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Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Sasuke ?

Can gear 5 Luffy beat Sasuke

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With the Wano arc closing and the manga moving to Eggland island, Luffy has now started to prove just how strong he truly is. With the Power of gear 5, he is now an unstoppable force, and anything has become possible.

But the fans have started to wonder. What is the extent of Luffy’s Power? Has he really become unbearable? Can he now finally compete with characters from other series, like Naruto? And for the sake of this specific article, can Luffy finally beat Sasuke Uchiha?

Now, we all know that even with the abilities of gear 5, this battle might not end well for Luffy, but how would this battle look, read this article to find out.

Gear 5 Luffy vs Sasuke

The purpose of this article will be to answer the aforementioned question, Can Luffy beat Sasuke with the Power of Gear 5? We will be placing them both on a list of categories to see who comes out victorious.

 Through all this, I, someone who has been observing and scaling One piece characters for years, will be your guide. Follow this link to read another fascinating battle between Luffy and another fan-favorite character from the Naruto series.

The categories

The categories in which Luffy will face Sasuke are.

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Abilities
  • IQ
  • X Factor

Can gear 5 Luffy beat Sasuke in terms of Strength?

In any battle scenario, physical Strength is always a crucial factor, even though we know that Sasuke is incredibly strong and capable of many incredible feats. When it comes to simple and pure brute strength, without the use of any abilities or jutsu, Sasuke cannot match Luffy. This is simply because the OP and Naruto are two very different shows.

Without his abilities, Sasuke cannot match Luffy in terms of physical strength, as Luffy can literally level mountains with his physical Strength.

Luffy wins in terms of pure Strength.

Can gear 5 Luffy beat Sasuke in terms of Speed?

We have seen Luffy dodge light-speed attacks from the Pacifista, and we have seen him keep up with characters who can literally see the future, yet it is highly unlikely that he would be able to match Sasuke. Once again, because Naruto characters are on a different metric of Speed.

Sasuke has abilities like transportation that do, in fact, fall under the category of Speed, making this debate useless, so without wasting any more time.

Sasuke wins Speed.

Can gear 5 Luffy beat Sasuke in terms of Endurance?

Here we come to some difficulty. We have seen Sasuke and Luffy take ungodly damage and continue fighting. Sasuke was to feel fighting even after being brutally damaged by Naruto at the final valley, but he still fought, so he is no longer lacking in Endurance.

But for Luffy, the ability to take a beating is a part of his character; he has almost always beaten opponents far stronger and faster than him by becoming more powerful during battles. With Gear 5, Luffy is practically untouchable; though Sasuke’s lighting and fire release may very well hurt him, Luffy can tank more damage.

Luffy wins at Endurance.

Can gear 5 Luffy beat Sasuke in terms of Power?

With Gear 5, Luffy is literally a god, he has enough power to level entire islands and can defeat a monster like Kaido. Still, he simply cannot hope to compete with Sasuke, simply because Sasuke exists on a whole other scale in terms of Power.

Even with his considerable Haki, Luffy cannot deal with Sasuke’s near-infinite chakra reserves.

Sasuke wins in terms of Power.

Can gear 5 Luffy beat Sasuke in terms of Abilities?

Luffy has all three kinds of Haki, his gears, his amazing arsenal of attacks from the Red hawk to the Kong gun, and now with gear 5, the Power to change reality and the composition of his surroundings, all of that is impressive.

But even with all that, there is no way Luffy comes close to Sasuke, with his uncountable Jutsu, his eternal Mongekeu Sharingan, his Rine-Sharingan, the Susanoo, the Amaterasu, his unmatchable fighting prowess, and so much more.

Luffy falls way too short in terms of abilities, and Sasuke wins.

Can gear 5 Luffy beat Sasuke in terms of IQ?

Intelligence has always been a hard matchup for Luffy, as he is not the smartest of characters, as expected from a main shonen character.

Luffy has a very low chance of a win in any logical matchup. Sasuke is not even close to the smartest in his verse, but he beats Luffy in terms of intellect by a great margin. Battle IQ, on the other hand, is a different story.

Sasuke wins IQ.

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X factor

The results are in, and of course, even if this match was practically decided from the start, due mainly to the power gap between OP and Naruto character, Luffy did put up a fight.

Even with the abilities of Gear 5, Luffy has no answer for abilities like the Susanoo, Indira’s arrow, the Yin release, and so many more in Sasuke’s arsenal. This battle was always decided, but one is forced to wonder, what is Luffy’s true potential with gear 5; there is no telling what the possibilities are.

Luffy may very well have turned the tables.

Sasuke wins with Mid-high difficulty.

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