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Is Naruto baryon mode stronger than Luffy gear 5 ?

Is Naruto baryon mode stronger than Luffy gear 5

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Today we will answer the question : Is Naruto baryon mode stronger than Luffy gear 5 ? In comparing Uzumaki Naruto and Monkey D. Luffy, both protagonists of their respective series and members of the Big Three shonen jump anime. While Luffy is still on his journey toward his ultimate goal of becoming the Pirate King, however, Naruto has already achieved his dream of becoming the Hokage.

Now that the introductions for both characters have been completed, let’s take a look at how we will compare them. We have determined a set of criteria points as usual for both characters and we will compare them with each other based on those criterion points, then we will determine the victor from those said criteria points.

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  • Speed
  • Durability
  • Physical Capabilities/Strength
  • Abilities

Is Naruto baryon mode stronger than Luffy gear 5 on Speed ?


Luffy’s ability to enhance blood flow throughout his body and speed up his metabolism makes him exceedingly quick. This technique also allows him to move faster than the human eye can perceive, which is how his speed was initially demonstrated.

He is just as quick as he was in second gear since his fourth and fifth gears follow the same philosophy.

Naruto is arguably the fastest character in the entire Naruto verse and the only comparison to his speed is maybe Minato’s Teleportation, Naruto has showcased to dodge Madara’s Light fang which according to the data books is LightSpeed making Naruto at least faster than the speed of Light, Naruto is also faster than Raikage who uses a lightning cloak to increase his speed which was the fastest technique in Naruto at that said time.

After carefully analyzing both characters and their data books, we have confirmed Uzumaki Naruto to be above Luffy in terms of speed so the winning point is given to Naruto.

Is Naruto baryon mode stronger than Luffy gear 5 on Durability ?


To put it mildly, Luffy has always been more resilient than others thanks to his Devil Fruit, which makes him immune to bludgeoning attacks and only susceptible to sharp and piercing ones.

In addition to being extremely resilient because of his ability, Luffy can also use Armament Haki to clad his torso in gear 4 to become incredibly sturdier, and his gear 5 allows him to be “freer” and turns his surroundings and enemies into rubber to dodge, deflect the attacks.

Naruto is extremely durable when it comes to receiving hits and on top of that his incredibly fast healing factor from Kurama makes him able to tank most fatal attacks like they are nothing, Naruto uses the Sage mode which makes his body strong enough to even take damage from tail beasts.

All this, however, falls in comparison when we take a look at Naruto’s most durable feat which is when he took an attack from Toneri which was strong enough to split the actual moon in half!

The winning point for this criterion is handed to Uzumaki Naruto.

Is Naruto baryon mode stronger than Luffy gear 5 on Physical Capabilities/Strength ?


Because of the momentum, he gains from stretching his bodily parts, Luffy’s assaults have an astounding amount of devastating force. Everybody from a Yonko to a marine to a shichibukai has experienced the power of Luffy’s attacks; he can stretch any part of his body to his advantage and use it to attack his enemies. 

Evidently, quite a few people get visibly shaken or hurt by these attacks; everyone has tasted the strength of Luffy’s attacks. Further evidence that Luffy is at least Island Level comes from his victories over Big Mom and Kaido, both of whom are capable of destroying nations and islands.

Naruto has incredible reserves of mana due to him being one of the Uzumaki clan, meaning Naruto basically has an unlimited amount of chakra, which can be seen when he supplied his nine-tail cloak chakra to every single person in the great shinobi war. Base Naruto’s attacks are strong enough to destroy mountains and while he is in his Ninetails Sage mode he is said to have power that can destroy the world itself, from his battles against Madara, Kaguya, and Toneri we can assume Naruto to be Planet Level at the very least.

Naruto has won the criterion for this category as well!

Is Naruto baryon mode stronger than Luffy gear 5 on Abilities ?


His Gear 2nd enhances his blood circulation and digestion, which boosts his speed and healing power. Additionally, Luffy has the ability to blow enormous amounts of air into his bones and body through his joints, which makes his limbs grow to enormous proportions and raises his destructive force.

With Armament Haki covering his chest, Gear 4 enables Luffy to combine Gears 2nd and 3rd, giving him greater durability, speed, and strength than ever before.

Luffy’s gear 5 offers him greater elasticity to boost his stretching-like skills, which would give him more force behind his attacks. If it works to his benefit, Luffy can also give his opponents rubber-like traits as well as turn his surroundings into rubber

Naruto’s main ability usage revolves around Sage mode which lets him absorb nature’s energy and makes his body incredibly durable and gives him superhuman strength, Naruto can also use Nine-tailed Mode which gives him an increase in chakra and makes all of his abilities do more damage than they normally would.

Naruto can also use the recently shown Baryon Mode which allows him to shave off the lifespan of his enemies the more he stays in contact with them, so Naruto can reduce his opponent’s lifespan the more he attacks them, however, it comes at a great cost, either his own life or Kurama’s Life.
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The win point for these criteria was really hard to judge however we have decided that it is Naruto who comes out on top in this section.

The Conclusion


After a careful and thorough examination of both characters, we have come to the conclusion that Naruto will be able to defeat Gear 5 Luffy with this Baryon Mode!

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