lineage factor of one of them could be complicated or almost impossible, especially considering that the World Government was the only one with access to them and being able to experiment with their race. Even if Vegapunk has managed to experiment with the Lunarians, even creating the Seraphim in the process, it does not imply that Judge has managed to steal at least some of it.

Is Sanji a lunarian? Lack of evidence !

Even with all that is known about the Vinsmoke and the Lunarians, we cannot be sure that Sanji belongs to that race, especially since Oda would have to explain more about the genocide and the experiments that Judge performed, not to mention that the World Government is not going after Germa 66 with as much zeal as with the Lunarians.

Is Sanji a lunarian ? Final words :

Even though Sanji is showing off his new abilities and his high resistance to fire has been seen, it may be that the Diable Jambe is just fire-producing friction, and it is not known if Judge managed to experiment with lunarian lineage factor, so Sanji may belong to a different race thanks to science, and that it is just coincidence the awakening of his powers in the same arc in which we meet the lunarian race. Still, it seems like a lot of work for Oda to do a foreshadowing of such magnitude, even having Queen tell Sanji to find out about the race himself so that it’s nothing. Do you think Sanji possesses the Lunarian lineage factor?
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