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Is Luffy Planetary level ?

Is Luffy planetary level

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Hello, One Piece lover. 

This is a good year for fans of the One piece series. The Anime is moving into the best fights and reveals that the series has ever known and the Manga is giving us more exciting and essential lore every week. 

During this fantastic time for the series, fans have been both fascinated and fixated on the phenomenal powerup that Luffy got at the end of the Wano arc. Many series fans have still not come to terms with Luffy’s new powers and meaning. 

As such, there has been a great deal of speculation regarding how strong Luffy has now become. Some fans have even gone as far as to suggest that Luffy is Planetary level, meaning that Luffy has the destructive power needed to destroy a whole planet.

Logically, keeping in view the standards of One piece, that should not be possible. But allow me to be your guide as we try to answer the question; is Luffy Planetary Level?

Luffy’s Power

Looking at where Luffy started his journey, we can easily say that he is not even strong enough to destroy a building, though Arlong Park would like to disagree. 

But it is pretty sensible to say that it is unfathomable for an early Luffy to be considered anywhere near the planetary level. 

But the thing about Luffy is his power and destructive abilities have slowly gotten stronger. 

Over the course of the series, he becomes a beast. 

But can that beat really be called a planetary destroyer? We’ll have to look at his development to find out.

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Is Luffy Planetary level before the TimeSkip ?

Before the Time Skip, Luffy was comparatively a fragile character. 

His attack power has always been high, but he lacked the destructive capabilities needed to be classified anywhere near planetary. 

Through the events of Enies Lobby and Marineford, we understand that Luffy’s power has slowly grown and he is now very easily City Block level. Gear 3 is the peak of his destructive power. 

As much as Luffy grew since leaving his home, he never did reach the level of the strongest character in the series. 

Not until he learned from Rayleigh. So we move to his development after the time skip to see if he became that powerful.

Is Luffy Planetary level after the TimeSkip ?

After he returned from training with Rayleigh, Luffy had many new attacks that put his attack power to use and increased his destructive potential significantly. 

With massive attacks like the Kong Gun, Luffy can Level a whole city, a small one to be true.

So after his return, Luffy was on a city level, with the events of Dressrosa and Whole Cake confirming that. 

But despite that, even after Time skip, I do not think that any logical indication would have put Luffy even close to Planetary. 

Moving forward after that, when we come to the Wano arc, we see a drastic rise in Luffy’s power.

Is Luffy Planetary level At Wano ?

At Wano, Luffy had an apparent power-up from the very start. With his attack that almost knocked out Kaido (it could have easily leveled a City or a mountain) showed how much raw power he could produce. Throughout the Wano arc, we saw him getting stronger. 

With him learning and infusing advanced armament Haki that would make any attack exponentially more powerful. All of that power still needed to be more. 

We can’t even call post gear 5 Luffy Continental. 

It would be a stretch to call him small country Level. But Gear 5 changed that. 

So we can say that pre-Gear 5 Luffy is definitely not planetary.

Is Gear 5 Luffy Planetary level ?

Gear 5 takes things to a completely different level. It changed the whole idea of destructive power for Luffy. 

With Gear 5, the entire dimensions of Luffy’s power change. Gear 5 gives Luffy the power to change reality. 

He can change the shape and form of everything around him and that of himself. He has the power to grow into a giant and fold the earth like a sheet of paper. 

In his form, Luffy’s power is limited only by his own imagination. Under such conditions, we can logically say that it is not entirely impossible for Luffy to do anything. 

Because according to the definition we were given, this power allows the user to do the most ridiculous things they can imagine. So what If Luffy wanted to destroy the planets? 

What if Luffy imagined himself becoming big enough to throw the Planet out of orbit or to crush it. 

This would mean that a Gear 5 Luffy can logically and theoretically be on a planetary level. 

But since we have not seen any feats that justify that, we have to say no. 

Gear 5 Luffy is not planetary, but he can be if he wants to, according to logic.

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