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Is Luffy a Lunarian?

Is Luffy a Lunarian

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Hello One Piece lover.

One Piece, the popular manga and anime series, has captivated audiences with its intricate storylines and fascinating characters. Among these characters is Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the series. Over the years, there have been numerous theories and speculations about Luffy’s origins and abilities. One such theory is that Luffy is a Lunarian.

In this blog post, we will answer the question :  Is Luffy a Lunarian ? In exploring this theory in detail and examine the evidence supporting it.

I’ve been a One Piece fan since 2008, and it’s with love, we will explore the clues to answer this question. So take a seat and let’s sail! 

Overview on Lunarian

In the vast story of One Piece, there have been a variety of races with different characteristics, cultures, and peculiarities, which add more diversity to the world, we have met the Fishmen, the minks, giants, and more, so it is not surprising that new races appear as the story progresses, however, one of the most mysterious races and of which we have little data are the Lunarians. 

Information in the manga

Just knowing the name of the race: Lunarian, -luna means moon in Spanish- we know that it must have some connection with the moon, it would not be the first time that the moon is an important element in the story.

During the Skypiea saga, we met the antagonist Enel, whose ultimate goal is to reach Fairy Vearth, this is the way he calls the moon and even refers to it as a ‘legendary land’, his obsession seemed to be not so relevant until late in the story, being defeated by Luffy, Enel has no choice but to flee in Ark Maxim.

From volumes 44 to 49 we can enjoy a mini-story in which we discover that Enel managed to reach Fairy Vearth, discovering an ancient city called Birka where he studies some interesting ruins where people with wings can be observed.

It is known that the Sky Islanders lived on the moon long ago until they exhausted the resources and were forced to come down to earth and live among the clouds, the Skypieans, Shandians, and Birkans, do not have too many differences between them beyond the position of their wings.

However, if we take into account the three people with wings that appear in the ruins we could believe that they represent each of the races of the inhabitants of the sky.

Among them there is a figure that does not stand out and does not look complete, so theories have arisen that it may be the first physical representation of the Lunarians.

In the manga, there are several mentions about the race, one of the most complete being that of Shirohige, who says that before Mary Geoise existed, there was a tribe of gods that inhabited there long ago, known as Land of Gods.

Marco corroborates this during Wano Arc when he tells King of having heard about a race that lived in the Red Line that was capable of producing flames.

In addition, we know that the Lunarians are one of the three missing races in Totto Land, although the complete data about the extinction of this race is not known, it is known that the World Government had something to do with it, most of the information known in the manga are rumors but it would not be the first time that Oda hides clues that later make sense. 

Information thanks to King. 

It would not be until the appearance of King -the only known member of the race- in Wano Arc, that we would finally meet a real Lunarian.

From the beginning we saw King as a character with a strong figure who hid his face with a black mask, then we discovered that he did this to hide his identity from the World Government who offered a reward of 100,000,000 berries to anyone who gave information about the race, but during his fight with Zoro -in chapter 1035- we finally got to see his face and his great resemblance to Wiper, with whom he even shares very similar tattoos around his face.

Visually King possesses a dark-skinned human appearance, with red eyes, long black wings, with long silver hair.

They possess great endurance as Zoro was unable to harm him at first, and it is believed that part of their strength and speed is due to the flame that burns on their back, in addition, it is known that they can create flames on parts of their body at will.

Their wings, besides being black and long, can indeed be used to fly unlike the Sky Islanders, also Queen mentions that Lunarians can survive in any type of ecosystem, which would not be surprising from a race that was once considered ‘Gods’.

Evidence that shows Luffy is a Lunarian

Although Luffy is the protagonist of One Piece, there are many mysteries surrounding him, even his true dream is a mystery to his nakamas, so it is not surprising that more data will be known as the story progresses but we will have to focus on what we do not know.

No data is known about Luffy’s mother, his grandmother, and even his father is a mystery. Even so in Dragon’s first appearance, we can see a tattoo on his face, and it is known that when he was young he didn’t have one, so it can be assumed that it has been a tribute to someone relevant in his life. 

Did Dragon fall in love with a Lunarian or was his mother one?

No data is known for both but if the World Government hunted the Lunarians to extinction, Luffy’s mother (or grandmother) could have been killed, which would be a good reason to create the revolutionary army.

Luffy has shown to possess great resilience, strength, and the ability to resist and create fire, having the Red Hawk as an example, he managed to survive Kaido’s blast breath with no explanation as to why and even the awakening of his fruit shows Luffy with white hair, just like the Lunarians.

This mystery could be in his family ancestry or maybe it is hidden behind his Devil fruit and the lineage factor, a key to believing this is that Sabo -after obtaining the powers of the Mera Mera no mi- can make attacks as Ace did, so it is believed that the Devil Fruit may have records of former users and inherit them to the next one.

At first, it was believed that the Gomu gomu no mi was a Devil fruit without relevance with only rubber powers, until the awakening and final form of Luffy that confirmed it as Hito Hito no mi model Nika, making believe that Luffy could not only inherit the rubber powers but also lunarian, since it is believed that the first Joy Boy could have been a lunarian. 

Counterarguments against the theory.

Certainly, there is not enough evidence to affirm Luffy’s lunarian heritage, besides he does not possess all the characteristics of a lunarian, and his devil fruit powers are more about the friction he can create by being made of rubber. 

Besides, the fact that his fruit is a Nika model relates him more to the sun than to the moon, so we should wait for Eiichiro Oda to give more information. 


One Piece still has many questions to answer, although many fan theories have come true Oda enjoys keeping the mystery and putting the pieces together little by little, so even the smallest data must be taken into account to decipher its history. 

Many of Luffy’s abilities could be explained if he were a Lunarian, do you think Oda has been foreshadowing this all along?

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