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Is Luffy multi planetary?

Is Luffy multi planetary

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Greetings, One Piece fans.
It’s a good time to love the One Piece series as the anime is putting out chapters with the most detailed and breathtaking animation, and the Manga is giving us chapter after chapter of absolute bangers. With the fandom being more active than ever, there have been questions going around about the strength of some characters. 

No one really knows how powerful Luffy has become; thus, we ask today; Is Luffy multi planetary? which means can Luffy destroy multiple planets easily or in a single attack. 

Scaling the characters of One Piece in any metric has always been difficult because of Oda’s unique power system. One Piece characters have unpredictable and weird abilities, and the same goes for the main character, Luffy. With Luffy’s new form, Gear 5, fans have been left completely baffled.

Anyone who has seen or read One Piece would laugh at that possibility, but there is a possibility. So join me as I try to determine whether Luffy has such god-like power.

Luffy’s Power

As I said before, Oda’s power system is unique, unlike anything else in all anime, so it’s confusing to understand how powerful Luffy is. Luffy’s strength has never been uniform. 

Throughout the series, he has slowly grown stronger and more ways than one. So, we will be tracking Luffy’s evolution to see if he had the power to destroy worlds at any point. Luffy’s growth has been gradual, so we start at the beginning.

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Is Luffy Multi-Planetary at the start of the series ?

At the start of the series, Luffy was competitively very weak, both by the scaling of his own universe and that of other series.

His greatest feats now are destroying Arlong Park and punching a Sea king. 

By any and all regards, it is laughable to consider the possibility that he could become Multi-Planetary. 

But as I said, his power and strength slowly evolved on a linear path.

Is Luffy Multi-Planetary at Marineford ?

The events of Marineford and their aftermath is a proper middle ground. Both to the series and to Luffy’s growth. 

At this point, Luffy has shown many feats that scale his power higher than before. With abilities like Gear 3, Lufgy can level multiple buildings and has the strength to destroy warships. 

Yet, even with all that strength, power, and abilities, Luffy can only be classified as City-block level at best. 

There still needed to be an indicator, by the events of Marineford, that Luffy had the potential to destroy worlds.

Is Luffy Multi-Planetary after the time skip .

Things did change after the Time-Skip. 

After training with Rayleigh, Luffy’s powers and abilities grew exponentially. 

To the point that he became one of the most feared characters within the One Piece world. With the addition of Haki and Gear 4 to his arsenal of abilities, Luffy had the power to destroy cities and small islands, as he showed at Dressrosa. 

Luffy was far more powerful after the time skip, but there was still no imaginable way through which he could be Multi-planetary. 

Even after two years of training, he was still Island level, and even that is being generous.

Is Luffy Multi-Planetary during the Wano Arc ?

The Wano arc is fascinating concerning Luffy’s power because there was an explosion of strength. 

Luffy suddenly became more powerful than he had ever been before. He learned abilities like Ryo(Advanced Armament Haki) that made his attacks more destructive. 

He showed the ability to destroy entire cities with ease and managed to almost knock Kaido out with a single attack. 

At this point, being the strongest he had ever been, 

Luffy still cannot even imagine destroying a large country, multi-planets are out of the question.

Is Gear 5 Luffy Multi-Planetary?

Every single possibility of Luffy’s strength comes down to this. With Gear 5, there is no limit to what Luffy can do. 

His power is limited only by his own imagination, as stated by the Elder Stars in the Manga. That makes it impossible to scale Luffy on any metric as it applies cartoon physics to his character. 

Luffy can be or do anything that he wants to. So by theoretical definition, he can destroy multiple planets. 

However, considering the tone and structure of the One Piece world, there is no logical explanation as to why Oda would give Luffy so much power. That’s just not how One Piece works. 

Even if Luffy can bend reality like he did during his fights with Kaido and Luchi, there has to be a limit to that. 

It could be Luffy’s own imagination. As smart as Luffy is in battle, he is a rather dumb character. 

If he cannot imagine destroying worlds, then there is no possibility of that ever happening.

Thus, we logically conclude that Luffy is not Multi-Planetary, nor has he ever been or ever will be.

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